Posted By: jpanch Which Paraliminal for Getting Organized - 06/18/13 02:38 AM
Hi Alex,

Could you suggest which paraliminal is most appropriate for each of these objectives:

1. Getting organized
2. Increasing luck
3. Increasing gratitude
4. Increasing optimism

While I have some idea (eg. Prosperity, Belief), I would like to know your specific recommendations.

Thanks a lot.
For getting organised, look at New Options Generator and Self-Discipline

Increasing Luck - Intuition Amplifier, Living the Law of Attraction.

Gratitude - Happy For No Reason, and I'd also give Youthful Vitality, You Deserve It and Holiday Cheer a spin on that (areas we don't acknowledge what we have to be grateful for.)

Optimism - Happy For No Reason, Fresh Start, Prosperity and 10-Minute Supercharger.

Don't consider them specific. Those are the Paraliminals I would play with the focus you mentioned. If you look at the list of Paraliminals you might be drawn to others, like Positive Relationships if relationships is where your optimism goes missing.

Posted By: jpanch Re: Which Paraliminal for Getting Organized - 06/19/13 05:45 AM
Thanks Alex. I will give these a spin.
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