Posted By: jpanch Which paraliminal for creating burning desire - 12/09/13 09:27 AM

If the objective is to create a burning desire (almost bordering on obsession; as suggested by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich) for a multi year long term goal, what would be the best paraliminal(s) for it.

Of all the ones that I tried so far, Get Around To It seemed to the closest match for this purpose.

Is there a sequence of paraliminals that I can loop through for this purpose? Would the sequence in Paraliminal Accelerator help in this regard? Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot.

The process of doing the 40 days with Paraliminal using the Paraliminal Accelerator with the goal of working toward your goal would be the optimal Paraliminal sequence. You'd be using at least one Paraliminal session a day. I wouldn't try rushing I it.

Your burning desire needs to be nurtured. You also need to make room for it in your life.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply.

If one has a lot of time on hand (being comfortably able to listen 2-3 paraliminals daily with adequate gap), what would be a reasonable schedule for the Praliminal Accelerator without "rushing it".

My thinking is that finishing the sequence in 15 days is ok; I would love to hear what you think.

Paraliminal Accelerator 40 days. That does not stop you from listening to more Paraliminals in a day. There is a reason to make a day to day commitment. A burning desire, like a fire needs to be stoked daily. It's not stable if it's brought into being like an explosion.

Alex, Thanks for your input. Much appreciated smile.
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