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I was reading in a previous post that using affirmations with the self-esteem supercharger was a good combination and just to '...think about the affirmation while listening'. Does this mean that I wait until the dual voices start and then just continually repeat the affirmation?

After using any of the paraliminals in the normal fashion is it ok to use affirmations during the 20 minute incubation period or should one just refrain from any self-help techniques during this period ?

Also has anyone used or had success with Afformations/Directed questions which I was reading about on:

Thanks in advance

No need to wait.

An affirmation is just a statement of intention. It's not necessary to chant them over and over. Just mentally state your purpose for listening (your affirmation). If you want to can repeat it. No need to force it. Allow the conscious mind to let go of it so the nonconscious mind can dot it's work.

Best time to apply afformations would be when you are creating your affirmation



What are afformations? Is it a real english word (hey, non native speaker here! ) or just a typo?

Love, Ange

Thanks for that Alex


Afformations are affirmations posed as a question with 'Why' preceding it, for example:

Affirmation: I'm feel very happy.

Afformation: Why do I feel very happy.

What I have learnt about Afformations is:
When you pose a question or Afformation your mind automatically starts trying to answer why this is true (why do I feel happy) because that is what your mind
naturally does i.e. your mind continually asks questions subconciously. In doing so it has to answer the question and thus makes the thing your asking true. Hope I make sense!

I only learnt about afformations last week and I thought it was a typo too

Here are the links I read about it on which
are referenced in the post I mentioned above:

It would be great to hear from other forum users if they had success with Afformations
especially in conjunction with the Paraliminals.


I never heard of afformations until now and now that I know about them I think afformations and (image streaming/high think tank) would make an excellent combination.

Hi JoeyD,

It does make sense, the whole afformation thing. I think I'll try this one (at home ) I wonder with which paraliminals they'd be best to use... Belief'd be a nice one.
Gee, I learned something new today!!!

Love, Angie

Hi, Angelina. Using afformations with Belief sounds like a brilliant idea. I'm going to try it out shortly.


Hmm... Well, says "No entry found for afformations" - where is this word coming from?

Joey, whatevery that word is, thanks for the explanation of the meaning - it can definitely be a powerful tool and something we can use to get our confusion/doubt away from our minds in a second - sort of bluffing the mind(?).

DesertSphinx wrote:

Hmm... Well, says "No entry found for afformations" - where is this word coming from?

Afformation is a word that has been invented (for a lack of a better verb) by Noah St. John. I first read about it in his book "Permission to Succeed".

Hi, this is Noah St. John - the person who invented Afformations. It's great to hear from everyone. Just thought I'd drop in to let you know that I'm happy to answer your questions about afformations and how to use them to get better results in your life, career, and relationships.

People around the world have used afformations to make more money, find the love of their lives, start new businesses, remove phobias, and much more. Feel free to read an excerpt from my first Afformations book at

And me? I found the love of my life by asking myself one afformation.

You can see our picture at

Thanks and let me know any time I can be of help.

To your Success,
Noah St. John

Since I've been on last I've being using Afformations on a daily basis and thought I would share my experiences with you.

I have being using the Afformations separate from the paraliminals, as I have 5 afformations I use and I only listen to up to 3-4 paraliminal sessions a day.As a paraliminal should only be used for 1 problem per session I wouldn't get all the afformations done in one day. Having said that what i'm 'afforming' and what I use the paraliminals for are completely related.

With the afformations some days in the morning I will spend 15 minutes (5 afformations/ 3mins each) on them , I use a countdown timer on a stopwatch set to 3 mins so when stopwatch beeps I
reset the countdown and go to next afformation. After doing this I feel very relaxed, I then listen to the SE Supercharger and find that its very easy to listen to i.e. my mind doesnt wonder aimlessly as some days this happens and feel I am not getting the full benefit from the paraliminal.

I also am using the afformations with my Proteus LS machine. Somedays I will use one of the 35min learning sessions (Program 18,25) or the 20minute Creativity Enhancement session
Program (program 21). So again with countdown timer I can spend 7 minutes or 4minutes respectively with each afformation.

While using an afformation for the few minutes session I repeat the afformation a few times pausing for a few moments between each repeat. I say the afformation like I'm really asking a question and I put emphasis into it. I've fallen asleep a few times doing this so hopefully this has a positive effect too.

One of the positive effects i've noticed about using an afformation is that I when using them anytime of day and put some emphasis into it I instantly seem to perk up and instantly feel alot eh. I never experienced this using an Affirmation!

it can definitely be a powerful tool and something we can use to get our confusion/doubt away from our minds in a second - sort of bluffing the mind(?).

Would affirmations be more 'bluffing the mind' ?...for example if I'm feeling really bad and down and I continually repeat a statement 'I feel good' , 'I feel good' etc...would that be more a bluff so to speak whereas maybe when you use an afformation your sort of 'asking' your mind to change by automatically getting your subconcious involved in the process of answering the question ?
Just my thoughts on it.

So how are you guys getting on with the Afformations , has Belief worked well?

Hi Noah,
Thanks for your positive contribution.


Hi, Joey. As I said during my previous post, I did indeed use Belief with an afformation, working exclusively from Session B. The new belief was in the format of "Why am I so...?". I'm wondering if I needed to listen to Session B more than once, as I did not notice any difference in my behaviour. Then again, I was having an unusually stressful day, which may account for things turning out as they did.

I'm going to try again using Belief several times if need be, and see if that helps. I'm also going to try what you did and see how that pans out.

I'll let you know how things turn out.


Hello, again. I'm pleased to say that when I used Joey's practice of saying the afformations out loud, it worked pretty well. The fact that today was a much more routine day helped a lot.

With regards to using Belief and an afformation again, I'll let you know what happens with that shortly.



I first became familiar with the question type method through Idea-Seminars contribution to Learning Strategies Euphoria program, namely Attitude Activator.

It is interesting how they incorporate the method in the actual Attitude Activator. There is a lot of anchoring of the questions to future challenges, so that when you come up against a difficult situation you immediately put yourself into a resourceful state by asking the type of questions that will get you into a resourceful state. Questions that 'activate your attitude'.

Maybe it's possible to use the paraliminals to create a similar effect to the Attitude Activator, anchoring questions to certain situations. Automatic Pilot session B could work, the steps you do for the session could go something like:

1) I notice when I am in ___________ (particular situation) This is the trigger.
2) I ask straight away "How much fun can I have with this?"
3) I immediately begin to smile to myself.
4) I ask "How can I enjoy this situation as much as possible?"
5) I sense the solution / opportunity to...
6) ...
7) etc

A question is really a search, a puzzle for the brain to solve. A paraliminal that deals well with puzzles is Personl Genius. The session purpose to get your brain to go on a search for resources could be a question:

Learning situation: How can I be more confident / ingenius / euphoric in __________ situation?

Personal Genius will help you search the 'rooms in your mind' and make you more aware of your internal resources.

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Hi all,

I hadn't heard of afformations, but I read somewhere on the net that asking oneself positive questions can be helpful.

The idea is that the human brain is a problem solving machine, and if you give it a problem by asking a question, it will solve the problem, ie, answer the question. You need to get relaxed and comfortable, so just before you drop off to sleep is good.

The questions have to be posed positively, so you might say: 'I coped well with a stressful day today, how can tomorrow be even better?' You might not get an obvious answer, but the day might be good.

My youngest boy was very nervous about an exam last year, so we thought of a positive achievement and he asked a question around it. He thought of the question just before he went to sleep and he found he remembered all the science stuff in the test the next day.


Re: "With regards to using Belief and an afformation again, I'll let you know what happens with that shortly."

I'm sorry it took so long for me to follow up to this particular post. With that said, as I mentioned earlier, afformations spoken out loud seem to work well for me, but I've yet to have success with them as the main instruction for a Paraliminal program.

With that said, I'm certain I could use a Paraliminal to enhance the results that I get from saying afformations out loud.


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Hi Carmelo,
Ive only being using Afformations myself with one particular paraliminal and thats Personal Genius which I see Grant suggested also above. Ive noticed some small feedback but since its a biggish project Im working on it could take a while before I get the breakthrough I want.

As Ive said before Im doing my afformations daily and Im also using the paraliminals daily. Im noticing positive changes and Im feeling great, I still have my bad days (who doesnt!) but all in all things have definitely changed for the betterand a bad day can be turned into a bad hour with all these new techniques Cool eh

One thing about the Afformations is the portability, Im using them while walking, on the bus, stuck in traffic, in a bar etc etc. (It took a short while to get into the habit of remembering to use them while out and about but what a great habit). I get my instant perk up once I focus on the way I say (mentally or out loud ) the afformation i.e. asking like Im really asking a question and using emphasis. Great really when before all this my inner dialogue was 99.999% negative 24/7, 365 days a year.

One thing that drew me to the Afformations was the whole mind always searches for an answer concept, which when I thought about it made sense. E.g. everyone has had the experience where you try to consciously remember some fact, you rack your brain for ages but to no avail. Then you think or talk about something else and hey presto! a while later the answer just magically comes to you. Thus you know your subconscious was working on finding the answer while you were consciously preoccupied with something else.

I do have affirmations for myself it really has a better effect on me and I'm a better person than before. Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes. The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, originally meaning "to make steady, strengthen." Affirmations do indeed strengthen us. Here are some of the Affirmations for Success:

1 - "I can be successful in anything I do”
2 – “I will find the solutions to all my problems”
3 – “I am worthy”
4 – “I can control my reactions”
5 – “I can make a change”
6 – “I am improving”
7 – “I will be successful”
8 – “All my goals are achievable”
9 – “I will not compare my self to anyone”
10 – “There is no place for negativity inside me”
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