Posted By: Mayuri Strong Early Bedtime and Sufficient Sleep - 06/25/17 10:13 AM
Hi, can anyone help please?

I need to get to bed early, ideally 8pm (9pm latest) so I can get a good 7-8 hours sleep on a consistent basis.

Any suggestions as to which Paraliminal or mix can help me achieve this?

I've been working on this for eternity (it feels like) and needless superlate bedtimes are ruining my life and causing countless problems. Nothing I try works for very long.

Many thanks in advance.


PS I'm already working through the Accelerator on a separate goal, so don't want to run this bedtime goal through it before completing the rounds. I tried the Deep Sleep paraliminal but felt awful in the morning after listening to it (unusual) and the Deep Relaxation one gave me nightmares (unusual) so feel hesitant to try them again standalone (though probably my set-up was poor in advance of listening to them).
Use the Paraliminal Sleep Deeply Awake Refreshed. Along with Break the Habit (if you're trying to break the habit of going to bed too late).

Posted By: Mayuri Re: Strong Early Bedtime and Sufficient Sleep - 06/28/17 12:38 AM
Thanks Alex, I'll use this combo. I appreciate your advice.

Posted By: dbo Re: Strong Early Bedtime and Sufficient Sleep - 06/30/17 09:47 PM
I started with Wake Refreshed first thing in the morning (instead of Sleep Deeply at bedtime), and it helped me to understand the benefits of sleep on a deeper level, which motivated me to go to bed early instead of trying to get more done. Another helpful Paraliminal is Get Around To It, which helped me to see an early bedtime as a higher priority than getting more done at night. I have noticed that I will tend to have a time when I feel sleepy, but if I decide to do one more thing first before going to bed, then I often don't feel sleepy any more for quite a while. The Wake Refreshed Paraliminal has helped me to be more in touch with my energy & sleep cycles, so I notice when it is a good time to go to bed.
Posted By: Mayuri Re: Strong Early Bedtime and Sufficient Sleep - 07/02/17 04:21 PM
Thanks so much for sharing dbo, this is very useful information. In fact Wake Tefreshed is the one I'm struggling to do as this is recommended to do first thing in the morning, but with my current life situation and little children, I rarely have the time first thing in the morning. (Of course if I went to bed earlier.... ha, the irony!)

Can Wake Refreshed be used at other times in the day when I can fit it in? Feels like to do so would be in opposition of the title!

Oh, I love Get Around To It! I've used it successfully for a number of things, but confess did not think of this in conjunction with going to bed! I have the exact same experiences as you describe with respect to feeling sleepy and then overstepping it if I don't go to bed promptly.

Thanks so much for the share. I shall add your suggestions to the mix so I can finally nail this!

Many thanks
Yes you can use Awake Refreshed at a different time during the day.

Sleep Deeply knocks me out. Later I wake, and can not get back to sleep. Any suggestions? Thanks
When listening to sleep deeply or just before, tell yourself, if I wake up during the night, I return to sleep easily.

Posted By: Mayuri Re: Strong Early Bedtime and Sufficient Sleep - 07/14/17 11:38 PM
Thank you Alex 👍
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