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Normally it's recommended we leave at least 20 minutes between paraliminals. The exception being Deep Relaxation, which can be followed up immediately by any other Paraliminal (effectively enhancing results). So my questions are:

1. What about Abundant Mindset and Prosperty - do these to create energy shifts in the same direction such that they could successfully be listened to back to back?

2. If so, would it make a difference which one I listened to first and which one second?

3. Also, not sure if this is a good question or not - if I listened to Deep Relaxation AFTER I listened to any other Paraliminal (obviously not including 10 minute Supercharger!), would this work well ie not detract from results in anyway?

4. Could Deep Relaxation potentially then be used as a bridge between different energy paraliminals?

Might be getting a bit carried away here! My apologies if I am. Thought it was worth asking as sometimes I have time to listen to more than a couple of Paraliminals at once, whilst other times I'm very restricted on time. (I have to try and get my paraliminals in when either I have babysitting or the kids are asleep!)

Many thank
1. Experiment, you can take the sleep learning track and follow it with another sleep learning track to extend the listening period. It means a longer immersion rather than coming out going back in. What you could do is take one Paraliminal as the foundation, add the sleep learning track of the complementary / other 'part of the problem or I don't know which Paraliminal I should use for this as I can see it both ways' Paraliminal, to follow that track and track four of that Paraliminal or the first. So it would be track 1-3 of one Paraliminal and 3-4 of the other. I don't recommend it for beginners, Have some experience of success with Paraliminals so you notice the changes, before combining. Don't come out with the wake up and then go back in without having that 20 minute break (rest at normal waking for a while).

2. Pick one, just being decisive makes a difference. You can us one Paraliminal in the morning one in the evening. Will it create faster progress? Who knows I find impatience is a bigger block than just doing a little every day.

3. I think that's up to the individual. A few might benefit. If you want to do that as the last thing for the night, that wouldn't be a bad idea. That way if you use the same Paraliminal each night it's not just to put you to sleep, follow it with the sleep learning track of deep relaxation, the other Paraliminal will remain fresh (rather than just a sleep tool, some folks find Dr Paul Scheele's voice sleep inducing and listen to Paraliminals to help them sleep).

4. : Try a sleep learning play list of complementary tracks that focus on one goal. I recommend you focus on just one goal when listening, no matter how many tracks you decide to include.. It might be one of your other goals that gets traction first, that's fine. It means something within you has mapped out the best path. A single minded purpose or goal creates better momentum.

To better explain it, Think of yourself in a boat, you need to choose a destination, the wind is blowing you don't know which island you should visit first. Wind changes you need to make adjustments to compensate. You can drift in circles saying I want to go to this one and this one and this one and this one, while looking at the map. Worse is, you tell the captain, go to this island, also this one, and this one. Each time you state a new goal the captain changes course. Until you trim the sales and start moving toward one goal, you're not going anywhere but in circles. Pick one and 'oh look, the best course with this wind took me right past that island isn't it cool it was one of the other goals, now I can check that off and continue with first goal I chose'.

So list your goals, pick one, pick the Paraliminal that charges it. You're not neglecting your other goals, you're just trusting your inner captain to get you to the right ports.

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Wow, thanks so much for such a comprehensive reply and an excellent analogy too. This makes total sense and I can suddenly see what I've been doing. I kind of had an awareness of this but you've brought it to the forefront and really highlighted my inefficient approach in crystal clear terms. I can't ignore this anymore!

And you're totally right of course, I am impatient! I need to Let that Go!

You've given me lots to think about and experiment with. Thank you hugely, I will go through your answer a few times and I will work on this and see how my unique path pans out.

Wow, I love this new world Paul and your team have introduced me to...

Thank you hugely Alex!!!! Your help is greatly appreciated!!!!! 🙏😊😊😊
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Ok, so I just created my sleep learning playlist for a high priority goal. It was fun to put together actually. Let's see what happens.... if this works, I am going to storm this meeting on Wednesday and seriously good things are going to start this happen....
Whatever happens, trust the inner captain to get you to where you ultimately want to be.

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Alex, you are a genius and you can't deny it anymore, I know the truth!

So Monday night I listen to my own personal cocktail of sleep learning tracks to prep me for this legal meeting that has been causing me huge distress. I include the combo you'd recommended for this particular goal. But as I'm short on prep time before the meeting and I've only listened to two of the paraliminals in full so far, I get impatient and throw in a few extra of my favourite paraliminals that I think might have an excellent effect. The playlist lasts 90 minutes, but I reckon, okay, I'm in bed anyway, hopefully it won't detract from my sleep. Needs must.

Wrong decision. I wake up after the final track concludes and feel just HORRIBLE. I mean really really really horrible. Like worse than I've felt before when I've overdone the number of paraliminals I've worked with during the day and felt hazy and drone-like and uncomfortable and fuzzy and unable to think clearly (until I've reset internally).

This was just really really horrible. I mean REALLY HORRIBLE. I think my anxiety levels must have jacked up because the gross discomfort in my heart was tangible. I knew instantly that I'd got it wrong with my paraliminal mix and resolved immediately to never ever ever to listen to a combination like that again.

I eventually drop off and get some sleep. The next day, I'm tired but notice that I'm much stronger in my thoughts about the meeting that I've got to face. There was just a strength there in mind, that wasn't there before. so clearly the combined playlist did have a positive effect.

Tuesday night I try again then. I instinctively knew which paraliminals had thrown me off in my combo. So I stripped out the major offender, and just to be safe, stripped out all of the additional ones I'd added for a boost, leaving only the Communication Paraliminals you'd recommended to me, plus Personal Genius as a bonus (because it just makes me feel so damned happy). Total track time, just over an hour.

Best nights sleep in terms of mood. No issues after listening. I wake up happy and relieved after the playlist finished. And just very happy really. (Hmmm... not sure if that was just the relief and the happiness of a successful run this time, or if the actual Paraliminal combination led to feelings of happiness also... who knows....maybe both.)

I'm still a bit anxious on Wednesday morning. I add tapping (eft), Pure Energy tracks and praying to help calm my anxiety and nerves. (I'm a big fan of praying and mantras, and am pretty confident that these are what led me to Paul's work and Learning Strategies in the first place!).

We drive to the meeting, me and my dad. He's dressed immaculately in his suit as always. I dress down for a change, more casual but still very smart in a sophisticated all white outfit and my pearl necklace. I'm a bit nervous still, but my Dad's a strong negotiator (even though we don't always agree on points), and I continue to pray, and recall in my mind the last message I read from you just that morning, advising me to trust that my inner captain will get me where I wanted to be.

One of the biggest things that had come out of my listening to Letting Go repeatedly was that: actually I don't need to freaked out with lawyers and the power and monopoly on action and decisions they seem to wield by virtue of their position. My instinct was telling me after listening to this paraliminal 3 times, that actually, the Consultant (and ex Director of the firm) that I was meeting, was just another human being at the end of the day, there to do his job.

So anyway, we're going in to negotiate the bill and whether we go ahead on the transaction all depends upon whether they accede to our position which they've repeatedly denied up until this point. (We're not talking a million dollar deal, it's probably small fry to many people out there, but for me this is the biggest transaction I've undertaken todate, and the amounts being contested makes a big difference to me.)

We get there and wait calmly in the foyer, chatting about other stuff. My Dad dressed amazingly as always, and me not in my usual dark suit, but still looking strong. The Consultant comes in to greet us - he's dressed in super casual, scruffy (his word, not mine) clothes, t-shirt, unzipped hoodie, face not shaved... really not looking anything like a lawyer at all (or any lawyer I've ever met in my overlong career dealing with lawyers), but just another regular Joe off the street. Just another ordinary human being. ( this the power of Letting GO!!!!)

So although he knows what he's talking about, I already feel like we're at an advantage dress wise and I've pitched my outfit exactly right.

Also, he's on his own (emails had indicated that there might be two lawyers in the room when we attended the meeting).

We get into the meeting room. I initially go to sit alongside my Dad on the opposite side of the rectangular table to the Consultant, but then, courageously think better of it and switch seats at the last minute as everyone else is already taken theirs. This places me still next to my Dad, but also adjacent to the Consultant, and most importantly, at the end of table. I knew I was in a position of power at this point, and felt it immediately.

We start the discussion. My collective listening of the paraliminals had told repeatedly up to this point, that I needed to listen to what he had to say before making any decisions on what I would be telling him. Obvious right?! But my emotions and anxiety haven't always enabled me to stay so calm and noncommittal emotionally and mentally prior to face-offs in the past. I would have been self-narrating in my head in the past and gone in with my head full of a conversation that hadn't even happened yet.

What followed astounded me. My Dad was brilliant as always, but I was the one with the in-depth knowledge of the deal and the one that really needed to perform to win my points and the Consultant over.

And Alex, I totally stormed it! I calmly listened to everything he said, didn't feel any frustration with the psychology that was being used, but was instead eloquent, articulate and most importantly courageous, direct and confident and authoritative with my responses, statements and submissions on each point. I built on the elements my dad introduced, and had the huge confidence to ask inside knowledge questions of how I know money is transacted.

I argued my case brilliantly and hugely effectively, conceding in small part (as pre-planned) to win the bigger game in total. I was amazed to find myself using theatrics in a totally authentic, respectful and honest way to demonstrate the many frustrations we've experienced with this deal todate and the unreasonableness and illegitimacy of demands made on us. Whilst everything I was saying was true, and the emotions being relayed authentic, in the past I would have been far more rigid, unexpressive and under the (false) belief that to express one's inner truth using emotions was unprofessional in such a setting.

I'm still amazed now at what happened and how naturally and instinctively I behaved in the room, all to excellent excellent effect. The techniques I ended up using were varied and skilful and exquisitely intertwined to produce a winning result.

When I look back, I'm astounded at my confidence! At one point I even put my head in my hands, and then said to him "I'm putting my head in my hands because..." and continued to elaborate the truth of the situation and expressed the frustrations we'd dealt with on this issue.

I countered arguments respectfully, skilfully and confidently. And when pressed on this one point (which was actually the defining point in many ways and determined which way everything else was going to go in the end), finally I pushed my chair back, leaned back, turned my head down and away and emphatically expressed that I was very very very VERY unhappy with this point and I was finding it very difficult to accept. I also followed up in the respondent silence from the Consultant, and threw in an elaboration on all the various frustrations and difficulties we've faced todate, adding some observations provided by my backer - all sentiments that were one hundred percent true, valid, hugely relevant, but I would have been far too polite or embarrassed or not confident enough to mention at all in the past.

My audacity and courage were beyond remarkable - especially considering I was facing off a Consultant who was an ex Director of the Law Firm (and it turns out has had a legal career a decade longer than the years I've been alive on this earth!), and I have no training as a lawyer and I am not a salesman(woman) in way shape or form, and have always considered myself to be in fact the direct opposite and rubbish at sales.

Alex, my audacity, courage, confidence and skill in winning over exactly every single point I wanted to was nothing short of absolutely amazing, remarkable and miraculous seeming. Indeed the results do seem to bear the hallmarks of a pure miracle - something that seemed just impossible previously, has suddenly been turned around and the result we have been given has the nature of such ease and simplicity. What's happened is beautiful. It's just as you said, my inner captain has guided me to EXACTLY where I wanted to be.

I know I have been blessed by the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, and I have had infinite support from my family in making this happen. And there are many other factors in getting here. And yet I have to tell you, my performance in that meeting - I have no doubt in my mind that this is a direct result of the Paraliminals I listened to with Paul and co. guiding me so skilfully - and of course your genius Alex, in recommending the exact right mix and guiding me in how to employ them and put them to use to such brilliant effect.

It's abundantly abundantly clear to me that it was the magic of the Paraliminals and the guidance you gave me that had me suddenly transformed into such a brilliant negotiator.

I am hugely hugely hugely grateful. I've written far more than I intended, but I'm just so excited and elated with the result and I wanted to share with you my express and huge gratitude with what you've helped me achieve on multiple levels. Thank you deeply deeply deeply for your wonderful service.

I will also be thanking Paul and Pete when I write up my testimonial this weekend (maybe in shorter form though!).

Next I'm going to take one goal at a time as you recommended, and work through them individually as you've shown me the power of what can be achieved when you do this.

Definitely going to work on the sleep thing next. It's 4.15 am where I am! (UH-oh........................)...............
Just could not go to bed and let the day end though without expressing my express gratitude. You totally rock Alex and so does Paul and the entire Learning Strategies gang who bring such wonderful genius.

Now I just need to employ the prosperity and abundance paraliminals so I can buy every single one of your products!!!

With love and deep gratitude and thanks (and joy and peace in my heart over this!)
Mayuri :-)

Absolutely Fabulous. Congratulations. That's an amazing experience you've had.

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Thanks so much for sharing your success story, Mayuri. You rock!!! It was so inspiring to read about your experience.
Posted By: Mayuri Re: Energy of Prosperty and Abundance - 08/19/17 07:13 PM
How kind, thank you! I was worried I was just demonstrating how poor I'd been with communication because I didn't do all of these things naturally before Paraliminals! The power of these audios is amazing. I suddenly feel anything and everything is possible for me if I take the time to apply the Paraliminals intelligently. Feeling happy every time I think of this experience. Thank you for reminding me of it again! 😊

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