Posted By: Mayuri Money - 08/31/17 07:43 AM
Hi Alex

I have a question, but I'm a bit embarrassed to ask it. Still your advice has always yielded miraculous results, so I'm going to risk it!

My goal is more Money. For the sake of clarity, I've quantified a monthly income flow, it's rather outrageous compared to my current income, but I figured might as well go big if there's no difference between the Universe granting small requests and big ones (money wise).

I used to specify means of earning but I was advised not to limit the Power That Is and just trust, and this suits me because I was wrapping myself up in knots thinking how could I possibly earn this money on my current limited circumstances. I'm a full time mum to very young twins and their development is my top priority during these early years. They take all my resources, time, mental, emotional and physical energy. I'm told this is normal so at least I know I'm on the right track with this goal.

But money, how do I attract more when I don't have time to devote to making it currently and I no longer even think there's anything I'm good at enough to make the amount I'd like to.

My Dad says not to worry about money as this was the wrong energy and I should instead just focus on doing what I love and develop the trust that the money will be there when I need it. He says money is the side product and getting obsessed and worrying about it only brings more lack and issues.

I think this is great advice and worked when I followed it. Yet I was updating my cash flow position last night as I have some big bills coming up and I can't do the mental gymnastics with the current basic needs list. It was not good. I have no idea how I'm going to get through this ....

The truth is I need more money. And I know I'm repeatedly told not to worry about it. But the truth also is that I hate not having reserves in the bank that I can count on for the necessities. I know there are dangers with being obsessed with money and I've experienced the horrors of being victim to those that were driven solely by money.

But I still want a strong income flow, more than adequate to meet my needs and a huge reserve in the bank. I don't think I'm being greedy, I just want financial security and Abundance.

I put together a sleep listening playlist of just prosperity related tracksv(I have the Ultimate You Library and the 4 new paraliminals released this year, but not Financial Secirity). I thought I was being smart with this sleep learning playlist and I adjusted it twice, but I keep finding I'm in a bad mood after it's finished, quite angry and just feeling like... well it's distinctly a bad rotten mood.

.... sigh, kids fighting, must go! apologies for typos, no time to proof

Any advice? Apologies for probably a dumb question.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Money - 08/31/17 09:15 AM
Remember to consider what the money is to be for and what emotions you hope to enhance when you have the money. Strive to experience the emotion not necessarily from the abstract of money, instead on the real experiences

I agree with your dad. Focus on what you can do.

Include I expect you have Abundant Money Mindset in your playlist, Prosperity would be a good one though I challenge you to swap it with Sales Leap, and the New Options Generator, include Self-Esteem Supercharger in your listening,

Self-Esteem Supercharger because we often give ourselves a hard time when things cannot be done over night... obtaining money requires connection with others.

If you do such a play list for sleep learning, Use Letting Go during the day or at the start of the day.

You might consider a different play list. Instead of "solving the money problem" Develop the peace of mind around money, The Gratitude Paraliminal, Letting Go, Happy for No Reason and Abundant Money Mindset. I don't think you have the Gratitude Paraliminal so swap it for Personal Genius. And use the New Options Generator once or twice during the week, see what turns up a new ideas and when ideas come up use the New Action Generator to form and take actions to see those ideas into effect.

Remember when the seas look a bit rough it can take a little longer to reach the destination, stay focused on the destination.

Posted By: Mayuri Re: Money - 08/31/17 09:58 AM
Just a quick message to say thank you for such a speedy, kind and generous reply. For some reason you've brought tears to my eyes with the compassion in your reply. Thank you deeply, I shall absorb and put into action.

Deep thanks and appreciation,
Posted By: dbo Re: Money - 08/31/17 05:06 PM
Excerpts from the New Option Generator Paraliminal booklet:

Often it is a person's direct efforts to solve a problem that create the most problems. Trying harder to resolve it never works.

New Option Generator takes the lateral-thinking approach to deal with paradoxical problems. Such an indirect approach helps you resolve the manner in which you approach the problem. The two parts of New Option Generator allow you to attain a solution without ever addressing the problem directly.

The first step is getting your mind off the fears and obstacles, which you perform during New Option Generator-A....

The second step is getting your mind to wrap around the goal you have chosen. That is the purpose of New Option Generator-B.
Posted By: Mayuri Re: Money - 08/31/17 06:50 PM
Thank you dbo, this is very helpful to read and definitely what I need to address too.

Many thanks for your kindness,
Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Money - 06/11/19 08:54 AM
Kind of an old post but this Paraliminal Sleep Learning Playlist ideas seems very interesting, thanks Mayuri for the idea smile
Are there any guidelines for setting up a playlist? e.g maximum number of different tracks, think of your intention as it relates to all the paraliminals in the playlist
Or do you find it more effective to stick to one sleep learning track per night?

Best Regards
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Money - 06/11/19 02:48 PM
Hi Delta7210!

People seem to use a lot of different approaches with sleep learning. I prefer to run one sleep track at a time, while others like to run multiples right next to each other. I actually spoke to one customer at a retreat who uses 20 different sleep tracks (!) in one session. He's had phenomenal results, but I find using too many to be counterproductive.

Basically, I would suggest experimenting and journaling your results. That way you can see what is most effective for you and keep tweaking your listening sessions until you find the optimal schedule.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Money - 06/11/19 03:07 PM
Fantastic, thanks for the input smile

Posted By: Tiger198371 Re: Money - 04/08/21 04:20 PM
Looks like you had a belief installed in you that 'money is not that important for me to think/plan about"

While it's true advice not to worry about money, as in developing anxiety... . Consider installing a new belief "money is important, money equals freedom, money is stored energy of the value I bring to others"
Posted By: Tiger198371 Re: Money - 04/08/21 04:25 PM
Also if you find yourself feeling angry, it's a poor financial blueprint passed on by the systems meant to create only worker bees for j.o.b.s via the college system.

This means you probably have a belief that money is bad, money is evil (hence when you are a good person you will not like money).

I would use the Belief paraliminals to work with principles found in these two books on money:

1. T Eker Harv - The millionaire mindset
2. Jack Canfield - Success Principles
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