Posted By: Ranchor IBS - 11/15/17 09:39 AM
Which Paraliminals can be recommended for IBS? Perfect Health not showing sustained results for some reason. Doc says caused by stress and suggested counselling. Not an option for various reasons including cost. Can Paraliminals help fix this for me? (I think so, but which ones will clear this up once and for all?)
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: IBS - 11/15/17 11:04 AM
That's both stress related and foods or drinks that stress the body. E.g. Coffee, never drink it on an empty stomach, goes for tea as well and you might find not drinking it at all is a better option. If you know your triggers you can use Break the Habit. I recommend Deep Relaxation for the general stress, especially if you're dealing with a bout.

Not Paraliminal, something I found that helped is Ginger. Naked ginger (uncrystallised) takes a bit to get used to it's bite. Or ginger drink, (ale,beer... my preference is a cordial 50 ml to 400 ml sparkling mineral water.) Usually before or after a main meal. Bouts are further apart and shorter lasting.

Posted By: Ranchor Re: IBS - 11/15/17 08:31 PM
Ok thank you, this is helpful.

Will also give ginger a go.

Many thanks Alex.
Posted By: JoRinz Re: IBS - 03/21/18 08:36 PM
Hi Ranchor,
IBS is stress related. Actually any phisical illness is only a manifestation of our or our
paretnts' emotions. IBS, super-bloating, pain, fullness, lack of appetite, others -
I have been there that's why I sympathize and write here. Several techniques helped
me. As far as Learnign Strategies is concerned, try Letting Go Paraliminal
- it helped me tremendously for IBS and for others. Unfortunately it let's you deal with only
one stressful situation/issue in each session - I believe it is because this is how humans
are created, not that it is incorrectly devised. And, yes, you probably do not know which
stress causes your IBS... I suggest, start with the anger that you have for your IBS.
Listen carefuly what your body/mind/energy tell you. Once you get rid of the anger, you
will "hear" where this IBS comes from. Trust your mind, your thoughts, there are no
coincidences. If it doesnt work, keep letting go of any other stress that you feel -
you might not get rid of IBS but you will get rid of something else!
Letting Go Paraliminal could give instant results. For some issues from my
childhood - which are very very deep-rooted - I had to use it several times.
I believe this paraliminal is the mother of all - in the sense that one must get rid of
stress before they can istall any positive patterns related to that stressful issue.
All the best!
PS. Stress is any unwanted, negative emotion.
Posted By: Ranchor Re: IBS - 03/25/18 09:20 AM
Hi JoRinz

Thanks so much for your post. This makes a lot of sense. Interestingly I just did a whole lot of tapping a couple of weeks ago that Let Go of a lot of stressors and my IBS symptoms improved significantly. Your post has only now helped me make the connection!

Everything you said makes so much sense on every level. Letting Go is a powerful Paraliminals isn’t it. I’ve had amazing results with it in the past. And you’re of course right, sometimes repeat listening is necessary to fully clear an issue.

It’s interesting to note that it only works on one issue at a time. Maybe the times I haven’t had the full shift I wanted was because I wasn’t quite specific enough. And then I didn’t stick with it persistently enough. Like I got the issue below my “unbearable pain” threshold and then just let other issues overtake my attention instead of fully putting it to bed once and for all...

All of your guidance is supremely helpful. What a brilliant way to put it - Letting Go is the mother of all! How true this is on so many levels! I went to watch Mary Magdalene this weekend. What an incredible inspiring film. Of course I’ve been long familiar with the concept of forgiveness, and intellectually I totally get it and could preach a sermon to you about the high benefits of it. Yet.... I found myself always shying away from doing any self-work around forgiveness whenever the topic came up.

Something shifted in me when I watched the film and I heard Jesus talk about holding on to anger and hatred and instead the prime relevance of forgiveness.... for the first time in my life I think I feel this truth with an emotional knowing....

Wow. So anyway, your post is so very timely for me in several ways. You’re so right, I really do need to Let Go more.

Thank you deeply for your insights and for sharing, I really appreciate your kindness.

With love 🙏

PS - btw there’s something you said at the start of your post -“ any physical illness is only a manifestation of our or our parents emotions”. What do you mean by this? How do our parents emotions affect us specifically?

Do you mean that we subconsciously inherit their patterns of thinking/being etc by virtue of being raised by them ?
Or do you mean that generational beliefs are encoded into our DNA (and we have to shift them at this level to effect change and freedom)?
Or do you mean that we are affected by the energy of our parents now in real time (particularly if we spend a lot of time with them) and may find ourselves drained or changed accordingly by this?

PPS thanks again for your brilliant post. I’ll work on the anger at IBS first as recommended!
Posted By: JoRinz Re: IBS - 03/27/18 11:59 AM
Oh, Ranchor! I am so glad to help you, to be useful. Thank you loads for letting me know I was of some help to you! I am so glad. Thanks to LearningStrategies for this forum!!!
Letting Go, me, the film - it only proves that when you look for - you find! You are so clever!

Your questions to me are beyond Learning Strategies (at least what I know of them), however loads of answers are actually there in their methods! Therefore I hope they will not mind me answering here. And, please forgive my English, it is not my first language.

I am happy to admit, that I learned a lot from others. I mean, it is positivie in that you can learn much yourself if what I write here for you is not (clear) enough.
My life got devastated, it was not life, it was a war and I was loosing. I started investigating how to change it...

A child's mind works diffrently than an adult's one. A child's mind is always in <3<../theta levels (ie. subconscious), whereas adult's - in beta (ie. conscious; unless they sleep or meditate). That's why children learn so fast - all goes directly to their subconscious! And if it doesnt seem that they learn so fast, please realise how much is there for them to learn. They know nothing about the world. They know nothing about their own room. They still have to realise that their nails grow! They are bombarded with new stuff! Their parents or closest carers are most important and the only and all there is. Parents are the authorities, nothing else counts, all the parents say/do is the truth, all they say/do happens in the child's life. The child's brain soaks it like a sponge. At this time, parents are like wizards who cast spells on their children. Positive and negative. Directly (eg. "Naughty girl!" meaning she is a bad person) or indirectly (eg. raws between parents making a child scared, or using a given accent ). Again, a child knows nothing else than parents. A child will not get up, slam the door and go away when they do not like their parents' rows...
Please notice, often when mum/dad is stressed, the child starts crying. Children do not understand words but they understand emotions/energy. Also, children could remember words and could understend them only later. So trauma could be caused later.

My guess is that another way that parents' emotions are embodied into their children is simply genetics. Parents' belives change their genes, then we inherit these genes.

Summing up: Yes, I think there are most of our parents'/carers' emotions that affect most of our being; even when they are not with us the lack of them/emptiness influences a child greatly. Yes, we subconsciously inherit most of their patterns, because they are our authorities, they are close, they raise us, they are with us most of the time, they are decisive. Other such authorities could be teachers and people that are authorities for our parents, and - depending on the depth of your religion - priests/nuns.

Now I try to answer "are we affected by the energy of our parents now in real time (particularly if we spend a lot of time with them) and may find ourselves drained or changed accordingly by this?"

As far as I read, we leave the state of constant <3<../theta when we are 12 years of age or so, depending on the source. I guess this is why then we question what we have been told, we try our own ways. We could be rebellious. I guess this is when we start to be less and less affected by the energy/authority of our carers. We respect them, but we do not "soak them in" any longer; the knowledge goes through my conscious mind now. The power they still have over me, comes from the events/emotions in my childhood, they inprinted it into my conscious mind. Once I let go/cleared a stress from my childhood, I dared to say to my dad calmly "Do not use this tone when you talk to me". It seems to me, that if they want to get some new power now (that I'm an adult) - and they want to do it directly through to my conscious mind - it must be a traumatic event for me.

Any traumatic event has a power to go to subconscious mind directly (I guess that's why they are called traumatic or life-changing).

Learning Strategies pay great attention to your subconcious mind. I'm not sure they say that, but it is a well know fact: subconscious governs 95% of your life.

I guess, a question arises now: how much me is in me? smile
I hope it goes this way: I am going to Let Go of all stuff I do not like in me. Then I will use Paraliminals to imprint what I want. Or my Natural Brilliance will come up instantly. It will be all me one day!

All the best to you! You already posses it! smile
Posted By: JoRinz Re: IBS - 03/29/18 07:58 AM
Not sure why it prints "<3<../theta". I meant "<3<../theta", the brain waves frequency. Also, people are constantly in this frequency u n t i l they are 12 or so. Cheers!
Posted By: JoRinz Re: IBS - 03/29/18 08:01 AM
Oh, it did it again... I'll try again: it should be "a l p h a /theta".
Posted By: Ranchor Re: IBS - 03/30/18 10:50 PM
Hi JoRinz, thank you once again for such a comprehensive reply. You explain things so well and you’ve given me lots and lots to think about....

And what an insightful and powerful life-changing question you leave us with at the end...

I will have to read your answer a few times and mull over all you’ve shared! I understand and agree with it all, you’ve given me so much to consider .....

Thank you.....❤️
Posted By: JoRinz Re: IBS - 05/10/18 02:23 PM
Hi Ranchor,
Thank you for your beautiful note. You are very kind. I so hope it will help you. Knowledge is not all, but being able to understand could make life a bit easier. I know that my problems started not because I was a bad girl, but because my paretns were bad people. I still need to forgive them, but at least I know I am good/right.

April was busy and sad for me, early May I took an emotional holiday and here I am only now.

It was a very bad day until I read your message 10 min. ago. Thanks so much! Look how powerful you are smile

Take your time. You know what to do. You are the best and the only!

Posted By: Ranchor Re: IBS - 05/13/18 01:43 PM
Hi JoRinz, just an update as I’ve been continuing to use Letting Go and thinking I must message you to let you know I feel there has been progress. And here I see you have left me a message already! Thank you and for your continued kind support too 😊💛

I’m so sorry to hear April was sad for you. This life certainly delivers lots of ups and downs...

Sometimes I’m flying so high, superpleased I’ve left all my troubles behind me and thinking I’m running ahead at last... and then something happens and I’m falling way behind again and distressed and disheartened and it feels like I will never get out of it...

I think I have to do better at training my focus so I don’t fall for these lies and emotional traps so much anymore, or even if I do, I snap myself out of them better and faster,... remembering in the forefront of my mind all the huge progress I’ve really made and how much stronger and wiser I am than ever before. I seem to struggle with overwhelm easily it seems

... well, maybe not easily, I do actually have rather a lot to manage! I think most people at my stage in life struggle,...

Anyway, I digress! I wanted to tell you that Letting Go has been very useful. I continue to be amazed and so impressed with the ability of my subconscious mind to guide me on the next best thing to work on. I do feel the ibs symptoms have released some, although I continue to manage my diet so as not to throw complete caution to the wind.

It’s difficult to know exactly what has been the tipping point. I do so much self-intervention work that unless I keep prodigious notes, it’s hard to know what has led to which improvement. Although of course they all build on one another and become one huge virtuous circle.

It’s noteworthy that when my life is going well, there are certain practices I engage in daily as a priority. And it’s when these fall off that things start getting heavy and unmanageable.

I still can’t believe it’s taking me so long to assimilate the lesson that a peaceful life is created by engaging in peaceful activities!

I continue to use the Paraliminals almost daily (with maybe a day or two break on weekends because I just feel I need the head space to do nothing).

One of my biggest struggles is that my health, relationship and wealth goals seem to overlap and issues in one automatically precipitate issues in the other areas. I’m in a real dilemma melting pot then, which do I attend to first?!?!

Of course when things hit crisis point it becomes Health as a major priority.

It sucks a little that I can’t figure this out. Why I keep ricocheting from one disaster to another (in my head and emotional state and health anyway, even if no one on the outside world sees it that way. They probably just think I’m a lazy selfish so and so.).

I wish there were a way for me to just make daily progress on all three areas and avoid emergency crash landings and rescues. It’s so hard to get back off the ground once you’re down. I want to keep flying high progressively, enjoying the views and learning cool aerial tricks that only the top genius pilots know...

I tried combining the T3 tracks from each of my goals to create a sleep learning playlists (eg Positive Relationships, Perfect Health and Prosperity/Soul of Money) but you’re not really supposed to combine goals or results get diluted/become ineffective. I’ve certainly experienced when working on a specific issue, the more targetted the problem, the easier it is to get a fast resolution.

Well, I still haven’t worked all this out.... I keep getting overwhelmed and confused. Even though on the outside I may well be doing well, I guess I want to run and fly higher (especially because I know I can and I know how amazing it is when I do).

I seem to get trapped in other people’s energies or influenced adversely by them. I never thought this could be true, but I’m more and more seeing this to be an issue. At least my subconscious is showing it to be so for me. How do I supercharge my space so I take my own untouchable positive energy with me everywhere and I my goals stay bright and beautiful and big before me...

I know I have so much to give the world, if only I could keep my act together!!!!

Well anyway, I’ll go now and listen to my current Letting Go issue “I am inherently no good )because I love my Mum and at some point she must have believed this and I will honour her and make her right because I’m a good child and I love her so much I’d do anything to make her happy”.

Crazy huh??!!!!!! I’ve listened to it once already, but this must be a deep one because it’s only just barely shifted from being an absolute eternal truth to being an eternal truth most of the time (my subconscious mind is really showing me it doesn’t do logic or rationality!!)

Well, I’ve shared far more than I intended to! Guess I just wanted to pay back the compliment for your kindness in supporting and sharing.

I was quite intrigued to hear you say you were taking an “emotional holiday”. I wonder what that means.... I’m a little like Counsellor Troy from the Nexf Generation, I can’t imagine that at all!!!

Okay, sending you the best JoRinz 💛💛💛💛💛 Thank you so much 💛💛💛💛💛 So much love light and positive energy being sent your way dear friend 💖💖💖💖💖💖

Posted By: Ranchor Re: IBS - 05/13/18 02:02 PM
Alex, I forgot to say I’ve had huge huge huge value from listening to Deep Relaxation regularity. I make my intention the Peace Of God, and more lately, the Infinite Peace Of God...

Wow, when I listen to this daily, I’m as cool as a cucumber and the most easy-going loving forgiving accepting person ever....

....hmmmm, I clearly need to listen to this again this week!!!

I’ve only just become aware of a trigger this past week or so, so I will use Break the Habit on it. There really is no reason to get in a tizz about things really is there..: just even knowing this option exists does mountains for my stress levels....

Thank you too deeply too 😊💛💛💛
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