Posted By: TheWhisperer New Behavior Generator possible uses - 05/25/18 06:35 AM

Can NBG be used to develop aspects that cannot be reduced to one behavior ?

I am thinking of the following :

1) Developing / getting rid of a character trait / mindset, for instance :
- Develop Masculine Energy / attitude (can Instantaneous Personal Magnetism also do that ? I mean acquiring the state internally, not only how it is perceived by others)
- Get rid of feelings of "needing approval" or "needing to be seen as nice"
- Develop leadership (in particular, feeling in charge & protective when relavant)
- When I am leading, consistently pay attention and appreciate positive attitudes and behaviors of those I am leading, instead of just focusing on planning, problem solving and issues. And develop the habit of genuinely showing appreciation.

These are just examples around the same theme. I understand that other paraliminals might be covering some of those, but I have others on my list, so I would appreciate a general answer on what NBG can do here.

2) Installing anchors
Can I use NBG to set an anchor that gets me into a certain emotional state whenever I need it ?
E.g., each time I cross my fingers I feel [feeling], or I see things as [frame / mindset].
How would you do that ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.
All the best.
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: New Behavior Generator possible uses - 05/29/18 06:08 PM
Hi Whisperer!

You can use any paraliminal for the intention you set. So if you want to work with a range of behaviors, set up your intention to cover that and then proceed with your listening session.

As Session B of New Behavior Generator uses a role model for the behaviors you want to implement, you could definitely use anchoring to attach to the outcome you are seeking. Once you have connected to the model and the behavior you believe they represent, you would simply use some kind of finger posture, body gesture or whatever model you choose to connect you with that state. The more you connect that state and that posture, when using paraliminals, or throughout your day, the more linked they will become and the more immediately you will access that state when the posture or action is repeated.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Thank you Wendy!
All the best.
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