Posted By: TheWhisperer Installing a strong frame with Belief ? - 05/27/18 01:39 PM

I would like to know what paraliminal can help me install in my mind a strong frame that holds under pressure.

I am talking about the way I perceive and the meaning I give to a certain situation, that determines how I naturally think, feel and act, e.g, :
- as an executive advisor, seeing myself and my clients as equals
- in a sports competition where I / my team are the challenger, replacing this frame by one that would be more appriopriate to win
- in a negotiation / sales context, replacing a scarcity mindset with something more helpful (I guess this one is covered in Sales Leap, just giving it to illustrate what I mean)
- in my relationship with my little son, seeing him in a way that empowers him

Can the Belief paraliminal do that ? i.e be used with a specifuc context in mind ?

Thank you for your answer.

All the best.
Hi again, Whisperer!

Don't know how I missed this one!

Yes, Belief is a real "work horse" and can enhance our internal experience of all areas in our life. I think the new paraliminal Finding Treasure will have a similar effect!

Wendy Greer
Thanks Wendy!
All the Best
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