I experience a strong resistance to tasks that will lead to closing / finishing a task or project.

I noticed this first in my consulting activity, where each time I had a final report to deliver to a client, I couldn't get to work on it until last minute, and then I would experience a 2-3 day panic state while completing it, overwhelmed by negative thoughts of the client not being satisfied withe the work.

On this specific situation, the Anxiety-free PL lowered the panic feeling significantly, but I noticed than the pattern is more general beyond this specific situation. It seems to happen for all situations with a no-return point, e.g., :
- sending the end-result of a work to someone
- responding to an e-mail (I have no problem checking them, but procrastinate responding a lot)
- taking a decision with uncertainty (or accepting that taking a decision only makes sense with uncertainty?)

I would appreciate your help on how to improve here. In particular, what do you think of the following :

1) Use anxiety-free for a broad set of situations? The PL asks to identify a "signal" that triggers the anxiety. Can I use "closing", "finishing", and "deciding" as signals or is it too abstract / vague ?

2) Use NBG-A / Break the Habit for the behaviors of "delaying decisions / closing / finishing". By the way, are these 2 PLs equivalent ?

3) Same with "awaiting certainty to act" ?

4) Use Simplicity for moderating perfectionism

5) Use Get Around to It and Auto-pilot for procrastination and avoiding some tasks in general

Thank you for help.

All the best.
Hi again, Whisperer!

All your above thoughts are valid. As you already seem to have a good feeling for what will work for you, I would suggest going ahead with your own intuitive feelings.

Open ended, general intentions tend to be harder to chart and discern your progress. Why don't you start with that and if the progress seems too slow or vague, chunk it down to a more specific portion of the larger goal. Often making headway in one part of a bigger goal will have a domino effect and other goals will start coming to fruition as well.

As I indicated earlier, all the paraliminals are driven by the intention you set before listening. When choosing a paraliminal, each one has a title, which gives you the general topic and beneath that you will find a "tagline" which expands on the basic orientation of each paraliminal. So New Behavior Generator helps you to "Neutralize unwanted behaviors and take on new behaviors," while Break the Habit serves to "Free yourself from addictive behaviors." There is a distinct difference between those two orientations.

We create new Paraliminals based on customer requests, so the library has evolved to cover those areas that most people find to be most in need of change or enhancement.

Wendy Greer
Thank you Wendy !
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