Posted By: TheWhisperer Focus & Concentration - "focal point?" - 07/08/18 08:11 AM

I just started using the F&C concentration paraliminal.

In the beginning of the session, I am confused about what "focal point" to focus on.

My purpose for listening to F&C is to put more energy and drive into moving towards my vision, which is made of 4 key goals (spiritual, financial, intimate relationship, and household).

So when Paul Scheele asks to select a focal point at the beginning of the session, should it be :
- the overall vision ? (then maybe using get around to it / self-discipline for each goal)
- one of the 4 goals of my vision ?
- one of the several activities required to achieve one of the 4 goals of my vision ? which would mean that for example if each goal requires 3 activities, I need to listen to F&C 12 times to cover my whole vision ?

Thank you,
All the best,
Hi Whisperer!

If you are focusing on just the overall vision, it may be a little too vague and amorphous to expect graphic and tangible results. I would suggest experimenting with the overall vision in the context of one of the specific areas. When you chunk a goal down that way it feels more achievable and success with that portion of your vision will stimulate and encourage success with the other areas.

That being said, though, everyone's different so it's really important to pay attention to your results.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Thank you Wendy !
All the Best.
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