I just bought Sonic Access and I am looking forward to starting !!

In goal setting guidelines, the manual states "Focus on a goal within your control. You cannot control how others feel."

I wonder whether my Relationships goal could be an exception to this rule, as I have difficulty visualizing my ideal relationship by only focusing on how I behave and feel, without including in the picture how my partner feels and behaves.

Thank you in advance for your help.
All the best,
Hi Whisperer!

You can't control how someone else acts or feels, but you can certainly include how you feel in the context of that relationship.Build up your ideal relationship but recognize that you need to respect others' autonomy and free will. I generally include "for the highest good of all" when I am setting an intention that involves someone else. That way I don't get in the way of whatever they are seeking or learning along the way!

Wendy Greer
Thank you Wendy !
All the best
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