I just started using Sonic Access.

After listening to a meditation for one of my goals, I started to perceive the changework I need to go through in order to reach it.

My question is, given the new information I have now, what is the best way to work on my goal (if I only have time for one paraliminal a day):

a) Just take note of the changes that need to occur, and keep listening to the meditation daily

b) Now that I have a first sense of the changes to make, switch to the "traditional" paraliminals, according to the changes I want to make, and go back to the Sonic Access when I'm done with that first series of changes ?

Another way of putting this is : does the sonic access meditations also take care of initiating all the changes I need to make in myself in order to reach my goal, or do I still need the "traditional" paraliminals ?

Thank you,
All the best.
Hi Whisperer!

There's no cookie cutter answer to your question.

We've had people use the Sonic Access meditations as a stand alone to make significant and broad-reaching changes in their lives. For them the focused approach was apparently just what they needed.

That being said, though, if they consistently had an issue that might be effectively dealt with by a paraliminal from the Ultimate You Library, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or endorse that. As they say, the "proof is in the pudding." Pay attention to your results, and if you feel a need to facilitate a certain aspect or offset a particular concern that would be addressed by one of the "traditional" paraliminals, give it a try and see what happens.

There are so many routes to the same destination. Trust the process, use the tools you are drawn to utilize, and pay attention to your results. Modify as necessary and keep track of the feedback you get from whatever you change. If you pay attention, your internal GPS will fill you in on what route will be most effective.

All the best,
Wendy Greer
Thanks Wendy!
All the best
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