Posted By: Delta7210 Paraliminals and the Sedona Method - 07/03/19 07:23 AM
Hello LS Community,

I'm a long time fan and user of both the paraliminals and the Sedona Method and the following question appeared. Do some paraliminals contradict the sedona method because they work with the "I" and the mind instead of looking beyond it? Any more tips for integrating the paraliminals with the sedona method teachings ? smile

Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Paraliminals and the Sedona Method - 07/03/19 09:18 PM
Hi Delta!

I use both and don't find any conflict at all. In fact, paraliminals help me move beyond the I, ego, identity, whatever you want to call it to universal mind. With paraliminals I am able to connect with my other than conscious mind, which in turn is connected to the bigger matrix. The bird's eye view that results gives me a discernment and clarity that is akin to the feeling I experience when I feel fully released around whatever conundrum I am dealing with.

My personal preference is to meditate in the morning and use the Sedona Method throughout my day (I really like Welcoming for doing that on an "as needed" basis) and in the evening I will sometimes use releasing on any residual contractions.

I use paraliminals regularly, but the timing and frequency will depend on what is manifesting in my life (or what is not manifesting that I would like more of). So basically, I stay tuned in and use the Paraliminal Library as a readily available resource for shifting perspectives, opening to new options or exploring roadblocks.

I find having so many options incredibly helpful, but I can't really recommend a specific protocol for combining them.

The more you use them, though, the more attuned you become to what will be most effective or supportive in a particular situation. Experiment and see what holds true for you.

Hope this helps!

Wendy Greer
Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Paraliminals and the Sedona Method - 07/04/19 05:17 AM
Hey Wendy,

Thanks for your response smile

I like also to combine meditation, paraliminals/sonic access, SM and SFQ, usually I do it spontaneously though. Sometimes I start the day with releasing or meditating(Deidre's meditations) or using a paraliminal as I feel like it.

Some paraliminals are indeed amazingly helpful for looking beyond the illusion like for example the new Fearlessness and Abundant Money Mindset but my question is related more to older paraliminals like the Beliefs, New Behavior Generator, New History Generator. In the Beliefs one we replace limiting ones with more positive ones when what we are is beyond any belief.

What would be the appropriate mindset for approaching/using this category of paraliminals? Maybe use them and release after that on what comes up

Much appreciation,
Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Paraliminals and the Sedona Method - 07/05/19 08:42 AM
Probably a good answer would be to release/use paraliminals when I do and don't when I don't smile
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Paraliminals and the Sedona Method - 07/09/19 10:03 PM
The last comment sounds right to me. I generally don't have anything to release when I've done a paraliminal. As long as I've set a clear intention, my other than conscious just seems to align with my conscious awareness and I have clarity around whatever I'm working with/on.

That being said, though, if there was some resistance or "yes buts" were surfacing, releasing would be a great idea!

Hale mentioned in a couple of calls that subliminal tracks, hypnosis, some forms of NLP and tools that reprogram the mind don't go along with the Sedona Method because they add more layers and programs to the mind. There's the Letting Go paraliminal but how are paraliminals different from subliminal tracks and hypnosis?
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Paraliminals and the Sedona Method - 11/22/19 08:23 PM
Hi PleasureReader!

Paraliminals are unique and don’t operate covertly like subliminals do. The messages are entirely audible, but because the conscious mind can’t stay engaged with the synchronous multiple voices, you access the incredible power of the other than conscious mind. You are tapping into skills and capacities that are already in place and come to the surface if they will support the outcome you specify in the intention you create before you listen.

Rather than “muddying the waters” they clear away obstructions and illusions so you can see clearly, from an expanded, bird’s eye view, what is actually going on, what hasn’t been serving you and what will move you toward your desired outcome.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Thank you very much for the explanation. It's very good to know the difference.
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