Posted By: Rich_Inside Self Esteem Supercharger fail! - 08/30/19 01:16 PM
Hi there,

I've been using paraliminals for years already and have experienced some incredible benefits but the one that has made me feel pretty much the opposite of what it purports to do is the "Self Esteem Supercharger" I feel absolutely insecure and like a total loser after listening to this session, has happened every time over the years. I've kept forgetting and then finding this session and listen and wow, same terrible result. What could be the reason for this? Is it that some hidden internal beliefs are at radical odds with the blueprint being presented within this session, can this be resolved and have others experienced this? I'd really love to derive benefit from this session but I have enormous resistance to it now as it seems to unravel all the gains I've experienced and it takes me some time to restore a stable mindset again.
Posted By: jenny7 Re: Self Esteem Supercharger fail! - 08/30/19 03:26 PM
Hi Rich_Inside

In order for us to move to where we want to be we need to 'believe' that we are so. If you are feeling resistance dont put yourself through the unnecessary pain. Thats not what paraliminals are about.

Are you setting an intention, & think about whether the intention you are setting is right for you?

Maybe have a think about changing the wording of the intention so it feels better. From what you are saying, maybe its too big a jump, which could be causing resistance.

You could try the Belief paraliminal, then move onto the Self Esteem Supercharger (SES), or if you have time do the Belief para then after 20 mins do the SES & see if you feel different.
Build up to the SES & see how you go.

Would love to know how you get on.

All the best 💜

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