Posted By: Hobo Please recommend headphones - 12/15/19 01:00 PM
I am a longtime Paraliminal user and I also use entrainment recording for meditation. My understanding is that you do not want noise cancelling headphones for these types of recording. I prefer a wired connection and over the ear headphones.

Right now the best sounding that I can find are Samsung earbuds that came with one of my tablets. I would prefer over the ear. I have bought some different brands over the ear headphones and earbuds but I am not happy with the sound when listening to my recordings.

Can someone recommend a good pair of over the ear wired headphones?

Thank you
Posted By: katsim Re: Please recommend headphones - 12/19/19 04:05 AM
Centerpointe who developed the holosync technology offers over the ear headphones that I have and offer excellent sound quality.
Posted By: Tiger198371 Re: Please recommend headphones - 04/07/21 02:38 PM
Best ones I've ever used are Holosync CRI 400, the earbuds, the bass is amazing. Bought over 20 diff brands including Shure, Sony, fiio, etc and the CRI 400 is really good. What differentiate it is that it can go down to 5 hertz on the frequency response while most headphones can only reach 20 hz. The pioneer flagship headphones also go down to 5 hertz but I haven't tried them myself
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