Posted By: katsim Surgery recovery - 12/18/19 06:43 PM
Hello. I've been using the Perfect Health paraliminal as I recover from ankle surgery. I was wondering if the Recover & Reenergize paraliminal might be better in this situation? I am not currently able to exercise or do physical therapy - that's still ~6 week away so I wasn't sure if it's appropriate in this setting. I own many of the paraliminals so if there is a better combination that could be suggested I would appreciate it.

Posted By: Delta7210 Re: Surgery recovery - 12/18/19 08:05 PM
Recover & Reenergize works great for me for physical issues also the new Five Element Healing
Posted By: katsim Re: Surgery recovery - 12/18/19 09:56 PM
Thank you for the tip! I actually have that parliminal already and didn't even think about it since it's new!
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