Posted By: Karl8 About setting intention... - 12/26/19 05:30 PM

I am building an online business so I guess my intention/goal can be to achieve success with that.

I have these 4 paraliminals, "finding treasure", "law of attraction", "belief" and "abundant money mindset", are there better ones for that particular goal?

About the intention, do I have to say to myself something like: "I want to achieve success and earn XX a month with my online business"? Or can I just listen without that intention, just keep things open, because perhaps an online business is not right for me.


Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: About setting intention... - 01/06/20 07:28 PM
Hi Karl8!

The paraliminals you have chosen sound like good ones. Do they feel as if they address why you aren't already living the intention you are setting? If not, take a look at the "All Paraliminals" list on our website and see if there are a few more that you might want to consider.

With regard to your intention statement, "I want to" is out in the future. A present tense statement would be more effective - "I am, I now, I choose, etc." brings your intention into the here and now and doesn't leave it "out there" in the future somewhere or somewhen.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Posted By: Karl8 Re: About setting intention... - 01/06/20 08:32 PM
ok, got it...

Thanks smile
Posted By: Karl8 Re: About setting intention... - 01/14/20 09:13 PM
Btw, I'm setting intention to succeed in my online business, yet it may not be the right thing for me... so I don't know, I guess if so I'll find out.
Posted By: Tiger198371 Re: About setting intention... - 04/03/21 12:22 AM
Sounds like you could use 'No matter what' and Self Esteem supercharger.
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