Posted By: ipc33 Why does one not do things that helps one? - 02/17/20 02:27 AM

I wanted to ask what would cause a person to not do things that they know is helping them? For example, a wise person told me sugar really is bad for nerves, makes you agitated, irritable etc.
I took this on board but was too lazy to follow the advice. Fast forward many years, I was at one of the worst times of my life, & I thought I'd stop (well minimise) sugar for a week. Which I did, only had minimum sugar, via fruit & natural sources if at all.
I felt a peace which was indescribable for the times I was living in. But then I gave it up!!?
I just want to ask why would a person do that? Is there a paraliminal that could help with it?
I suppose it's self-sabotage or maybe even fear of change in that it's more comfortable to be in a state one is used to (iow laziness).

Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Ipc33

That is a question that I always ask myself, and I struggle with the same issue too.

I get really fed up with how things are in my life, I know what needs to be done and what tools to use but just dont follow through.

There are also times when I do follow through but the changes do not last for long and I revert to the same behaviour that I am trying to improve or avoid. Some would say its our subconscious trying to 'protect' us?

Maybe New History/Action/Behaviour Generators but I would also be interested to know which other paraliminals to use.

Thank you Ipc33 for putting the question into explanable words 💜
Posted By: ipc33 Re: Why does one not do things that helps one? - 02/22/20 06:30 AM
Thank you for your reply. I think New History resonates with me in thinking, its always been this way. But following through, perhaps something that needs to deal with the underlying cause of Self-displine.
Each case might be different though. 🙂
Hi ipc33 and Jenny7!

You’ve certainly hit upon a common conundrum for the human species. So many people have a strong sense of what they think will move them forward but then keep sabotaging themselves as they attempt to pursue that course of action. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for this, but a couple seem to present themselves regularly.

First of all, the comfort of the status quo is so alluring. Sometimes concerns about the perceived challenges of a new state outweigh the familiarity of the known so people choose comfort instead of taking a chance with the potential costs of a changed way of being. The Generator paraliminals are great for this circumstance. People seem to do particularly well with the New History Generator because the fourth path that you create encourages you to take the benefits and growth of the past into the future route and destination you are seeking.

Other considerations might be the Letting Go and Fresh Start paraliminals, both of which allow you to address each moment as a new beginning that is full of infinite possibilities.

Another common situation is that once people examine what they think they want, they discover that they’ve actually internalized other people’s wishes for them. Customers using the Self-Discipline paraliminal sometimes recognize that what they have been trying to force themselves to do isn’t actually aligned with what they truly value. Often it’s entailed years of efforting to create or substantiate something someone else reinforced in them at a very early age.

Once you recognize this, you can tune into what you value and why and can then set a clear intention that’s aligned with your core values. It’s amazing the difference this simple recognition can make.

That new open orientation, along with a clear intention for your other than conscious mind to integrate and work with, enables you to use your paraliminal listening sessions to gain access to all the resources that hadn’t been previously perceived.

All the best to you!
Wendy Greer
Posted By: ipc33 Re: Why does one not do things that helps one? - 02/28/20 07:38 PM
Thank you.
I suppose I should have called this thread Self Sabotage

Blessings to you 😊
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