Posted By: Vilicia Prosperity Question - 01/08/21 06:47 AM
Happy new year everyone

I need some suggestions. What intention do you use for prosperity mp3 for attracting people for a business. Also how are you using this session? Do you repeat an intention before or while listening? I have seen results by repeating an affirmation while answering the questions. I would like to know how other people are using it. Thank you .
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Prosperity Question - 01/18/21 07:18 PM
Hi Vilicia!

Tune into the kind of people you want to attract and work with - i.e. interested in your product, have integrity, fun to work with, dynamically involved, willing to share with friends via networking, etc. Then include those adjectives or qualities in your intention.

I tend to set a clear intention before I listen to any Paraliminal. That way my other than conscious mind is clear on what I am looking for and is able to start searching my world for ways to make that happen.

If I don't have a specific outcome in mind yet, I get as clear as possible about what I'm wanting to take away from the session, i.e. insights, state of mind, creativity sparked, etc.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Posted By: Vilicia Re: Prosperity Question - 03/15/21 06:40 AM
Thank you Wendy
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