Anxiety Free and Fearlessness
are there no more moderators on this forum?
Hi FMac!

We generally don't intervene until several days have passed, as the intent with the forum is for customers to connect with and support each other.

That being said, though, each paraliminal has a title and a "tagline" that represents the general purpose of that audio. Anxiety Free is "Gain freedom from fears and project strength." Fearlessness is "Vanquish self doubt and live courageously."

While these sound similar, anxiety is often very close to the emotion of excitement or anticipation. So Anxiety Free gives you the nudge that pushes you into action.

Fear generally tends to be paralyzing and pushes you into the role of a victim. This perception limits your access to the numerous resources and options you see when you are in a more positive and proactive state. So Fearlessness is intended to get you in touch with all those resources and skills which allow you to move forward and through the perceived stuck state fear has generated.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Great response Wendy, thanks for that!
That clarifies everything.
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