Sonic access/sonic access 4 seasons has a meditation track, music track, and a song.

Will I need to follow the 20 minute rule?

For example, can I listen to a Sonic access track then immediately listen to a paraliminal or would it be better to do sonic access, 20m break then a paraliminal?

Also I think the music track of sonic access doesn't have Holosync??? If I listen to track 1 meditation, track 2 music..... Would the music track count as the 20-30 minute break before a paraliminal?
Hi Tiger!

The Sonic Access music tracks do have the Holosync frequencies embedded.

The reason you want to have 20 minutes between listening sessions does not involve those frequencies, but rather the fact that when you are doing significant change work, you are working with shifting the entire paradigm from which you are operating. You need to let the energies of that new orientation settle in before you add something else.

It’s very akin to throwing pebbles in a still pond. If you throw one in, you can see the effects in the ripples that the single stone creates. If you throw in more than one, it’s hard to see what is doing what and that makes it harder to replicate and enhance what IS working.

All the best,
Wendy Greer
Page 5,7 and 15 of the digital Sonic Access 4 Seasons manual mentions Holosync. So it isn't in the regular Sonic Access?

To clarify, are you recommending a 20m break after a Sonic Access session?

Also, the book mentions doing track 1 and 2 of sonic access in a row. Would you still recommend this?

Great information Thanks in advance Wendy
Hi again, Tiger!

Yes, the Holosync frequencies are embedded.

The general recommendation is 20 minutes between different audio sessions to let the new frequencies settle in.

With regard to listening schedules, people generally start with what is recommended. If you're drawn to do something different, experiment and see how it works for you. Do more of what is most effective.

Wendy Greer
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