For all my life I've always woke up late. No matter if I get enough sleep when I wake up I feel very groggy. The most damaging part is that I will wake up and then go back to sleep, causing me to get to work late sometimes a few hours later.

Please recommend the paraliminals that would best help for this serious issue

Thank you!
Hi Tiger!

I assume that you have determined that there is no medical/biochemical reason for this occurring? If not, I would definitely start there, as it sounds as if that may be a strong possibility.

From the context of what Paraliminals would help, do you have any sense of how this behavior is serving you or what makes it seem appropriate at the time it happens? What will be most specifically effective would be driven by your answer to those questions.

From a general perspective, I would consider Sleep Deeply, Wake Refreshed, Self-Discipline, Break the Habit or the Generator Paraliminals that seem most pertinent.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Hi Wendy, nothing helped medically.

On some days when I'm feeling great about myself or excited before traveling for a seminar, I would easily wake up.

Do you think boredom may cause this, I don't feel bored?

This behavior of oversleeping may let me feel like I'm the boss in control, like the job doesn't tell me what to do. Feels like a part of me inside is resisting and fighting, doing the opposite of what I want, kind of like a rebellion against my own authority.

I've also had periods of sleeping a lot and daydreaming (but ending up sleeping in bed) about meeting a better romantic partner.

I have a hard time just balancing being awake vs being asleep. Is there a paraliminal for balancing?

With these new info, what would you suggest?

Thanks in advance Wendy!
Hi again, Tiger!

I would think that the Paraliminals I've already mentioned would be helpful. Remember that your results are driven by a well formed intention. Before you listen to your chosen Paraliminal, build into your reason for listening the comments in your second posting - i.e. that you want to have a healthy balance between your waking state and deep, refreshing sleep, etc.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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