Posted By: zipht 2012? jack-pot..... - 06/17/98 06:27 PM
k i just this is where i could post this...
Robert Anton Wilson has writen [cosmic trigger v1 p217 ] that on 2012 ad things go jack pot [ if u dont have cosmic trigger v1... this is a predition that technology addvances in a expoential sepuence... ] well i was watching sighting on the SF channel last night 16/6/98 ]and they talked about some trible guy about the mayan calender it says that everything goes jack-pot in 2013 [ i cant really remenber... one too meny drinks... :) ] if anyone has ideas or saw sighting.. reply thanz!!!

Posted By: ronabaiba Re: 2012? jack-pot..... - 12/26/98 07:48 AM

Terence McKenna claims that time is speeding up. It all peaks on Dec.21st, 2012. This is in accordance with the Chinese astrological
I-Ching. It also coincides with the end of the Mayan calender.

At this time there will be a MAJOR
increase in our consciousness involving language.

My opinion is that good ol' Terence is right. (In his books, he gives convincing evidence for all his theories). Also, maybe the big rise in human consciousness will be because the second coming of Chrst will have happened then!!
What do you mean by "Jackpot"?

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