Posted By: mjoyner Best Method for Self Improvement - 06/21/98 07:11 PM
Does anyone here have a favorite "best method" of self improvement? I am trying to compile a compendium of the best techniques. Please post yours here.

Posted By: mcole Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 06/21/98 09:01 PM
I vote for:

If you don't know what it is look here:

Posted By: ronabaiba Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 12/26/98 07:57 AM
I tried Win Wenger's "image streaming" and noticed no gains. He claims you should dictate your images you see into a tape. Why? Unless you miraculously started having visions, you'll never listen to those tapes again.
I also tried his method of holding your breath as long as possible under water for 2-3 weeks. The theory being is your oxygen capacity increases. I was diligent on this one but again the results were NADA.
Ever tried his techniques in the book "Beyond OK"?

Posted By: bdoyle Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 01/19/99 06:37 AM
I really find this to be an interesting question. I am firmly committed to the idea that the absolute BEST form of self-improvement is a sort of "self-induced" reality creation. That is, first determine HOW you want to be "improved". Many times, people don't know...they just want something better so they try this and that discipline, program, or technique and still never really get "there", whereever that is.

So first, I'd say that you have to have a clear idea of what you want your life to be. Once you have that, it is my belief that we all have the power to create it, all with a lot less effort than most people think. I am committed to the belief that the Universe is the ultimate provider, and that we as human beings have a creative power that is so awesome that most would rather disbelieve our potential, classify it as "fantasy" or "magic". It's easier for these people to live in a constant state of unbending skepticism than to let go of life-long limiting beliefs and give themselves the gift of the life of their dreams.

When you know what it is that you want...when you can picture it, and "experience" it in your mind as clearly as possible, you are ready to create it, but you must bring yourself to a state of consciousness that transcends the normal "noise" that goes on in your head. This noise is filled with judgements, doubt, and attachment. What you really need is Silence. You can enter into this silence with a clear intention of the life you want through meditation, or other means if you have a problem meditating. Our company promotes brainwave synchronization, but it really doesn't matter. Whatever it takes for you to get into that "space" beyond thought, get there! That's where the real creative power of the Universe begins to transform thought and intention into the physical, creating lives we can truly love that are "too good to be true."

Whether your desire is to lose weight, beat depression, prosper financially, or ANYTHING, this life can be created BY YOU at any time.

Obviously, all of this is my opinion, but it is based on a belief that was born of experience. But again, most of all, you have to really know what you want and be able to "experience" it mentally on as many sensory levels as possible before it can happen. The Universe WILL provide, as long as it really knows what you want.

Posted By: dennis Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 02/16/99 05:42 PM
I can personally recommend you one thing for certain that WORKS!
Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins
Get the program, and do it as instructed and give it your all!
Absolutely brilliant stuff - hope this helps!

Posted By: alexjf Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 03/16/99 12:18 PM
Personally I have found that using the following devices put my brain into a very relaxed state ideal for absoring the brainsync self-help tapes.

CES - 30mins - 1hr
Orion Light & Sound Machine
(same time use Self-Help Tape)

Perhaps, creating your own tapes would enhance personal self improvement. I'm only two weeks into using the combined equipment. However, the feeling of improvement has never been greater than all of the other techniques I have used before other the past few years including meditation, N.L.P, hypnosys.

N.L.P I strongly recommend to analyse your self talk and develop new self talk patterns during the day.

For instance if you think that you have failed at something put doubt in there, are you sure you really failed or is it simply you were a failure at being a failure.

Only once when you have sufficiently removed the negatism does the self-improvement start to accelerate! - at a tremendous rate.

My question to other adventurers in the quest of self-improvement is how do keep a open mind and allow all possibilities into our lives if we should also be focussing on some specific goal or image of what we should be.



Posted By: tigerisa Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 05/14/99 04:46 PM
It all depends on what you mean by self-improvement:
Do you want to be better at competing in the market place, or do you want to be a truly "good" person (the kind that brings joy into others lives without being a pain in the neck and without hope of reward or favour)?

The first "want" is okay - we're all in the rat race one way or another, and if you have to work to keep body and soul together, then you may as well maximise your "earnings over free time" equation to whichever level suits you best.

But if you want true personal advancement, then the second, "saintly" path is the only one worth following.

Now, I'm no saint! And I don't always (never)practice what I preach. I easily get bogged down in the day to day problems of work and relationship difficulties, focus too much on money and how to make more of it, etc etc. Like everyone else.

But in earlier and simpler times, I did once attempt a constant "active love" for my fellow beings. I kept it from everyone and anyone, did not proclaim any particular set of beliefs (a hotch-potch of karma and inter-connectedness), maintained a "normal" outward persona, kept working hard just as before, kept on eye on my pension fund, went shopping, all the usual stuff!

But, at the same time, I attempted to project a generally benign attitude, forgave people their faults by refusing to see fault and by accepting my own imperfection, etc, and the results - completely unlooked for - were astounding!

So astounding that I found it all a bit frightening; things started going my way, people couldn't do enough for me and they seemed happier, work improved and became easier, wage rises galore, sexual interest from others hit an all time high, I lost excess weight, it was easier to get up in the morning, TV had never been so good - in short, everything improved....

So much so that I began to suspect that I had made a pact with a devil! In the end, I even began to think that I was in danger of manipulating people and circumstances for material gain, which was way off my original intentions, which was just to be a bit better as a person (less selfish, more helpful, that sort of thing).

So, I stopped doing it. I was also afraid (despite my "jokey" interpretation of sinister pacts) that now I'd embarked on this path, there was no turning back, and being a miserable, grasping, intolerant old git was a pleasure never to be known again!

But, before I'm due to shuffle off this mortal coil, I intend to give it another try, for it's own sake, not gain - if I've not disqualified myself from success by telling the world through this message the selfish gains I made (does "23 replies" in a discussion forum constitute the world?)!

NLP? Yeh, go for it, but don't get too wrapped up in what is a very useful technique, when there are more powerful forces at work in the world than the human intellect (ie love). For a wonderful, moving, in depth, but open-ended (in other words, make up your own mind - is sprituality real, or imaginary?) description of a young person embarking on the path of sprituality, and the paradoxes and trials thereof, read "Christ Recrucified" by Nikos Kazantzakis.
It makes a great read, whatever your views, and does not require that you come down on either side (sprituality or worldliness). But as a description of the human condition, moral and physical courage, truth, faith, and the life and times of ordinary people in war-riven times, it can't be beaten!

Posted By: Skye Howard Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 08/03/99 07:14 PM
It seems to me that image streaming works by interconnecting different regions of the brain-right? Anyhow- it seems that it would then only be a part of what could be a whole range of exercises. Sort of like crunches when working out- if you are sparring, say, in the martial arts, many of your punches or jabs or kicks or whatever are said to be building off the abdominal muscles. But if you don't have strength in your arms or legs, then it isn't as easy to overpower someone else-my idea being that one should do mental exercises specifically for interconnecting different regions of the brain- like say maybe that one I posted in "mind" where one listens to music and draws in response, or maybe describing out sets of actions and then performing them, or.... I don't know. There might even be techniques where you could draw sensation or something- like the areas along your hand that are touching a surface. Learning descriptive geometry might be good, and I heard semantics was another thing that was supposed to increase your iq. Any thoughts? I'm not a phd or anything myself, have no neurological background, but I think my points are fairly well-thought-out, though unproven. I would be glad for criiticism and feedback, positive or negative.

Posted By: mcole Re: Best Method for Self Improvement - 02/19/00 11:49 AM
Skye Howard,

Your ideas make sense to me. Interesting. The more activities, especially complex activities, one does the more flexible and powerful their brain becomes.

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