Posted By: Ryan Question about Learning a Musical Instrument - 06/12/00 05:24 AM
What paraliminal tape would you suggest to use to learn the electric guitar? By the way I have noticed large gains in my playing especially since I have only been playing less than two months because of photoreading! Little off topic but oh well.


Side B of the New Behavior Generator.

If you are taking lessons, have your teacher play something for you. Then go home and listen to Side B of the tape. Play the piece the next morning.

Or, after you see someone playing like you would like to play, such as on a music video, listen to the tape and play the piece the next morning.

In both instances, the tape will help you acquire the behavior of playing in a manner similar to your "model."

Other tapes can also be good, such as:

Personal Genius - Listen just before practice. It will help you get into the flow state.

Automatic Pilot, Side B - This will help wire in a piece so that it is easier to play. (Side A is good if you have negative self-talk going on about playing a piece.)

Memory Supercharger - Listen before bed on days of good practice or lessons.

Have fun!

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