Posted By: Hermenw Learning while asleep - 06/29/00 07:07 PM

About a year ago I heard somebody who said he could read/learn a book while sleeping and when he would wakeup knew what was in the book (so not just unconsious). Could anybody give me more info about this subject, or maybe teach me/us how.


Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: Learning while asleep - 06/30/00 10:01 PM
Dreaming is one of the activation techniques of PhotoReading. Might that be what you heard about?

If you are a PhotoReader, techniques are in your book or course manual.

Posted By: Hermenw Re: Learning while asleep - 07/01/00 08:15 AM
Thanks for the reply Pete.
The man I heard, talked about putting a book beneath his pillow and when would he wake up he would really know what was written in the book. Without photoreading the book first.
I believe this man's name was Edgar Cayce, or something.
I know it sound a little weird but so does photoreading until you tried it. Maybe the subconsious is stronger than people think?

Posted By: Pete Bissonette Re: Learning while asleep - 07/03/00 01:48 PM
Putting the book under the pillow may not be a bad idea, unless, of course, it is big and provides a lumpy night's sleep.

Paul Scheele and I learned early on that if we keep a book around for a while before PhotoReading we tend to do better with it.

When you treat the book as your friend, we've found it easier to PhotoRead and understand the material. Many college students have agreed with us--I remember one student who slept with his organic chemistry book and even did pillow talk with the book. Whatever works!

Maybe it works because the book becomes less threatening or more approachable. Or maybe that is the beginning stage of PhotoSucking where you simply suck the information right out of the book!

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