Posted By: Margaret $1,000,000 vocabulary - 06/26/02 09:17 PM
I've just started this course today.

Right from side A of the first tape, i can sense this is a most worthwhile course. A feeling for strong words is a part of my personal power. People who can use vocabulary speak from a position of respect. I'm not out to impress anyone, but rather to express myself clearly.

On the tape, which includes Paul and Dr. Bennett speaking, is the illustration of how nice it is to have extra $$$ in your pocket. This image is carried over to having extra words to use. I can sense i'll come away from this course w/ higher self-esteem. And, this will help me w/ my intuition work.

My teacher says that the end of education is character. We are not supposed to be educated only to use our degrees as begging bowls.

I also think the paraliminals are going to be terrific. Paul somehow has all the words in the course presented in them. Heavens!

Posted By: dhoffman9 Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 06/27/02 06:43 AM
You don't make any sense.

Posted By: ulysses Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 06/27/02 08:53 AM
That's funny. Margaret makes perfect sense to me. Perhaps you're not listening properly?

Posted By: Margaret Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 06/27/02 07:29 PM
I've only completed tape 1, but it's already quite exciting. It's accelerated learning at its best. I have never been this interested in vocabulary before and never envisioned it could be this much fun.

I'm learning Latin, Greek and purloined words which is something i've always wanted to do but never got around to it. I missed a considerable amount of learning growing up because i was in so many different schools. I never once studied geometry in school. I never stayed anywhere long enuff to learn a foreign language.

Of all the courses LS offers, this has to be in the top 5 for me. I'm thinking now that Pete should write a different slant on the promotion. Or, i'd better go back and read it to see why i was not impressed. Since noone talks much about M$V, i assume not too many here have purchased it.

Posted By: Texas Bob Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/03/02 06:47 PM
If M$V is in the top five, how would you list the other four? From your previous posts, I'm sure you'll include PRing and NB, but I'm curious how you would rank them.

Originally posted by Margaret:

Of all the courses LS offers, this has to be in the top 5 for me.

Posted By: Margaret Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/08/02 11:56 PM
1. PhotoReading
2. Natural Brilliance
3. Language tapes
4. M$V
5. Euphoria
6. Spring Forest QiGong
7. Memory Optimizer (I have some ambivalence here on this one.)

3 & 4 are really equal for me; call'em a tie

5 is something i will eventually put more time into and i value it and what i learned. However, i've not been able to keep up my practice. I will also purchase SPII eventually.

I also have most of the paraliminals which i still use

Posted By: swingkid Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/09/02 08:14 PM

I'm just curious. You included the language tapes in your list. Which languages have you learned? Also, have you been able to speak the language you learned with friends? I'm thinking about getting the Spanish tapes because I live in a place where the Spanish-speaking population is quite dense.


Posted By: Margaret Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/09/02 10:41 PM
If you have no background in Spanish, then it's a great way to begin.

The whole approach is accelerated learning and it's a great learning tool.

The only people around me who speak German are presently in Switzerland But, i do plan to go to an intensive program at a local college. I would have never been able to do that w/o these tapes.

They are so enjoyable and the booklet is so well put together, you just can't go wrong. I've actually given them as gifts.

Posted By: Texas Bob Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/10/02 04:07 AM
Thanks Margaret. I've been using Natural Brilliance and just purchased Euphoria to help with being more open and social and to possibly help with job interviews.

My next purchase will likely be PhRing, but I'm strongly considering the Sedona Method. The Sedona website has some great testimonials. I'm waiting to see how effective the Sedona tape is that comes with Euphoria.

M$V and Spanish sound very promising. I just wish there were more time in the day to do them all!!!

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Posted By: Margaret Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/10/02 07:57 PM
I really got a lot out of the Sedona tape in Euphoria.

The Sikes tape should definitely help you w/ securing job interviews and opening up socially. It's an amazing tape. Actually all the tapes in Euphoria are TERRIFIC.

Good luck on all your projects

Posted By: Texas Bob Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/14/02 08:52 PM
I received Euphoria the other day and have gone through the whole course. All the tapes are great and the course holds promise but I can't say that I felt what I would call "Euphoric" after any of the sessions.

I had a breakthrough in that I finally made a LOT of progress on a project I've been putting off for a LONG time. So much so that I'd have to consider it a milestone. This came after the Sikes session which was the last tape in the series. I don't know if it was the cumulative effect of all the sessions or the Sikes tape itself, but I have to say that it was MAJOR progress. I still want to learn Sedona for release, but I think it's going to take a few listenings to get it down.

On another note, I've been going through Wayne Dyer's "Manifesting Your Destiny" course. It's SO rich! In it he talks about the connectedness we have to God and the universe and how our Ego gets in the way of true potential and our ability for true peace and joy.

The reason we don't get what we want is because our Ego thinks of itself as separate from the universe and somehow special. Out of it flows pride, jealousy, anger, bitterness, and a host of other vices that get in the way of peace and can lead to a number of psychological difficulties. But it's our connectedness to the divine within every living thing that brings peace and joy.

I've been a student of scripture for a few years, but it's like the Bible is coming alive with this idea of connectedness.

There's also a meditation that comes with the course. I'm still going through it, so I haven't yet done the meditation, but I think a combination of understanding this connectedness along with a steady dose of one of the Euphoria tapes may be just what I need.

Posted By: Margaret Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/15/02 08:18 PM
I'm so happy for you, Bob

I've heard good things about Dyer. All i know about him is that he has gone to see Mother Meera in Germany.

I wish you continued success. It can be overwhelming, but if we do it in layers, i mean LAYERS , it really is fascinating.

Posted By: Texas Bob Re: $1,000,000 vocabulary - 07/16/02 01:42 AM
Thank you Margaret. I started using paraliminals to help work through some issues and there may be hope yet. After my last post, I came across your story about the cab that was on your side of the road. All I can say is WOW! You seem to have made some terrific strides in your personal and spiritual development. I'd love to hear about your journey with intuition sometime. I think it's a strong part of me that I've always wanted to develop and learn to listen to further. (Hmm, maybe I should post elsewhere for intuition)


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