Posted By: French Claire Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/13/09 05:39 PM
I'm astonished to read so little on the forum about becoming financially independent - perhaps we are a virtuous lot and MONEY is a dirty word?!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wax lyrical about financial freedom seeing as it is just about to become my reality. Yes, we are on the brink of being financially independent. I have no feelings of desperation, wanting it to happen right now, it is just an exciting emotion to know that it will come when the universe (and the right buyer) decides to deliver.

I want to describe what owning the concept of financial independence did for me. Being financially independent, or to use another even more hard-hitting word, being rich, means I can leave my money to generate so much income that I NEVER have to worry about my financial security in the future again. If we wanted to, we could live off the interest generated. Does this sound nice? It is. It takes all my worry-fear-focus off the future leaving me 100% free to concentrate on the present. Focusing wholly on the present was one of the most powerful affirmations / positive pictures I have ever generated.

I have often noticed that worry and fear are two emotions that make us - oops, sorry just speaking for myself here - make me live in the past or the future, denying me a life in present time. However I know that the only place I can really live is in the present.

Owning the reality of financial independence meant making some changes in beliefs for me (Joe Vitale would say I eliminated some counter intentions). One counter intention I nursed carefully over the years was that poor people like us could not become wealthy - I mean, how do you become financially independent if you are living in a place where there is no employment? So we changed our geographic location, and with it my mindset gradually began to alter (I would call this almost imperceptible change).

What other changes did I make in order to discover a plan that resulted in financial freedom?

1) Changing perceptions. Marianne Wlliamson (A Course in Miracles) defines a miracle as "a change in perception". I agree. I was caught in a tunnel vision trap. I was insisting our money come by specific logical routes (that were pre-determined by me, of course). I imagined, fantasised, visualised, pushed, forced and finally ended up DESPERATE. No, no, no. Not the way. Time to release the "How it's to happen" and get myself out of the way so the Universe can deliver.

2) Releasing tunnel vision. Letting go the method by which my money was to come enabled me to lift my head higher and be open to higher, greater inspiration.

3) Getting knowledge. For someone who could claim I was interested in using ES to gain access to more money, I knew surprisingly little about money. So I dug out a set of 10 CDs I bought years ago and never listened to. It is called "Millionaire Mind" I think. It is sort of ES but with total focus on generating financial independence. [Note a second subtle change in perception = the real miracle. I have had the CDs for years, but never listened to them as I could not imagine making millions out of nothing. That single limited belief (= I have no money) led me to reject precisely the information I needed to gain access to my financial independence plan.]

4) Seeing the light. Listening to the 'how to make money' CDs made me change a lot of my thinking. Suddenly I got 'the idea'. Sell our glorious home of our dreams. This was a radical change in perception. Both my husband and I felt thrilled and joyous at owning such a landmark property. It is a magical, wonderful house built in 1600 and 1822. There is nothing like it anywhere. It is one of a kind. We loved our home and have spent every minute of the past 17 years, every cent we earned, on painstakingly restoring the house. We knew we were doing the right thing and were gratified to win several architectural conservation awards. Therein lay the seeds of my tunnel vision. I refused to contemplate selling our dream home, the place that we have sweated for, loved, adored. It took a year, a new life in France, and ES to let us let go of owning this house for ever, and ever, and ever. See, it is all about changing perceptions.

5) Trusting and releasing. For the past year there has been zero interest in the house. Amazing to us as people used to drive up when we lived there and try to buy it! Only as my perceptions changed, and I had sufficient knowledge of money-matters (investing, compound interest, cash cows etc.), did the idea come. I could quickly convince my husband. And we wanted change: financial independence in exchange for a house. We let the house go. That was about 4 weeks ago. Suddenly our two agents inform us that there is a flurry of interest in the property.

6) "...... or something better". I've heard of this before, but Joe Vitale has drawn it to my attention again. When I visualise becoming financially free (note: I am not visualising selling the house ONLY), I link it simultaneously with the phrase "or something better". This stops me from falling into tunnel vision or predetermining a specific outcome, and reminds me to leave space for the Universe to deliver something even better!

7) Acting 'as if". Do you think I am mad to write this as if we were already financially free? Well I don't. Take this as evidence that I am already acting the part of a financially independent person. I'm trying it on for size. Savouring it. Tasting it. Planning all the wonderful things we can manifest with the gift of financial freedom. I am going to do marvellous things with the income generated, things that are of service to us and others. A win-win situation.

I'll tell you about those things in another posting. Right now, I sincerely hope I can stimulate someone out there to believe you are worth..... dare I say..... millions.

Lets see how many financially free people ES and this forum can generate. Want to walk the walk?

Wishing you boundless prosperity from a French Claire who is learning to spend more and more of her time in the PRESENT.
Posted By: Margaret Ida Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/14/09 02:44 PM
Hi French Claire -
It comes to mind that 'financial freedom' is a goal that most of our forum members have in common. But I have a habit of looking for a different perspective to topics brought up for discussion and this is one that occurs to me here. Just what does 'financial freedom' mean to each of us, individually? I think it is the definition of what would make each of us feel financially free that often hangs us up. I, personally, am very 'turned off' by encouragement to visualize large homes, fancy cars, leisurely vacations, 'best seller' status, TV appearances, etc. - all those things that symbolize the collection of large sums of money. I think that true financial freedom is to have enough to be able to live joyfully (abundantly).
Yet the term is often used as an euphemism for 'filthy rich.' Yes, for some people 'financial freedom' seems to involve having large amounts of money - money to trade for things, influence, recognition, etc. Some few who live that way, do so joyfully. They are always heart-felt givers. But there seem to be many with large amounts of money who seem somehow to keep wanting more - whether it is more things, more power, more influence, more recognition, etc. They are still chasing money and are still dependent on the state of their finances for their sense of well-being.
But the same thing is true of those of more limited finances. Some can live joyfully with amounts of money that are merely sufficient to provide for their basic needs and allow them to touch others and be touched by them. They are also heart-felt givers. Since they don't spend their energy chasing after more and more money, they are financially free too. Others of limited financial means are always chasing money, dependent on the state of their finances for their sense of well-being.
Living with a sense of 'financial freedom' is only a piece of the abundance mentality. Feeling free to share from whatever abundance is in our lives is, indeed, a joyful way to live.
May you create and share some of the joy of your abundance today,
Margaret Ida
Posted By: mea Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/16/09 08:45 PM

Financial freedom is my goal. I think the idea of living off interest or passive income is fun, freeing and wonderful.

Once we all get to that point where we have all the free time we want to live abundant and meaningful lives, wouldn't it be fun to meet?
Posted By: French Claire Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/21/09 10:11 PM
Hi Mea,
Thank you for replying. It is great to find someone else who has publicly stated that one of your objectives is to generate financial freedom.
I have spent months sheding all my faulty programs around financial freedom (not deserving it, not being good enough, not knowing how to do it, etc).
ES and working intensively on changing my perspectives has opened a route to financial freedom. That is a fun, fun, exhilerating space to occupy.
Lets make that official. Once you and I are financially free, lets meet. Where? It should be somewhere terrific. You will spot me easily as I will wear a tee shirt saying "I'm financially independent and I love it".
May you take a giant step closer to financial freedom today, Mea.
French Claire
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/22/09 01:46 AM
 Originally Posted By: French Claire
Hi Mea,
Lets make that official. Once you and I are financially free, lets meet. Where? It should be somewhere terrific. You will spot me easily as I will wear a tee shirt saying "I'm financially independent and I love it".

You will also need to hire some bodyguards and only live in low crime countries, otherwise somebody will kidnap you.... LOL....
Posted By: French Claire Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/22/09 09:23 PM
Hi Uniquesoul,
Haven't heard from you in jonks! Are you going to join us? What is your financial dream?
I don't need a body guard, I've a green belt with two tips in Tae Kwon Do!
Take care,
French Claire
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 08/23/09 04:34 AM
I am working on my financial dream by resolving my major problems at work. So I am working on my cases.
Posted By: CPW1 Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 09/04/09 04:38 PM
French Claire
Love the post. One of my major problems were I was clear but not clear enough of what I desired now that I am even more clear things are falling into place even faster.When I am on the threadmeill I use that time to program my mind instead of watching the T.V. while doing my cardio exercises I watch my own mental movies.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 09/15/09 11:47 AM
Life is short. Freedom is an illusion. Right in this moment I am financially free. When I start wanting what I don't have I fall into the angst of fear. When I remove all the protections I throw around me so that I don't have to fear, fear a lack of money, lack of health, lack of friendship. I discover the what I'm looking for is simple joy.

The time to savour coffee and croissant for breakfast. To stand around the BBQ savouring freshly cooked seafood with family. To be there because someone needs me.

It doesn't matter if we sit on a milk crate or luxury recliner.

To me financial freedom is being here in the now. Acknowledging life and recognising the abundance I already have. It can't grow if I don't know I have it.

Posted By: Margaret Ida Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 09/17/09 03:31 AM
Ahh, the difference between the freedom to feel joy with no relationship to your financial position (a freedom available to any who will take advantage of it) - and the imagined freedom to achieve joyful living upon arriving at a certain financial position (a freedom impossible to ever really attain)!
I go for the first! Peace!
Margaret Ida
Posted By: French Claire Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 09/23/09 09:15 PM
Dear Forum Readers - and Margaret Ida - to whom I am responding now,

I know what you are getting at, Margaret Ida, and there are times when I can be totally and completely in present time, thus money is of little significance. The ability to stay fully in the present is something I am getting better at. In my experience these can be intensely powerful interludes of deeply appreciating nature (say, if I am on a walk), or just feeling 100% content, at peace with myself and the world, and since Effortless Success, I feel much more genuine bliss and joy.

However, I totally disagree with your second assertion that arriving at financial freedom (whatever that means to each individual)and living joyfully as a consequence is a freedom impossible to attain.

That (to me) is akin to saying that having full health isn't a cause for joy, or having a glorious relationship with one's spouse or one's child.... these bring me the greatest sense of aliveness and joy.

I have had dozens of friends and aquaintences who are financially free. While financial freedom is no guarantee of joy, it certainly can remove all sorts of barriers and open the doors to adventure, experimentation, a sense of freedom, safety and well-being.

There are two sides to the finance coin - or the opposite of being financially free is being financially restricted. Just as financial constraints are not necessarily 100% bad news, living with too little money over an extended period is very "angst-making" and stressful.

In summary, Margaret Ida, the ability to experience pure joy is a state of mind not contingent upon financial resources. However having the wherewithall to choose what one does is a magical experience too.
French Claire
Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 09/24/09 04:01 AM
 Originally Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus

The time to savour coffee and croissant for breakfast. To stand around the BBQ savouring freshly cooked seafood with family. To be there because someone needs me.

It doesn't matter if we sit on a milk crate or luxury recliner.

Yeah, but who pays for the coffee, the croissants and the seafood? If you have space for a barbie, you probably have a pretty decent house to live in - who pays/paid for that? I'll bet your patio isn't adorned with milk crates!

Would you be happy living in smelly, old clothes under a bridge, with just raw insects to eat and dirty canal water to drink? I think not!

This reminds me of Wayne Dyer, who has renounced the material world to devote his time to the spiritual in abject a luxury, sea-view villa on Maui! MAUI!

Not that I mind that. If he has the money, why not? I'll take the recliner any day, but I won't pretend that it doesn't matter. Recently I am seeing that money is more important than I was telling myself it was, because I simply can't do a lot of the things I want to do in life without it. Money is a means to and end, but it isn't the end, and as long as we see it like that, we should be OK. It's when money becomes a god, that we start to get into trouble.

I know of one 'guru' or should I say 'Teacher Of The secret' to whom money is far more important than all the 'Universal Abundance' BS she talks, when money is one the table, taking the sleaze aspect of that infernal movie to a whole new level...down. It's amazing the corrupting influence money has on people, isn't it?
Posted By: Yasdnil Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 11/24/09 07:04 PM
For me financial freedom is not having to think about money. That means having enough to live how I want (which is fairly simply, but able to buy treats, or travel, without worrying about it) and also not having too much (which I then have to invest, make sure no-one steals it, ensure it doesn't lose its value etc).

I heard somewhere that being rich is having $5 more than you need each month, being poor is having $5 less. So for me financial freedom is having that $5 more. And the rest can go hang. Lindsay
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 11/26/09 05:22 AM
Your view is very idealistic.... the real world is different... money means work.. even since you need to invest it or make sure people won't steal it of you.
Posted By: French Claire Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 12/20/09 05:53 PM
Dear Effortless Abundance Forum contributors,
I have been away exploring new horizons - having spent months and months focussing on Effortless Success. Never found a forum as active and inspiring as this one though. So I miss it and now I'm back to spill more beans and make sure I keep taking my Five-a-Day action steps just as Jack Canfield instructs.

I have discovered that I needed more input in order to again clarity on what is the life of my dreams. I mean, why commit to something when one isn't ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it is what I want and whether it is attainable? Imagine giving it 100% attention and it isn't exactly what I want! So I have been snooping around in other programmes and fora and gaining clarity.

As I write I still haven't managed to find a buyer for our magical heritage home on the Atlantic Ocean in Ireland. That is holding me up. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to contact wealthy US nationals who may want a family seat in Ireland?

I have gained massive insight and am on my way to being financially literate. With this literacy my Ultimate Life has become so much clearer. Why? Well, now I know WHY I want money, how much, what money should do for me, and which of my targets really are enduring.

An example of this dawning clarity. I thrive in warm sunshine and I'm not really a winter person. Hence I thirst for a winter home on Sardinia (where I lived for 2 years) or Crete (the geology and climate draw me). It will be a house with lots of stone terraces and blue shutters. When we bought our current home in France, I immediately wanted to paint the shutters a mediterranean blue. No, no! lack of clarity! I was confusing this house with my summer home in-the-pipeline just because they both have wooden shutters at the windows. A holiday home in the winter sun is a recurring theme, so now I am going to fast forward it.

A final comment: What has happened to this forum since I got busy elsewhere? If you read this, drop in, say hello and lets kick-start the dialog again.

Adieu and may your Christmas be effortlessly, effortlessly successful,
French Claire
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 12/21/09 03:16 AM
I believe our goals change as clarity changes and we learn more about new things in life. People who have clear and fixed goals have shut-off all the rest so they can concentrate on them. Whether this process bring them true, internal happiness is another story. I like to see these people in real life, and not through their sporadic comments on here.

I believe it is better to have well-defined, achievable goals in life (eg a house near the beach in Sardinia), rather than some massive, which is hard to achieve (eg a $100+ holiday complex to rent to tourists, just to remain in the same theme).

Try to use Google on how to spot websites in the US selling real estate in Europe. I would avoid paying fees to individuals for promotion.
Posted By: Margaret Ida Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 01/12/10 04:34 AM
Hi there, French Claire
I, too, have been occupied elsewhere for several months and am about ready to get refocused on business success. It will be great to visit on the forum again!
Margaret Ida
Posted By: French Claire Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 01/12/10 08:44 PM
Welcome back, Margaret Ida. It's like coming home isn't it!
I have plenty of ideas and experiences to post, juts am very busy right now. I love the people active on this forum.
A special on-line hug from France,
French Claire
Posted By: sunrise Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 01/20/10 12:11 PM
Alex you are so right. I have been struggling with the concept of financial freedom for a very long time. But just recently I got into the vortex. It all came together. I have always been free. Freedom is an illusion. I am free if I choose to believe I am. Now life has opened up to me in a whole new way. Now am experiencing JOY everyday even while I sit on a “milk crate.”

My thought about life is the only thing I need to have and be whatever I seek.

Posted By: nals Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 02/05/10 12:55 AM
Congrats!!! Enjoy your financial success. I know how it is to let go limiting thoughts and imagine good for ourselves. It takes effort and courage.
Posted By: Joyangel Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 02/10/10 12:43 PM
Hi Clare...thanks for posting...I so enjoyed your post I need to re read and read is full of gem teachings...Yes I want to be financially rich too. Is it T Harv Eker that you meantion in your post. He's in london next weekend and I would love to go...anyway cont me in for ro be in your company of blisfully happy financially free ...and good luck with all your new adventures. Can I use some of your post in my blog. You have a real gift for telling it as it is and getting real teachings in there.... Abundant blessings Mary (Ireland)

Ps I just sign up and your's was the first post and only one so far that I read....I so love it...I love France too...
Posted By: Joyangel Re: Financial Freedom - what bliss - 02/10/10 01:43 PM
I love this post by Claire and I also thank others for there thoughts which help us to clarify what it all means. I paticularly like Alex piece which I feel really helps me to touch my freedom and joy in the now...this is the real trick stay in the now and so to experience the All

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