Posted By: TreeHugger Finding Purpose - 08/09/10 09:44 PM
Hello Everyone - I am soooo stuck! I am doing Effortless Success and in the first lesson is discovering your purpose and I get a big blank! I want so much to know my purpose. Can anyone help me? I follow and participate great in the meditations, I just don't get answers.

Thank you,
Posted By: Jodiamond Re: Finding Purpose - 08/09/10 10:33 PM

I too have no idea of my purpose, and as for all those goals...

Although I do like the thing about fixing what is wrong, however, if I go all through my house putting things right, I won't have time for anything else for a long time.

I too would welcome any assistance on a purpose,

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Finding Purpose - 08/10/10 09:14 AM
A tip from me.

Pretend that you know your purpose. How would you feel? What would you be doing? What would your life be like? What might you be experiencing?

When you do a discovering your purpose exercise go into it with the expectation of finding it. All too often we start with the mindset, 'I don't know what my purpose is and I don't know how I will find it.' Instead imagine you are at a door and opening it and behind that door is your ideal life. What is it?

Whatever you get therein lies a purpose. Don't think you've only got one purpose in life, there are many ways to get to a destination so what you might find is an essence.

Be playful too. If you're purpose is quickly met then there will be a new one on the horizon. So go with what you find because it might just be opening the door to the ultimate purpose.

One way to find your purpose is pretend you already know it.

Posted By: Jodiamond Re: Finding Purpose - 08/13/10 08:49 PM
Thanks very much for this.

Another question, I don't want my list of goals to feel like a big shopping list. I think I'm a little unclear on manifesting things. If that's what this is.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Finding Purpose - 08/17/10 09:32 AM
What works well for many is to have a notebook in which they list all their goals and desires. From there choose one at a time to focus on. Getting clear on why you want it and so one. So that it becomes your intent. Once set you can usually move onto the next. 3 is a good number for me so that's the number of things on my to do list in a day.

Posted By: Jodiamond Re: Finding Purpose - 08/19/10 07:36 PM
Thanks a lot for this.

I really want a clean tidy house with a lovely garden. This has been my goal for years, I think that if I could achieve this, everything else would just fall into place, or at least, I'd be able to concentrate on everything else.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Finding Purpose - 08/20/10 08:48 AM
I would suggest looking at it in chunk sizes. Like what corner of the garden could you start bringing to the standard you would like? I know many gardeners who tell me a garden is a work in progress so it can be ever changing so pick a spot and start creating the garden you would like.

Same for a clean house. It's easier to make a goal to keep one room and one corner of the room in order first and let it improve from there.

Posted By: Jodiamond Re: Finding Purpose - 08/24/10 07:24 PM
Thanks for this...Did you ever think, when you started moderating this forum, that you'd be giving house cleaning tips!
Posted By: present Re: Finding Purpose - 08/27/10 05:37 AM
The information you have put is helpful. However, I am still feeling unsettled in my purpose, as if it is limiting to pick just one. I also can't seem to come up with what I really want, it is hard to stop all the chatter in my head and allow my true desires to be known. Any ideas?
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Finding Purpose - 09/01/10 09:40 AM
Pick the one that gets the job started and adjust the purpose as you learn more.

Normally I want to take the shortest route to my destination. However if I have to buy milk along the way I'm going to make a detour. To meet my purpose of reaching my destination and getting milk along the way. So I plan.

That's the point of having a purpose. If you "can't seem to come up with what I really want" It means you're not interested, not curious and perhaps have no need for the book. The question then is... why are you spending your precious time with the book?

Posted By: NCarol5 Re: Finding Purpose - 09/26/10 01:15 PM
I too am stuck on this. I do not want to be in business, don't want fame, do want fortune but because I don't want fame or notoriety feel the only way to get a fortune is through winning the lottery. I feel like this is such a lame goal and superficial. I do not have children so I can't even say my purpose is to be a good parent. I don't feel any passion for anything except when I spend money on my house. Any guidance out there? I feel so boring. Also don't like to travel.
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Finding Purpose - 09/28/10 06:33 AM
Buy yourself Effortless Success so you may find a purpose in life.
Posted By: NCarol5 Re: Finding Purpose - 10/03/10 03:41 PM
I did and am using it but am still stuck.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Finding Purpose - 10/04/10 08:09 AM
I would suggest using the Euphoria course. Learn first to love life as it is then it's possible to find goals that are meaningful to you. When we get stuck in the rut of blah, I don't feel like this that or the other, And I don't want... it becomes difficult to connect to the I do wants. Because you're in the current of I don't want this.

If you're feeling good about life then it's easier to stay flow and continue to look for joy in things that give you joy and make your daily goal to do what brings you joy.

Having joy in life, that's a fair goal, your purpose will be things that bring you toward that goal.

Posted By: NCarol5 Re: Finding Purpose - 10/07/10 09:43 PM
That sounds very good. I guess I was looking for something more complicated but having a life of joy makes me happy and I guess whatever brings me joy is leading me to my purpose.
Posted By: RachelVng Re: Finding Purpose - 10/08/10 11:10 AM
Hi NCarol5,

I don't have this course so I don't know if what I'm about to say is redundant or suggested there but one thing I have done that has been very helpful in identifying my goals is to write down my ideal day, one I would like to live every day, no holds barred, in as much detail as possible. Not necessarily a day like one I would have on vacation (unless you'd like to be on vacation every day of your life) but one that incorporates my work (which I love but needs some tweaking), my family life, my personal time/interests, all in good balance. Then I compared my day to my reality and wherever there was a difference, I knew that I could identify it as a goal to work towards. I got this tip from a book called Wishcraft by Barbara Sher.
Hope this helps!
Posted By: French Claire Re: Finding Purpose - 11/10/10 07:07 PM
Hello Everyone,
French Claire back again after many, many months of absence. I just wanted to add my tuppence worth regarding finding a life purpose.

I did the Effortless Success course totally, and while I haven't solved all my life problems yet, I certainly started to generate real feelings of joy in my life. Lots and lots of radiant joy which was tempered with a huge growth spurt in personal development, so I cannot complain about not getting my money's worth from ES.

My advice to people drawing a blank when they work on finding their life's purpose is to say not to worry too much. Try it 'lightly' and if it doesn't come, just continue with the rest of the ES course as if you had one.

By the way I received a life's purpose and a special talisman when I did those meditations - one was a decorative key. Neither of these are important in my life right now, though I did buy a pair of golden key earrings and I wear them whenever I think a special talisman will give me extra umph.

Now about a year post my active immersion into ES I can look back and say the whole course gave me many insights into what I love doing and being, and particular gifts, strengths and areas of special interest. I have reams of goals too. Lovely, exciting things to joyfully gizz up my mind whenever I want to raise my vibrations.

However I felt exactly like you guys. Kind of as if I had fallen at the first hurdle - even though I found a purpose I couldn't wholly believe in it - and that diminished my satisfaction. I am a bit of a perfectionist and not being able to complete each ES step made me feel I wasn't doing this whole thing right.

I have found my Life Purpose now, it came to me clear as a bell in the middle of the night when I do my best thinking. It surprised me in its mundanity. I have a broad-spectrum life purpose, one that is applicable to a multitude of scenarios. Now I realise I was expecting something much more momentous as a Life Purpose, perhaps saving 1000s of children from poverty, or changing the world in a significant way. This expectation prevented me from hearing my more general, pedestrian life purpose. I am unlikely to be the next Mother Teresa, nor a Nelson Mandela (even though he is my mentor!!!).

I bet you want to know what my life purpose is??? "Make Life Better". That's it. That is all. But now I understand the magic of a life purpose like mine. I can apply it to every aspect of my life that I enjoy. I have motivational websites, and what gives me most pleasure and satisfaction is to see how my pages make people feel better. Similarly I also restore old stone buildings (conservation) and rent them out to people who have no home of their own = making their life better too. And I love being involved in environmental projects = making life better in a global sense. I save hedgehogs and return them to the wild = making their lives better. I have also campaigned for missing people and their families = making their life a little bit better. Suddenly I realised that my Life Purpose is multi-functional. And whenever I do something truly meaningful for me, I am making life better for me or someone else.

My second realisation post ES is that Jack may not have provided the right tool for all of us to divine our Life Purpose. For many of us, a single meditation may not open the door. Then our expectation is not instantly fulfilled and we start to feel unsuccessful and down goes the feel-good factor.

I suggest that anyone having trouble finding a Life Purpose as per Jack, should try alternative methods and venues. I connect with Divine Spirit much better in the great outdoors. Here I connect deeply with my spirituality. So this is obviously the better place for me to ask for divine inspiration. For some a holy place such as a church may do it, or a mountain top, or a safe space.

My final thought on Life Purpose came when I listened to Amit Goswami talking about God and prayer ( He said something like he has to laugh when he hears people praying to God. In 80% of the cases we are asking God for something other than what we have, to change this, to stop that, to take this away and to provide something else. If God knows best, then why are we trying to tell God what is best for us?

You know, I think Amit is right. Why ask God (or whoever) for favours, miracles or insight when creating our own reality is our responsibility? Following this line of thought: if we truly want to know our life purpose shouldn't we ask ourselves what it is?

I hope this is food for thought for someone out there.
Have an effortless successful day today and every day!
(Wouldn't it be smashing if this post just made your life better?)
I wish you all a full minute of perfect bliss,
French Claire

P.S. I have a magical house for sale in Ireland that I need to release in order to concentrate on architectural conservation in France. Want to see it? Go to Maybe you can help make my life better buy helping me to find a buyer?
Posted By: uniquesoul Re: Finding Purpose - 11/22/10 02:37 PM
I believe all of us have different purposes in our lives as life has different components. It mirrors our goals, which are many. ES recommends picking 101 of them. The important advice from Jack Canfield is to create a series actions relevant to our purposes and goals and wok on them daily.
Posted By: prosperitylove Re: Finding Purpose - 11/24/10 07:17 AM
I also struggled with the same question for years until I realized that I'm already doing my purpose which is helping people feel & live a healthy, happy and abundant richer life. I truly believe prosperity is our birthright. Reading books like The Power Of Now, Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder, Think and Grow Rich, my favorite Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, graduating my Millionaire Mind Intensive and enrolling myself in personal growth live courses gave me much clarity. I also journal and do my hour of power inspired by Tony Robbins almost everyday (working on doing every day). I'm a work in progress so as you.

You are here for a good purpose.

Now I realized my purpose is to create wealth and abundance so I can help and give more. Since I desire to give $100,000 a year to help people and the environment, this means I must make ten times of this per year. It takes a bigger person and character to make this happen...this is my challenge.

I hope you also realize your purpose.

Thank you.
Posted By: French Claire Re: Finding Purpose - 12/09/10 11:13 AM
Dear ProsperityLove,
Thank you for your inspiring post. It is written in the spirit of 'Abundance for Life' and I have read it a few times recently. Today, again, I am letting the force of your inspiration, your hopes, your high visions wash over me and do me good. Thank you!

It calls to my spirit (my True Self). You know what, when our vibrations are high enough, good things happen. You raise my vibrations by a gear or two....

Today I want to give thanks for four miracles.
1) My son came out top of the class in uni - not a boast this, just pure delight in his hard won achievement. Two years ago he didn't speak a word of French, today he is in uni in Paris and is bursting with enthusiasm. Great for him.

2) My boss of 20 years ago in Munich is back in touch. A multi-millionaire and MENTORING ME. Wow. He is 70 now and the personification of all that is true and positive. It happened because I reached out and reconnected.

3) I have found two appropriate places to market our Georgian dream home across the UK. While it broke our hearts to leave it, the deed is done, and we need to find the perfect person to treasure it. Scart House is in what must be the most spiritual, mystical landscape on the planet. I feel it is my responsibility to find a sympathetic, enlightened, passionate owner. Forums such as this one are visited by individuals of highest intention. So I invite you to consider a place in paradise, just look at the scenery:

4) I just ordered some nice stuff from James Ray (yes, the guy in the sweatlodge headlines). I enjoyed three of his works and now bought more for one cent each (stuff that would cost two hundred dollars). You probably know about this already. But just in case there is someone who feels Christmas is the right time to expand their spiritual and financial boundaries virtually free of charge,

I conclude by reverting to ProsperityLove's post. I too share a need to help people feel and live better, happier, healthier, more rewarding lives. I too need courage to rise to the challenge of creating wealth and abundance so that I can help and give more.

I wish you all a magnificent day and leave you now in intense gratitude,
In love and abundance,
French Claire
Posted By: helper Re: Finding Purpose - 01/11/11 01:44 PM
I have found link helpful for hint towords my purpose.
Posted By: Bluemoonmuse Re: Finding Purpose - 03/08/11 09:18 PM
I found the seeds of my purpose in remembering what I wanted or were important to me as a child: solitude,climbing trees, curiosity, people getting along and not fighting (I grew up during the violence of the 60's), reading, and making up poetry and songs and entertaining people. I also saw that I liked helping people, and going for Sunday drives and exploring new places. I was able to come up with a purpose statement that included all these things. Children come into the world naturally moving towards their purpose. So, identifying what came naturally before I was told to sit up straight, don't bother people, we can't afford it, be practical, or was scared out of my wits by "socializing influcences" -- that was the key for me.
Maybe this will help you. Keep us posted.
Posted By: ateddy Re: Finding Purpose - 11/14/11 02:54 AM
It is hard to go about your daily life without knowing your purpose because that way, you would not know how to move and react to certain events and situations.

So, I suggest that you find what you really are geared for in life. I mean, if you have passion for teaching, be a teacher. It is not always about getting the big bucks for whatever you do as long as you are happy.

That has been a common misconception about working, really. And it is starting to feel like people are living to earn money.
Posted By: TommyZ Re: Finding Purpose - 12/09/11 06:30 PM
purpose is something your drawn to without effort. The clues are there, always.

For me as a kid I always wanted to be a national geographic photographer and travel the world. Am I completely hooked into that one option, no. As I grew older I discovered I love creativity, aka art and its many forms.

I'm good at solving mysteries too, lol.

I just started this course, and discovered somethings that correlate to events from the past. No conclusions on any of that yet.

My sister passed away earlier in the year and in some ways I felt stuck, felt a lot of other things too but today I find myself cleaning house. I've already been outside, shoveled the snow and cleaned off the vehicles. Dishes are almost done and I'm working on the office.

What led to this was the question from the 4th cd in the main course that asked to come up with 7 things you like about your life. I just couldn't answer that question.
Posted By: Antz Re: Finding Purpose - 02/20/12 04:19 AM
My job was made redundant in December and I thought that this presented me with a perfect opportunity to find my real purpose in life and to access my inner wisdom. I have tried both meditations on a number of occasions over the past 3 months and mostly not seen anything. On one occasion I thought I saw a "key" for both meditations, and today I thought I saw a "finger print" for the inner wisdom meditation and nothing for my life's purpose meditation. These images were more like a concept rather than a crystal clear picture of the item that I could see in my mind. There was no feeling of "WOW" I have found it - only a greater sense of confusion. What else can I do - I have not progressed beyond this point as I feel that knowing one's purpose is core to gaining maximum benefit from this course.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Finding Purpose - 02/21/12 08:11 AM
With regard to purpose I happen to believe we do it anyway. Whatever we do we only need to do it with love then it would be on purpose.

Have a look at your childhood fun. What did you enjoy doing, what put you in the zone?

Before you did the meditations you probably had some thought what you might do. It's there somewhere. Answers from the meditations mean keep your eye out, look for the key, are your keys lying on a job advertisement? What did you have near your fingers? Remember that the answers are often metaphors or signpost. Not definitive narrative of what you should do. The answer to finding your purpose is often just a sign of ... "take this next action. You've got your finger on what you should be doing next." (finger print)

Posted By: dustinshaw98 Re: Finding Purpose - 02/27/12 10:03 AM
I feel nostalgic reading some of the posts here. Thank you!
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