Posted By: Vin Commitment - 02/21/15 03:37 AM
Hello all. I have found that I absolutely cannot finish anything that I start. For one reason or another I always end up jumping back and forth. This can be career goals, exercise routines, personal development programs, dinner, etc.,etc. Is there any LSC product that can help with this?

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Commitment - 02/23/15 09:41 AM
What product do you already own? How about working through that one first. One way would be to report back where you're up to an tell us what you are planning to do next.

One tip. Plan to listen to about 20 minutes of a CD or audios. You'll sometimes find some quick experiments to try. Then all told you will spend about 30 to 45 minutes with the course.

It's easier to make progress when it's not so overwhelming.

If you find you're getting stuck, making excuses, like the weather isn't right, I'm going to be interrupted and won't get much done right now, self talk. Then look at the Natural Brilliance course. That one is designed to move you through personal stop signs. And can be completed in less than a week. Though you do want to work with the Paraliminal recommended for a bit longer.

Posted By: Vin Re: Commitment - 02/25/15 03:11 AM
I have NB, AFL, Ideal Mindset, Effortless Success, HFNR, and most of the Paraliminal library.

It's not so much that I'm overwhelmed or undisciplined. I start making progress and then I start thinking-"Oh the other path will be much better than the one I'm on now." I'm beginning to think it's some kind of subconscious self-sabotage or resistance to change. I have tried everthing including raw willpower. It is strongest when I'm depressed or feeling low energy. My mind begins thinking of other "new" things I can do to get an "enthusiasm high." Does that make sense? And this happens with every kind of endeavor as I mentioned in the first post.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Commitment - 02/25/15 10:19 AM
It's called the monkey mind. I recommend with-holding the reward of starting something new until you've completed the first course.

As you've noted starting the a course and not finishing means you haven't gained from the course and cannot say that you've learned.

One thing no matter how long you've left the course, continue from where you left off. The false starts just keep repeating. Do the next CD lesson from where you left off. And aim to finish it.

Starting over is boring. You've heard it and probably experimented a bit with what you learned already. And it's a sure fire way of getting stuck again.

The fact that you are continuing from where you left off you give yourself space to not get it Not fully understand it and just take what you can from the course. That way too you can decide whether you do want to review any parts of the course again. You at least did the whole course before the monkey mind pulls you to the next one.

Posted By: Vin Re: Commitment - 02/25/15 03:11 PM
Thanks! This is of the UTMOST help to me! Starting over is part of the vicious cycle. The perfectionist in me thinks that I must start everything over from the beginning and so there is less enthusiasm as I return to something which makes the desire to jump to something else even more enticing and therefore perpetuates the cycle. I realize that this is common sense but it always helps to hear someone else point things out and put matters into a clear perspective.

Could you elaborate on the part about "giving myself space"? Are you saying that by not worrying about getting it, I will be more relaxed in my approach?

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Commitment - 02/26/15 10:11 AM
Yep, when you don't worry about getting it. You let go of all preconceived ideas of how you think it should be. The gap in learning, means, I probably know this but maybe I don't and I'm okay with it because I know the gap exist.

When we get off our backs about getting things right and stop giving meaning to something we don't yet know about we are an open book. The page is blank to write on. If you're preconceived ideas are floating around it's like having writing all over the page already and trying to make the new stuff fit.

When you continue a course after a break, it makes sense to think okay I might have forgotten something, it might even be important. Given that I might not understand 100% and I can be cool with that because my goal is to finish the course and if I only "get" 30% it's more than if I don't finish the course.

If you can adopt that line of thinking (which is easier I think if you just move on instead of listening again from the beginning) You'll get that 30% and I'll let you in on a secret 30% is probably all you need to know The real scorecard is in doing.

Starting a course is like climbing steps to reach a certain point. You can take in the vista where you are at. It's a bit daft to climb back down like a game of snakes and ladders because you stopped along the way. The vista does change the next time you view it and it's never as exciting as the first time. That excitement is reserved for the new vista.

Anyway, you'll find references to earlier parts of the course is enough to remind you of what you're doing.

Posted By: Annabella Re: Commitment - 03/11/18 04:32 PM
Just read this, it’s reallr helpful as I’ve been experiencing similar dilemmas. Permission to restart where I left off is a huge boost. Thank you!
Posted By: Dolf Re: Commitment - 03/29/20 12:08 PM
It is a useful thread. Forgive myself for getting distracted, move on and restart where I left off. Very cool.
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