Posted By: CPW1 Inquiry questions ? - 09/17/16 03:23 PM
Should I save my questions ? Would it be ok to destroy the worksheets ? Or will it benefit my subconscious to see the pile of papers ?

Love you Alex your awesome!
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Inquiry questions ? - 09/19/16 10:05 AM
Go ahead and destroy them. Once you've done the work, like a breath of fresh air, you're done for now. That is not to say it can show up again in future. So do them afresh then if needed. You'll feel the benefit anyway. It's like taking heavy armour off

I'm not inclined to leave them lying around where the folks you do the work about might come to see them. No need to freak them smile

Posted By: Amadou Re: Inquiry questions ? - 03/15/17 10:21 AM
Is it possible to do the inquiry process while being the person to be judged and not your neighbor?

Kind regards,

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Inquiry questions ? - 03/16/17 08:26 AM
Yes. You will probably find it easier if you've done a few other love thy neighbour worksheets on others first.

Take your time and write it down if you're working you'll find some of the questions a bit of a challenge so give it time.

Posted By: carolroehrig Re: Inquiry questions ? - 08/16/20 09:11 PM
Would anyone be willing to be an inquiry facilitator? I am not sure if I am doing it right and would love if I have an inquiry partner. I could do the other way around as well.
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