Posted By: Janb Newbi Numerolgy - 11/16/17 01:34 PM
I have just purchased the Numerology course and don't see any Forum for this course. I have quite a pressing question before I do any charts as I am adopted.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Newbi Numerolgy - 11/17/17 12:00 PM
You can ask here.

Or private message if you prefer.

Posted By: TriciaE Re: Newbi Numerolgy - 11/22/17 05:32 PM
I’ve just joined too and have started my first worksheet. Stuck on working out my soul urge as surname vowels are 6+5=11. A’s this is a master number, I’m stuck. Do I make it 2 a or 11/2? Help! Please
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Newbi Numerolgy - 11/29/17 09:58 PM
Hi Tricia!

You would use 11/2 (or 22/4 or 33/6 if those come up in your calculations). The master numbers carry extremely high frequencies, so you want to remember that and hence the way you write them carries the dual vibration of the lower number and the higher one.

All the best!
Posted By: MarcusDominus Re: Newbi Numerolgy - 09/17/20 07:37 PM
The is so much more to numerology with the plethora of meanings with Angel numbers the Triple Digit Angel Numbers Meanings have the most interest amongst readers surprisingly 444 meaning is the most search term with a staggering 300k searches per month, then 333 meaning with 268k searches per month, then 222 meaning with 264k searches per month, and 555 meaning with 215k searches per month, and these number are going up according to a month on month graph. So for you guys studing this there is alot of interest in this.
Posted By: RonSkvezlas Re: Newbi Numerolgy - 12/14/20 02:55 PM
Thank you for the information!
Posted By: jerymcd Re: Newbi Numerolgy - 11/24/21 01:03 PM
I don't belive in Life path numberLife Path Numbers, horoscopes, or any soothsaying. I belive in karma and hard works. god helps the individuals who tries sincerely and helps other people. so that is the explanation I dont belive in horoscopes.
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