Would it be crazy or manageable to do Abundance for Life and Effortless Success at the same time? Would it be overwhelming perhaps? Do they kind of go hand in hand in a way? What are the main differences and which would you want to do first if you didn't do them at the same time?

Depend on your current commitments. To succeed with each course you would have to commit about 30 minutes to each for about 30 days. That for most doesn't work, adding two new habits.

I recommend starting with one. You get to try Effortless success this week. Here

Abundance For Life is a great foundation course. What you learn in that course helps you get more out of any course in the future.

It doesn't matter which you do first, do the one that speaks to you. That's the one you're you'll complete and that's the completed course is the one that get the most from. The one on the shelf doesn't help you grow.

Thank you!
Hi BS, I take many different courses simultaneously on an ongoing basis. I find that I always learn the material from each course more deeply by connecting relevant insights I gain from other courses. There's a reason why you are attracted to specific information, and I find everything I learn and discover increases my overall understanding of everything else.
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