Yesterday, I was at Borders bookstore. I saw a guy who had a book called Autobiography of a Yogi. When got talking. I learned they were part of a church that bases there philosophy of Ernest Holmes Science of Mind. This is also a book on law of attraction. I went today to the church. I see them talking about affirmations and thought power. I met another woman who was a Silva Mind Control student.

When I saw an advertisement for the course before I bought it. I saw that it said it can help you align with people that can help you achieve your goals or what you are looking to do. I mean I do meet like minded people at this science of religion or at this group and church. But I have not gotten to the point were it has helped me with what i am really looking for. Which is to create more income and be at something were i can make big money. Or find mentors in helping me develop financial independance. Well today I met two girls at Borders bookstore who were telling me about Quixtar. I mean I heard about Quixtar and was talking to a guy about Quixtar before I bought the course. I guess I would not count that as an opportunity. For those of you that dont know about Quixtar, it is Amway's internet portal.

I dont knock Quixtar and Amway. It is just not something I would be good at or be totally enthusiastic about.

Now this meeting people aligning with my goal seems like the same result I have been getting with my job. Miniscule progress.


Okay, I've only just (finally) gotten my course and so I haven't even started it. However, I did attend the retreat.

I also don't have any answers for you sjaykum1, but I do have some questions.

I can't tell you if it is working. I do remember that you are supposed to watch for it. Acknowledge it, accept it, and celebrate the manifestations. This is an important part. By recognizing and enjoying the benefits, you are writing your script for tomorrow. You are building for even more to come your way.

Are you still holding onto an old trance, that says this can work, and I'll find evidence of it not working?

You've asked several questions and made several statements. If I were you I would consider applying Inquery to them. Examine the beliefs behind your responses. Honest, if not truth, is the only place you can build something of value for yourself.


From my side. It's been over 7 months since I attended the retreat. I am not a millionaire. I don't have everything I can imagine in my life. I do know that I am much happier. I am a better person, at least in my evaluation. I am also still working at my own truths and working on identifying my "specific" goals. I've gone up and down on a roller coaster ride. The bumps are settling out, and the journey is overall upwards. I'm still growing, learning, seeking, and I feel I'm getting closer.

Life is travelling the path. Wisdom is know which is your path. Mastery is following it.

You are perfection.

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