Posted By: Delta7210 Effortless Success and Unlimited Futures - 04/12/19 10:57 AM
I'm an Effortless Success user and I was wondering how Unlimited Futures compliments it since they are both used for manifesting goals.

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Hi Delta!

The two courses are very complementary. What Bobbie brings to the table is one of the best goal setting protocols I've ever used (The Seven Step Creative Process) and wisdom gained by a lifetime of exploration of more expansive ways of approaching life. Through her experimentation she has come up with precise steps that can be readily adapted to any area of your life where you are seeking change and transformation. Her holistic approach is refreshing and effective.

As I have done a lot of work with all of the tools we offer here, feel free to contact me directly if there are some specific questions, concerns or areas you are wanting to work with. Our coaching email is,

All the best to you!
Wendy Greer
Thank you for your response

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