Posted By: Genji Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 09/12/19 09:27 PM
Hello, I have both the Abundance for Life course and the Sedona Method course. I have gone through Abundance for life, it has been great but I am confused on one thing. It seems to me that the Feeling Exercise and the Sedona Method are somewhat contradictory in that they use 2 different methods though reaching similar end results.

Feeling the feeling and appreciating vs feeling then releasing the feeling. This is the main reason that despite having both programs, I have been somewhat reluctant to go through the Sedona method. On the other hand, releasing is a part of the Natural Brilliance model. So I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me see how the 2 programs can be complimentary to one another.Or help me understand what happens when you release.

Personally I prefer the concept of removing the label from the feeling since it is energy and the "negative" emotion was just a label we hid that energy behind. This is one thing I understood from the Abundance for Life course. On the other hand Sedona, seems to be letting that energy go. But from my current point of view, I don't see how letting the energy go is a positive thing.

Also, although I have had great success with the feeling exercise. And have even used it for physical feelings, when it comes to intense feelings of discomfort or dis-ease I have not had the same success. On the other hand Paul Scheele was able to do a walk of fire using this same technique. Being able to do this would be IMMENSELY beneficial to me. And I distinctly remember when reading the envelope that came in the mail informing me of the Abundance For Life course of a testimonal of someone who was able to turn chronic pain into feelings of euphoria . If anyone has any tips or anything that could help me deepen my understanding of this process or this particular level of the exercise it would be appreciated!
Posted By: Genji Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 09/15/19 01:45 AM

While browsing through the forums, I found mentions of EFT (which I have used with the Resets). And I was able to use EFT in order to reduce the intensity of the aforementioned feelings of discomfort I had been experiencing recently. I am not yet at the point of walking on a bed of hot coals... But I'm well on my way! wink
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 09/16/19 06:28 PM
Hi Genji!

As you have discovered, there are multiple routes to the same destination. For many people the Feelings Exercise and the Sedona Method create very similar results because with both of them you are stopping your resistance to the feeling. We waste so much energy when we push against and resist something that is going on.

When we simply embrace what is, (and even examine it as can be done with the Feelings Exercise) we loosen the charge around whatever we are working on. When that happens, we free the energy that was bound up in resistance and also enter a much more open and creative place. This allows far more discernment about what is actually happening and how we might want to purposefully shift, release or work through it. Shifting from a reactive state to a purposefully and consciously proactive one can shift everything.

When people have discomfort or “dis-ease” of some sort, they often end up focusing on whatever is occurring and this, in turn, creates more of it. When you allow things to be what they are, even when you purposefully choose to “dive into” them, that allowing loosens their hold and everything shifts.

All the best!

Wendy Greer
Posted By: Genji Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 09/18/19 12:52 AM
Ah, okay thank you for that!

Now that I understand how they can reach the same destination, I have much less resistance wink to completing my Sedona method course now.

Thanks for your help have a very wonderful day!
Posted By: Dolf Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 03/29/20 11:58 AM
Feeling exercise, Wendy Greer 09/17/19
So with the Feeling Exercise I can pick a feeling beforehand to work on? I have been doing it by observing myself with whatever I am feeling at the moment.
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 03/30/20 02:23 PM
Hi Dolf!

Yes, you can pick something beforehand.

That being said, though, when I first started using the feelings exercise, I really notice the difference it could make when I worked on something that was present front and center and had a real "zing" to it. The benefit of using it as things are surfacing is that the feelings don't get a chance to land and get their hooks into you.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Posted By: Heblok Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 06/08/20 03:08 PM
Thank you for the information! Very useful
Posted By: dragonSongs Re: Feeling Exercise & Releasing. - 03/22/21 10:24 AM
Genji, In my experience, there are many different ways to release - the more ways you have at your disposal to release stagnant emotions the better. the feelings exercise and sedona method processes are some of the best for me. Also covered in Abundance For Life is Byron Katie's The Work which is another great way to release. Love to all <3
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