Hi guys,

I am new to this. I have the 'Abundance For Life' deluxe course. I know what I want in specific terms: -

1. I want to work in a start-up entering as Machine Learning Engineer where I can grow pretty quick (I want to enter this start up within a month and a half)
2. Before I turn 30, three years from now, I want to be running a successful business with a strong potential for moving and settling in the US (or any other first world English
Speaking country). I kind of want this to happen as a transition of sorts from the start up which I mentioned above.
3. Own a car (I still have to figure out which one I do prefer) by a year and a half.
4. Get my parents a house in their native state during my 30th year.
5. Have an awesome circle of people who lead life with passion among whom I would find my marriage partner. (I am aguy)

Ok so I know my goals are specific but I don't know how to get to them nor do I know how to visualise them or put into feelings. The course that I have has a lot of videos apart from the main discs and I don't know where to start. I want to begin working by this month and a half.

I also do have a couple of fears about my goals such as whether I will have a competent yet supportive manager or whether I will learn quick on the job and I also have some insecurities about my intellect.
My previous workplace was a really toxic place and is the only place I have ever worked.

Please Help.
Hi Dink!

As with all our courses, Abundance for Life is set up in a sequential fashion, so you can just start with the first audio and proceed through the sessions.

Under the “How to Use this Course” section of the manual that accompanies it, you will also see that there is a “Results Supercharger” mentioned. This abbreviated protocol will allow you to access the major tools and start utilizing them quickly so you can immediately start formulating and clarifying your goals and then dealing with any limiting beliefs or feelings that come up.

That might be a good option for you so you can quickly gain some momentum. You can then go back and do the entire course once you’ve got the ball rolling and fill in any gaps or deal even more effectively with any roadblocks that come up.

Based on what you are saying, I think you will find the Fourth Path Paraliminal (Audio 4 of the Prelude) incredibly effective for shifting those places where you are feeling stuck. In addition, the Inquiry Process and Feelings Exercise will help to shift any “yes buts” that come up as you proceed with your goal setting and attainment plans.

All the best to you!

Wendy Greer
Hi, Wendy

Thanks for your reply.
I will check out the Super Recharger Course and follow it through.
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