Posted By: zarska Clarity - 03/19/22 04:15 PM

I am encountering a kind of strange problem. When I get really clear around my desires -- what they are, different aspects of them, what they look like, sound like, different details like how much money I would like to make in what period of time, etc. etc.-- I end up encountering a sort of disconnect. I know what it would feel like if I were living this experience but having the mental clarity around it doesn't seem to resonate -- like the vision doesn't match the feeling or like the idea has no true presence. It's as though there is something there that wants to manifest but I don't actually know what it is consciously. It feels like a problem because I think my conscious goal is actually getting in the way of what wants to come through. It feels like the magic is missing. I cannot tell if this is a limiting belief around doubt in myself or if I am just not allowing myself to acknowledge what I really want -- or maybe some combination. I am wondering if it is better just to go with the feeling and let the idea reveal itself even though that seems out of line with the concept of getting clear around what you want. I don't know if any of this makes sense but I was wondering if you had any input, advice, or recommendations.

Thank you.
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Clarity - 03/23/22 09:23 PM
Hi Zarska!

What course are you using?
Posted By: zarska Re: Clarity - 03/28/22 02:45 PM

I am using the Abundance for Life Course.
Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Clarity - 03/29/22 08:19 PM
Hi again, Zarska!

I would suggest taking whatever feelings are coming up to the Feelings Exercise or the Inquiry Process. Those "yes buts" are probably what is getting in the way, and if you can shed some light on what those are and what the deeper issue(s) might be, you will probably find that clarity expanding to the shifts you are seeking to make.

You might also want to regularly revisit and work through the Seven Step Creative Process, paying particular attention to the Visualization and Acceptance steps, as those also often shed light on any limiting beliefs that might be lurking behind the scenes.

Start with that and let's see where it goes. If you should want to share in a more personal and less public way, feel free to email and we can work through this together.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
Posted By: zarska Re: Clarity - 04/01/22 05:43 PM
Thank you, Wendy! I think I may try and do that.
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