Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Book Review - 07/30/04 07:26 AM
This book has been mentioned on the other forum before but I thought I'd offer it as a suggestion for those doing the Abundance for Life course.

The Power of Letting Go; A Practical Approach to Releasing the Pressures in Your Life. by Patricia Carrington Ph.D

This is a book that would be helpful for those having trouble with the Feeling Exercise and/or Sedona Method, the how to part of letting go is explored in a number of ways.

The book is a good overview as well as offering many techniques for releasing on the stuff that is preventing us from feeling the feeling as it is.

Chapter 6 Releasing on Feeling offers some useful suggestions for Feeling the Feeling as it is and appreciating the feeling etc. This is actually an important part of Releasing and gets you to the same place as the Feeling Exercise. Basicly it provides a few alternative suggestions if you're not sure you're feeling the feeling.

From the Sedona point of view. If you don't want to let go or can't let go. The book becomes a how to make the adjustments to accepting your feelings.

The book also has stories about alergies being overcome, pain subsiding similiar to those that have popped up on the forum.

The book gives suggestions that allow you to get to, appreciating and loving the feeling as it is and to feel the power in the feelingg.


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