What does attracting, manifesting, or creating really come down to? Is it really one key element, attitude, thought? From an integrated perspective, it appears to come down to a person's state of being, and your being really is your consciousness. Your consciousness is your beliefs, your beliefs are your longterm thoughts. Your thoughts are your choices. Sounds simple don't it, well not quite.

The first book I ever read on anything about manifesting was a book by John Kehoe called mind power. That was the first book to take me into another reallity, where I learned I have creation abilities. It was so exciting. I felt so worry free knowing I could create whatever I wanted in life.

I experienced fantastic results the first year. It was unreal. Mostly small things from a woman I liked to small items I wanted. I could remember each time I would see that woman, I would live as though we were together, but the excitement of learning the new techniques made them fun to practice. I never even thought about the outcome. Well, one day she had her friend come up to me and ask me out. At first, I didn't really know her name. I told her she should come and say hi, so I could meet her. When she walked up to me, and I saw it was the woman I like. It blew my mind. I wanted to scream like winning the lottery. I tried to keep my composure but I was experiencing something that was so unreal.

Well, maybe I got overconfident. I expected everything I applied visualizing/mindpower to work, and when It didn't it started creating a conflict in my mind. It wasn't the careless visualizing it had once been, now my sessions were tainted with worry. Worry about different things. Well I over came a lot of it and got back to visualizing as I once did like a fascinated kid.

For years now I haven't experienced any real success. I read into things too much thinking it was a syncronicity of my manifestation, and ended up dating a girl that was totally wrong for me, and buying a new car which at current income was on the verge of too much. I was offered a job that seemed promising. The way they sold it to me, was if all I had to do was show up. LOL, I did show up and they decided to give me the run around, "oh, come back we should have when you can start tomarrow." Tomarrow ended up being tomarrow, end up being tomarrow. If that makes any sense. Well, the point I am trying to make is I lived in my mind like I had that income already and unfearfully took on that expense of the car, and got into arguments with my family about, "Oh, you'll see, I am a powerfull manifestor." Well, I didn't actually say that, but I felt it. I felt I was in control of my life, and reality has been hitting me in the face.

Now I have just about read everything out there about using your mind to create the life you want, but what do you do when doing everything that certain people have used to guarantee success and its not working for you? It has made me feel these people live in a different world with different laws of physics.

I would love to get financially on track. I a clearly defined where I want to be, and take daily steps to get there. My family, God love them, thinks I am crazy. I have went against the grain so to speak, and have not taken the traditional college for 4 years, get a house, get a wife, get a white picket fence. I am a waiter at a really nice restruant that has a longterm goal of being self-employed. Well, the money isn't showing. And the bills arent' going away, and the loved ones in my life are really making things harder for me. I preach the techniques I learned to them sometimes when I see it would benefit them. They don't take me serious, I think they would If I was on my to wealth. That would be great.

I really deep down believe college is a hoax. That I could invest all that time and money, and still not get a job that will lead me to financial independence, and that while putting dollars in the owners pocket, I will be putting pennies in mine. That just seems like modern day slavery to me. Thats crazy. Anyway, I would really like to get this area of my life handeled but all the stuff I have learned from those that teach it, isn't working for me. I have tried everything, I do mean everything.

There is one problem when I visualize wealth, I can't see it. I just feel it. I come from poverty, Ihave no idea what i would be like to not have to struggle for money. I try to imagine it, just works better when I feel like I am where I want to be. But nothing is working. I am desperate, I don't want to have to struggle for money no more, but more importantly I want to be that leader in my families life, that accomplishes the unimaginable. Please help.

Jo Jo

So from what you have described I would try taking a couple things from AFL course and use them. You obviously have ideas of where you want to go although first you have to know where you are before you start the journey. This is a big job for most people.

Feeling the feeling of where you are now releases alot of stuff. To sit and write down what your life is like now is another topic covered in the Unlimited Futures info. If you want more money it is worth it to write down all the number crunching info on you for you. Doing this shows you your financial habits. Feeling the feelings releases alot of stuff so you can move on.
You can't move on holding onto old feelings.

My Father was a store manager forever, he knew how to save money but he never knew how to make real money. He was the poster image of fugal. Some people think this is a good trait but I always thought it was such a limited way to live that he didn't give himself any choices.

Another thing is to write your goals down with as much clarity as you can muster. You were able to "Manifest" but it didn't turn out exactly as you had envisioned, So you need to rewrite it and get more specific. You need to keep rewriting it until you get what you want. This is like lifting weights to build muscle. As you do this feel the feeling and release on them, because they will hold you back if you don't

It's rumored that only 2% of the people write down what they really want in life and only 2% are really successful in life. Could be that the successful ones write down what they want to help focus.

Now I'm writing my goals in a general sense, then writing down where I am now, followed by writing the destination being as specific as I can. It is alot of time consuming effort but when it's done my whole mind and body knows what my intention is and I go to work.

Even if you don't make a plan to achieve this goal and consciously work on it, you can put this on a shelf and come back to it a year later and find that it probably got done.

You made it clear that you don't want to be where you are right now but you have to look at where you are now and accept it, feel the feeling. Being disatisfied with it is fine, now figure out where you want to go and plot a course. The more details for here and now and where you want to go the better.


Also when you are writing your goals you can define them so you are having fun achieving them, you choose to help yourself and others, you always have plenty of money to do whatever you want, make is easy on yourself to make lots of money, how do you want to feel when you're making all this money, what are you going to do with it, do you choose to continuously make more and more money so you can do more and greater work? Will you choose to become a skilled money manager who can grow acres of greenbacks, Will you choose to take care of this money and see to it's good health?

Look into what you really want and focus on that in writing, your mind is a powerful thing once it is steered in the right direction.

Thanks, I have learned a similar idea for Brian Tracy, thinking on paper, it has really accelerated things in my life.

So if thoughts are things, and I have been thinking wealth and its not showing up, what am I doing wrong. So I played psychologist with myself (that don't sound right), well anyway I dug deep into how I thought to see what counter feelings or thoughts I hold that are preventing money, wealth, and prosperity from manifesting in my life. I realized I do have a strong, I wouldn't really say belief, because I don't believe it, but its a strong feeling of scarcity.

I have been using the Sedona Method to release. Now this should clear some ground room for those "Wealth" thoughts to turn into things. In wanting to intergrate new thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that will make me successfull at attracting money. What would those thoughts, feelings, attitudes be?

Listening to the prosperity paraliminal has given me the idea to pay more attention to this area of my life. How I am creating my current situation, but for someone that wants a new situation, but doesn't know what it consists of, it is making it difficult for me.

Its like wealth is out there in some parallel universe. And maybe its this belief that keeps it away, but I don't believe it as much as I feel it. I am working on changing it.

I would like to find a mental blue print to wealth creation. Abundance seems as thought it might be, but in order to get it, I would have to manifest the money to get it, the I wouldn't need it. A little paradoxical, don't you think?

Jo Joj

I don't have a reference I can give you but what you can do is to write your goal out and then you take positive emotions from prior experiences or feelings you might be able to get from others, or reading books and place them into the goal experience you want to have. You keep doing this until you feel/know that it will be accomplished.

The positive emotion is the fuel that will get you there. Sedona does it through releasing until you get the positive feelings, AFL does the Feel the Feeling and converting the released energy into positive outcome.

The more positive feelings you have about this goal the easier it is to achieve it.

If you look at your feelings you will probably find that you do have a feeling of scarcity and that will hold you back. Also how do you look at money and people with alot of money, are they your role models or are they someone you don't want to be like?

You attract anything you want with good positive feelings. Do you like being around someone who is grumpy all the time or finding fault with you? If you treat money like a friend and a teacher you will attract alot more of it.

You wanted to know how to attract things, figure out what attracts you and use the same feeling to attract money. Put that feeling into your goal, alot of it.

You wanted to know how to attract things, figure out what attracts you and use the same feeling to attract money. Put that feeling into your goal, alot of it.


I don't know why I never thought to think what attacts me to people, things, places.

So it comes down to feeling then. Feeling is the missing piece of the puzzle. For me, I am more a feeling type person. I have a harder type seeing myself living/having money, but I can feel that joy, like after recieving a bonus, or buying something I really like.

I will put feeling and persistence into practice and hopefully be successfull then I can share with others my success and help them too.

First, a degree is not a ticket for a job. You attend a university to better yourself. Many universities don't even teach job skills, depending on the curriculum. Besides, most jobs require experience in the field in addition to diplomas, not just diplomas.

Second, have you ever considered the contexts involved in each of the attempts to manifest through visualization?

It would be more helpful, I think, to think about what you *did* and did not do in terms of each context. How much was already available? Were some situations ripe for action while others weren't? Perhaps your visualization simply provided the impetus to movement to seize opportunity where opportunity was available?

Examine each context.
Examine your responses.
Examine your results.

Rinse, wash, repeat. You will have taken action in terms of the results. And here we have the Natural Brilliance Release, Notice, Respond, Witness pattern to help us out.

If you have that course, you might want to use it here.

My advice would be to get less metaphysical and more practical here. Keep doing your manifesting activity if you want. Perhaps there is a connection between how you do it in one context and success vs. how you do it in another and fail. I don't know. But if I were you, I would throw manifesting out of the picture and start looking at what it is possible for me to DO to make things the way I wanted.

Trust in God and tie up your camels, as the saying goes. Have faith, and be extremely practical.

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Sounds like you're describing the anything fast system that was discussed elsewhere.

I do have NB, and it has been a huge catalyst in what I have been achieving so far. I totally agree with you about degrees. To me education is unlimited and needs to be. It never ends.

But how did Jesus turn water into wine, a pool into blood; how did Si Ba ba, blah, blah, turn nothing into something. Because in that case a person can sit on the couch and manifest wealth out of his/her arse. But in the real world it appears things don't work that way, but an account of it happening once does mean it is possible.

I am looking into buying a program called True Prosperity by Yehuda Berg. Sounds very interesting.

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Man, honestly, if your focus is on that kind of stuff when practical matters are not where you want them to be, then it isn't a wonder to me that they aren't.

Did you know that in order for a sufi to accept you as a pupil, that first your practical affairs must be in order?

Trying to manifest in the fashion you're talking about when you cannot deal with the mundane affairs in life in a manner you find satisfactory is like trying to go through college without any preliminary education.

Jesus was a carpenter before he was a messiah.

In the east Indian system, the younger stages of life are dedicated to material life. Only when those affairs are handled firmly do people pursue the spiritual in their old age. Everything has its time and place.

People who have their heads in the clouds about spirituality while they "haven't experienced any real success" (your words) are like buckets of water with holes rusted in the bottom. Someone could fill them with water (wisdom), but it'd just leak out. Buckets like that are useless.

Have you ever considered that living in the world and dealing with its concerns effectively may be laying a necessary foundation for pursuing spiritual ends?

Tend to your material affairs, then look to spiritual pursuits.

Besides, it's possible that water into wine thing and other tales of manifestation on that level were just a *stories*, not history.

Ok, I see what your saying, and yes I have been doing that for along time. I wouldn't have got this far if I hadn't been objective and honest about a great many things.

To me that still don't explain miracles or how things manifest. I have expereinced great success in a lot of areas of my life, but I am interested in being excellent and living an extraordinary life. I shouldn't say I haven't expereinced no success, because I have, just not the miraculous success of watching my dreams unfold right before my eyes. I had once experienced it, but I have yet to reignite it. I am just trying to learn a system, Like pranic energy. Just a systematic way of turning desires into reality, and there is so much out there on it. I have yet to see a sure fire way. And yes there are no guarantees in life, but I work hard for my money and value my time, so I do want to make sure I do want to learn whats real, and how I can learn what other people have done to succeed.

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I don't believe I was pressing the idea of "anything fast". What I was pointing out is that things can be made alot easier, you feel alot better about doing them when the experience is filled with positive pleasant emotion. You still have to do the work but you don't have to feel the grunting, effort, miserable, victum type feelings.

You have control over the feelings in your experience. Jo Jo mentioned he was looking for something a little better than the feelings he is experiencing. You'll notice that when you feel alot more positive about things there are opportunities out there you never saw before.

So Babayada I challenge you to try this: Write a simple goal, something challenging but doable; spend the time visualizing it and pump a bunch of positive emotion into it until you feel that it is a done deal, you could do this with your eyes closed. It should be emotions that attract you or work well for you, not just a bunch of feelings that someone else thinks are good ones.

Fold up your paper, put it in an envelope and write "don't open for 1 year, date 10/25/05", seal it and then forget about it.

Now your mind is very literal so be very deliberate about what you want.

Open it next year and see what happened. Read what you wrote and see if you didn't get exactly what it was.

Alot of people like deadlines, I don't, I'd rather enjoy watching the wheels turn and get a quality experience.

The goal is the destination, the emotion is the fuel to get you there. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.



Didn't mean to imply you were hawking goods or what not.

I agree with you 100% about that technique. I do it a lot, too. It's really, really neat.

Are you familiar with the Core Transformation thing the two loverly Andreas sisters (Tamara and Connirae) do? If not, you traverse different feelings, behaviors, beliefs, what have you down a chain of wants until you get to a core state. This core state is a really powerful motivator and has deep personal meaning.

At the NLP Comprehensive Practitioner seminar, they had us use that to motivate ourselves to learn and use whatever we learned to help us maintain that state. Basically, they anchored it into the course material. It was extremely powerful.

I think I am going to do what you suggested, though, it sounds like a fun twist.

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Hi Joe

You might want to seriously considered going to college.

As from it being an excellent spiritual path, requiring you to restrain your opinions until they are informed by the input of others, and so providing the basis of restraint that we acknowledge as being a human being and not an animal, but it also has teachings in spiritual acceptance as you come up against the limits of your abilities, discovering that some can in fact be broken through, in an arena where real life is at a slight remove.

Your strongly held opinion about college is probably accurate. Nevertheless, seriously consider it as a valid spritual path for you. I think you would uncover a great deal of resistance to your growth thereby.



It is good "me" time if the curriculum allows you time to reflect.


Thanks for sharing the info on the Core Transformation. I am unfamiliar with it.
Honestly I didn't know what NLP was until a few months ago. But I'll look it over at the right time.

Jo Jo as far as education goes you really need to become a life long learner. The first piece of paper you get is always the hard one because it is uncharted territory for you. After that they progressively get easier and at some point they don't really matter, your work speaks for itself. When you're good at what you do that is what people pay you for.

Finding the right path for you is probably the tricky part so that it is enjoyable and profitable. Rather than college maybe a trade school or apprenticeship would be a better way to go. They are, many times, more valuable than a degree.

Find something you can sink your roots into and grow from there."Find the Feeling".

What I can tell you is that you have to find what makes you happy, sometimes you have to do something that doesn't make you happy when you're doing it but after hours or payday you can do that happiness thing.

I thought about money one time and realized that a few million wasn't really that much money so if I wanted to know if this goal thing really worked and positive emotion could fuel it, How about 100 million? Let's see if this stuff is any good. I wrote this down so I had control of it and tried to make it so I would have 100 million in my hands, I wrote it so it had to be right here in front of me, no tricks!

So what did I get? I got a 100 million dollar ship to take care of. Ask anyone on board and it's my ship. I got control, it's in my hands everyday, it actually was the best thing to happen. So for me it works. And I get to sleep well at night.

Took me a bit of looking at it to realize that it "Manifested" but it fit everything I wrote down.

Finding good feelings you resonant with are like finding good investments or good charities or good friends, they pay you many many dividends for giving them attention.

Like Magic


Wow, Jeff. If you don't mind me asking, what do you do for a living? Are you in the Navy?

Here's a suggestion --

A lot of times when we focus on big things, we are forgetting something: our ego (that part of us that contains our previous programs and is designed to keep us "safe") isn't ready to accept that yet. It may view great wealth as upsetting the status quo, and will come up with thoughts and unconscious behaviors to thwart your best efforts.

So it's important to keep your eye on the big picture, but start small. Start small enough so that your scarcity belief isn't triggered. Work gradually. I know that in this society, people often don't want to do this, but it's one of the main reasons people don't get what they want.

Since you work as a waiter, set a target for the amount of tips you want to earn in a day. If your best day is $150, then try to make $150 your minimum. Then expand from there -- try $200, then $300, then higher and higher.

Feel what it's like to have it. See it in your hand. And visualize the bills dwindling. Feel the excitement as you pay off your final Visa bill!

And when you're ready to open your new restaurant, I'd like an invitation, please.

Just as we all have different learning styles, it seems to me that we have different creating styles. I was working so hard at "visualizing" (my definition - seeing a picture) that I was missing the way that I naturally visualize - I first feel it in my beingness. I'm improving in being able to create the picture, hear the sounds, smell the smells - but what really comes natural to me is a feeling, an awareness, a knowing of what it is to have/be what I'm visualizing.

Perhaps it might be helpful for you to consider any situation in your life, relax and go within to explore . . . notice what happens first . . . do you see, feel, hear . . . whatever come first and strongest for you. Then don't second guess it as the right or wrong way to visualize - use it as a starting place for your visualization, and if you choose, begin to stregnthen the others with exploration and practice.

Isn't it neat that we are all such individuals, and that nothing is wrong if it works for you?


An afterthought . . . I support your exploring different modalities and belief systems - lots of possibilities. While sometimes it may feel (or look to others) like fliting about like a butterfly, I feel it allows me to express my freedon of choice and choose from any what works for me, rather than buying into the whole of it - even if I don't agree with it all. As I do this, I am creating my own special program - the one that works for me - and possibly only me.

Differen't strokes for different folks, huh? :-) Jenny

Those are very important distinctions, Jenny.

It can be really subtle.

As I was reading what you wrote, it struck a chord with me (aha! another rep system). I sometimes find trying to visualize consciously very upsetting.

After a while of analyzing this and playing around, I found that I tend to visualize automatically very quickly and very, it seems, dimly. I am mostly unconscious of these sorts of images, and they have a direct tie to my feelings. That is, I'll pretty much experience in an associated fashion whatever I visualize like that.

When you said that you visizualize more by feeling, in a way, I said, "Hey, that sounds like me!"


To answer your question I am a Marine Engineer, I started off in the Navy many years ago then went to the civilian Merchant Marines.

It has pretty much been demonstrated to me that alot of creating is started with a feeling. When you release you feel the feeling, when you want to create you feel what it would be like and then the other perceptions come into play. It would make sense than that Feeling would probably be the most dominate sense in creating.

When you make a goal and add all the positive emotions to it that is what activates it.

I don't really agree with starting small. I think you should find that level where you have something vested in what you are doing and you have to make it work.

To paper trade the stock market will put you to sleep if you have nothing in it. Win or Lose you don't really have a connection to it. If you have a few bucks in there, it is amazing how much more you pay attention to it.

The same with your goals, have enough emotion invested there to keep you really interested and having fun, or you won't really care win or lose.

I do alot of things from an engineers viewpoint just to see if it will work. Somethings work on their own and somethings require the skill of an artisan to truely be a piece of art.

Sometimes you have to just sit down and figure out what works for you.


Originally posted by babayada:

Sounds like you're describing the anything fast system that was discussed elsewhere.

Where else has this been discussed? the website is interesting, but I'd like to see what other people have thought of this.





You first see it growing in you as a microscopic dot... then growing from you... then you reach for it, in you, and out of, and from within it, all three symultaneously... Best not be harboring any nasty fears for this process, because fears can also manifest, and hurt you real bad...
Should you accidentally trigger a manifest fear, explode the whole thought bubble immediately... then rush to invite your most sensitive friends to visit that room asap, and you will be totally amazed at their comments... Let them all try to figure it out, and definately record what they say...

In essence what you are doing is playing "god"... which is not a negative... It's in us to develop and use to enhance and grow our life into the more we are capable of...

Many thanks for this link to the get anything fast discussion. It's interesting but I don't think I'll bite just yet!


I hear you.

Honestly, it's really just a combination of anchoring positive memories of success to a goal and then going through a 6-step reframing type process with your goal ... if you're familiar with NLP.

So not hugely different from AFL.
I think the secret is to choose a personal growth product you like and commit to that. I don't think there are really any quick solutions. Of course I've had to spend a lot of money to find this out!


Originally posted by babayada:
I hear you.

Honestly, it's really just a combination of anchoring positive memories of success to a goal and then going through a 6-step reframing type process with your goal ... if you're familiar with NLP.

I want to be that leader in my families life, that accomplishes the unimaginable. Please help. [/B][/QUOTE]

I have a great story about accomplishing the unimaginable.

My daughter, Erin, graduated high school 3rd from the bottom in her class. It was a close run thing as to whether they were going to let her graduate her grades were so low and her attendance so poor. After high school, she worked for a year at a hot dog stand in Boulder Co. -- dressing up like a hot dog 2 days a week -- while her twin sister and brother attended CU. After a year, she was very discouraged. She wanted some kind of training that would help her do more then "work in food service" the rest of her life. Investing in a $600. cram course called the Princeton Review and studying with private tutors, she took the SAT. Her combined score was just enough to get her admitted ON PROBATION to the Savannah College of Art and Design.

At the end of her first semester, she called me in tears, wailing about how she thought she was doing so well but had ended up on "THE LIST". Trying to make sense through the sobs, I finally got her to tell me the name of the dreaded list causing so much sorrow. It was the Dean's List. Erin, who struggled to get a C in high school, was being honored for Academic achievement. When I explained the significance of her being named to the dean's list, she squealed with delight and ping-ponged with joy all over her dorm room. The rest of Erin's story continues to unfold with high achievement, excellent financial rewards and a life that is magical.

At the end of her Sophomore year at SCAD, Erin was hired by W magazine in NYC as a fashion assistant. At 20 and leaving for her first international photo shoot, she called so excited to be going to Greece. When I enquired where in Greece, she told me, "Rome". It took some convincing but finally she understood what most 6 graders know -- that Rome is located in Italy not Greece. [Her family nickname became Error after that mistake]

After a year and a half at W, she was hired by Elle Magazine, where she became a fashion editor and the celebrity lifestyle stylist. She handled a significant number of their celebrity photo-shoots. Since then she has been recognized as the best "lifestyle stylist" in the fashion industry. She left Elle a year ago to become the Lifestyle director for prominent couture designer in NYC. In addition to her fashion stylings, she has opened two retail outlets in Beverly Hills, oversees the store in London and designed part of the men's fashion line.

Recently she was feeling a little down after making a mistake which cost the Company about $40K and, in her words, got her "reamed" by the CEO. Manifesting out of the blues, she wound up representing the Company at a book promotion attended by the Glitterati of New York. Flashbulbs in her face all night, she renewed acquaintances with Fashionistas and Celibrities and was photographed to appear, arm and arm, in 2 national magazines.

She is 27 years old and is personal friends with more then a few celebrities, super-models and fashion icons. Erin has become her own fairy godmother, maninfesting her way from a hot dog stand in Colorado to a life of excitement and rewards in her chosen field.

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That's awesome, Catbyrd.

You must be very proud.

"That's awesome, Catbyrd.

You must be very proud. "

Not proud, just in awe.

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Thanks for sharing your daughter's inspirational experience: demostrating the power of intention, following your dream, and using your talents the best you can in now.

What a way to live, in awe! The more I do it, the more I smile. I just love it.


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