Posted By: flex22 The Millionaires thread - 01/03/08 05:46 PM
Whoever posts in this thread will be a millionaire very soon.Whether it be an insight that comes to you, an inspired idea, the money comes by some other method, or whether you intentionally image stream for how to become a millionaire, it matters not.This thread has been specifically blessed by all that is, so that as soon as one participates in it they will henceforth be in the process of becoming a millionaire.

Watch what happens.
Posted By: Josiah Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/03/08 05:56 PM
896- Million dollar numbers

Million dollar picture-Yellow taxi, earth red carpet with grey squares
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/04/08 03:34 AM
"red carpet with grey squares"

Reminds me of where the term chancellor of the exchequer came from.I remember reading that the original exchequer was a cloth (carpet like) with squares on it like a chess board.See wiki for more:

Exchequer, in england at least, has to do with a heck of a lot of money and managing the economy.I'm not sure if the original cloth was red with grey squares, but it'd be interesting if it was.

Yellow taxi, hmm, not getting anything right now.It's all food for thought though.Thanks for sharing!
Posted By: Josiah Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/05/08 12:33 AM
Lucky numbers: 435
Posted By: Jacktuff13 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/05/08 01:22 AM
Lucky numbers: 894
Posted By: Josiah Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/08/08 01:07 AM

The numbers you posted, when combined with your name, have massive significance to me. Thanks!
Posted By: shakurav Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/08/08 10:59 PM
Well, I'll play. I feel inspired lately and though I have not yet ordered Genius Code, I must say this thread intrigues me. So here I am!

May we all see prosperity that helps all of us help the world!

Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/10/08 12:06 AM
Woohoo! another millionaire.So here you are! Welcome shakurav!
Have fun!
Posted By: Waler Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/11/08 07:04 PM
A millionaire? Well, I have to start somewhere I guess...
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/12/08 02:04 AM
haha, that's a classic line Waler.Love it!
Posted By: Oxygen Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/12/08 04:31 PM
OK, I've visited this forum, I've seen this thread... and I have not written anything here so far. Why not? Maybe because I did not think I could take it, being a millionaire. Well, I still do not want it just for the sake. It's just now I could take it or leave it. No problem. ;-)))))

Posted By: Deniz Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/13/08 06:05 PM
millionare thread? ...i wanted to e a trillionaire
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/13/08 08:44 PM
lol, well smile then for pity sake, you're going to be one!
Posted By: Jacktuff13 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/14/08 09:03 PM
Posted By: CPW1 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/21/08 09:47 PM
I want to be a millionaire
Posted By: Josiah Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/22/08 02:57 PM
Winning numbers:
Posted By: palladio Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/23/08 10:39 AM
Hi I use the quote from Napoleon Hill's book'Think & Grow Rich'. 'Act as if' It works! If you act like a millionaire, long enough you will become one.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/23/08 07:02 PM
Well yeah that's very nice palladio, and thanks for sharing.
However the simple fact is that you've posted in this thread, therefore you will soon be a millionaire, like the rest of us, whether you've read a certain book or not. Welcome.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/25/08 12:27 PM
This doesn't belong on the Genius Code Course forum.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/25/08 07:05 PM
Funny I thought image streaming was part of the genius code course. I thought the essence of the genius code course was not to simply give people a stock set of procedures, but to harness their ability to develop new procedures.

The point of this thread, as I mentioned, is to proclaim oneself a millionaire and then look for the signs, images, one gets. This is a technique I came up with, but apologies for coming up with new ideas.
I must have got all that part wrong and the genius code isn't about stimulating new ways of going about things, it is simply about following only the precise procedures outlined in the course.

Three years I've had this course and I never realized I wasn't supposed to come up with new things. Silly me, always putting things in the wrong place.
Must have been the beatings to the head I took when growing up, my brain must be damaged. Accept my sincere apologies for being so stupid. I will try better, but it probably won't be up to your high standards, so please don't hold your breath.
Posted By: mikev Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/17/08 07:31 AM
Good luck with your new found wealth everyone! Use it wisely.

Posted By: Mikey435 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/20/08 02:19 AM
Anyone ordered Jim Sheridan Internet deal broker? I would like to hear if its for real before I spend $82
Posted By: NeoZon Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/23/08 12:44 AM
Palm trees, Ocean View, Sand, Dream House, Luxury SUV, Wonderful Career, Me giving donations that contribute to well being and health of others. I am.
Posted By: taylorii Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/24/08 04:14 AM
I will find the temple in man while nuturing the sanctuary of motherhood.
Posted By: Benster2000 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/26/08 02:25 AM
Millionaires are passe now, it time for the Billionaire
Posted By: Ideal_Life_08 Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/02/08 08:23 AM

Thanks for starting this thread. Having a net worth of $1 million USD is one of my goals...and I would love to achieve it by the end of this year, or at least be far enough on my way that I can see it, feel it, touch it.

Blessings to all of you. May all your dreams come true, faster, bigger, brighter, and better than before.

Life is good.

- V
Posted By: The_Sharp_Guy Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/10/08 03:53 PM
Make my check out to the Wounded Warriors Please!
Posted By: Carlyns Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/16/08 11:31 PM
what is the millionaires thread
Posted By: gwhutton Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/19/08 06:24 AM
The purple unicorn flew into the room, bumping off the satelite dish that was outlandishly placed outside, near the tricycle garden. Whoops! He settled down for a bowl of count chocula with strawberry flavored milk. this is going to be a long night, me muttered under his whale flesh smelling breath. He pulled out a filterless cigarette,lit it, and took a long, satisfying drag. Then he realized he didn't have any cigarettes. Then it came to him..... suddenly...without warning......



Posted By: Josiah Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/24/08 04:11 PM
The count chocula changed into four leaf clovers
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/06/08 11:58 PM
"what is the millionaires thread "

Read the first post, I explained it there. Well, ok I'll post it again to save you the trouble, lol (and I suppose it's a good reminder anyway!):

Whoever posts in this thread will be a millionaire very soon.Whether it be an insight that comes to you, an inspired idea, the money comes by some other method, or whether you intentionally image stream for how to become a millionaire, it matters not.This thread has been specifically blessed by all that is, so that as soon as one participates in it they will henceforth be in the process of becoming a millionaire.

Watch what happens.

That's what it is!

Posted By: kaizzer88 Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/07/08 05:46 AM
On the Sunday right before St. Patty's day, a rainbow appeared in front of the low mountains near the hillside.

And as I recall, I saw a double rainbow on last year's St. Patty's day over the ocean.

I imagine the rainbow transporting our desires of abundance into our lives, daily, automatically, with ease and grace.

Posted By: markzor Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/07/08 09:09 AM
Mental block.
Millionaire for the win. That's very elite right there.
Billionaire for the further. Now I'm going further.
Zillionaire. I am now cos I say am.

thanks for this awesome thread. Now I feel like a zillionaire.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/07/08 08:47 PM
haha a zillionaire! lol I remember as a kid (I think we all did this, right?) we used to ask what comes after a billion, what's the biggest number? hmmm "I know, I know, it's a trillion" says the smart one. That's easy, what comes after a trillion?
"Duh, a zillion, obviously!" what comes after that?
"Well, erm, nothing"
"It can't be nothing can it! there is no end"
"Well a gazillion then"
"Hmm, really! I never knew that"
And then you sit there and hope they don't ask you again while you desperately try to think of another word because you just know they're gonna ask you!

"I bet you don't know what comes after a gazillion!"
"yeah, its a trizillion!"

Before you've barely finished they're asking you:
" what comes after a trizillion?"
"I found 50p, let's go to the shop and buy some sweets"
"ok, cool!"


That's the thing though isn't it, we just made it up as we went along and so it was. Why change, it works!

Nice post kaizzer88, beautiful imagery in your writing . Yeah St. Pats day, what a glorious day indeed. Well of course it is, I mean I entered the world on that there day! lol!

Did I fall off the end of a rainbow though, that's the question, lol!

Posted By: lltc Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/16/08 12:21 AM
It's taken me a while, but I have decided that I BELONG Here! ; ) Going to grab onto the Millionaires' thread to swing into the Millionaires' Club!
Sounds like a fun trip!
"You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance." Ps 65:11
Posted By: talisman Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/17/08 01:32 AM
I got to play this one...I'm already a millionaire in the making.
Posted By: mirko Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/18/08 04:47 PM
Everyday i wake i say thank you and as i step out of bed thank you for all i am and when i stand up, thank you for making me a billionaire the world is my oyster and i enjoy every bit of it every time i breath in and say thank you............

Chicago, IL
Posted By: judijo Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/19/08 05:17 PM
great little thread.... a playground for millionaires. love it and count me in! is this or will this be a masterminding type of thing? I have one, but I love surrounding myself with other success minded people. :-)
Posted By: ginwren Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/20/08 05:31 PM
I am in.
Posted By: Bjhn Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/21/08 08:47 AM
I'm in too.

I'm always working on ways to make money. Whether it's trying to win on the lottery, affiliate selling on the web or get a better job.
Posted By: Ruth21 Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/21/08 11:49 AM
I would do so much good with a million pounds. Amazing. I'm imagining all the great things right now!
Posted By: JasmineRose Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/29/08 12:13 AM
The journey to a Billion Dollars begins with the first Million.
Posted By: JasmineRose Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/29/08 12:38 AM

Ding-a-link-ling...The phone is ringing.
I answer .....Hello?
Caller: May I speak to Ms Jasmine?
Me : This is she.
Caller: Good Morning Ms Jasmine..I am calling from the
wire transfer department of ScotiaBank.
Me: Wire Trasfer?
Caller: Yes, are you expeting a wire transfer?
Me: Why Yes I am!
Caller: Can you confirm the amount of funds you are expecting?
Me: One Million Dollars?
Caller: That is correct. Can you confirm the Sender's Name?
Me: The Universe. \:\)
Caller: That is correct. The money is being posted to your account as we speak. The funds will be available to you later today.
Me: Thank you very much.
Caller: My Pleasure. Good day now, and have a nice day.
Me: Same to you. Good Day.
And that's how I made my first Million!
Posted By: booleanB Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/02/08 09:18 AM
Well, Here I am.
Hope I'll be one of you soon.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/03/08 03:12 PM
"I would do so much good with a million pounds"

Exactly Ruth! Thinking of the good things I could do and how good that feels, it makes it all feel so right!

Jasmine, love those posts! The journey one was ace! lol!
Your wire transfer post sums it up so well, the sense of ease about all of this. But you can make as much of it as you please, mastermind, image stream, just wait for the wire transfer call, however you want to play it.

It's nice to see people choosing this thread to make some of their first posts here. I love the way we humans can create, that this thread never existed before but now it does, that people who weren't connected before are now because we decided to take part. Humans capacity to make choices and create. That's not beyond human, that's very human.

Posted By: JasmineRose Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/03/08 06:20 PM
 Originally Posted By: flex22
Jasmine, love those posts! The journey one was ace! lol!
Your wire transfer post sums it up so well, the sense of ease about all of this. But you can make as much of it as you please, mastermind, image stream, just wait for the wire transfer call, however you want to play it.

Hi Flex22, Thanks for the great feedback..I don't usually do forums but three things resonated with me...and all three associated to you. The name of the Thread ....great!
I followed your website address and saw your handle "Mystic" I use that alot as a user name... and your fire icon...powerful. All three things spoke to me and so I posted.

Everytime I have a vision of how $1,000,000.00 can come into my life I write a script. My subconcious is bound to find one it can manifest ... The phone call script is very realistic to bank calls me all the time to confirm wire trasfer..I just changed the amount and the sender..
Posted By: philvt Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/10/08 04:13 PM
Great thread! I'm in!!!


Posted By: metanoia Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/15/08 05:17 PM
Great idea!

I can't wait!!!
Posted By: bmm2008 Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/22/08 02:55 PM
Love the idea in this thread. Is fantatstic, fabulous and uplifting.

I await... in anticipation... for my billions... now that I'm in the millions!!!
Posted By: kev5 Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/22/08 03:34 PM
I was trying to work out if I was already a millionaire in some way that I had missed. Still looking for the evidence, but I guess it doesn't matter anyway because here I am on the thread and it's just a matter of time...
Posted By: bethann Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/29/08 11:25 PM
I can't pass up the opportunity. Thanks for putting it out there for everyone!
Posted By: Redcat Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/02/08 06:20 PM
I'm about to get started on being a millionaire. I have great abundance inside of me and now is the time to manifest that in the outer world.

I am going to give a big chunk away to charity anyway.

Look out!! Here it comes, a big van load of cash.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/03/08 05:59 PM
Lovin! the millionaires this thread is creatin. Welcome all! I love the idea of being a millionaire so much, that I'll be kind of disappointed when it actually manifests. It's like, ok it's done now.

I'm no surfer, but it's kind of like riding the perfect wave for as long as you can, but eventually the wave will end.

Then again, the good thing is there's endless new waves, each one even better than the last, whether that be another million, another billion, whatever you want.

Here's to riding the waves!

Posted By: Harvene Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/09/08 01:08 PM
Hi Folks --Looking forward to chatting and learning from like minds. There aren't many I can talk to about those things that really matter with the people I associate with including work AND my family. This will be a delight.
I have the Sonic Access Program from Paul and by using it big changes are taking place. I have been so excited about the miracles happening in my life when I decided as accurately what I wanted and wrote down each one that I became another one of those "born again something" people don't want to hear. It is a growing experience to share only when asked. Most people are not even aware this wonderful choice,belief ideas work. WE ARE NOT VICTIMS--most people would rather blame other things and people then making healing choices and learning from them.
Some of the exciting things that have happened are the wonderful things occuring in my family and friends lives without me even saying a word. A favorite uncle had cancer so bad he was left to die. No operation was scheduled because the cancer had spread and an operation would kill him. Every time I used my health paraliminal tape I asked his Higher Self to join us in healing and cleansing myself and him. He was finally able to have the kidney removed. That was over a year ago and family thought he would be dead long time ago so each one is enjoying each moment they have. Since I am over 1,000 miles away I had to use my inner eyes and saw the healing hands going through his body on the crystal table and light and love coming from his body. I couldn't get contact him this last month and was told he is vacating and won't be back for another month. Oh, and by the way, the cancer is gone. THE CANCER IS GONE-and no one thought it important enough to tell me or maybe the belief is that it will come back Anyway -"That chemo fired it good!" Yeah, maybe, but there sure was a lot of help from a Divine Loving Source. I am not comfortable talking about the tape with them--the fear of someone controlling someone's mind and the victim drama is a strong crutch right now in their awareness and it would be easier to call me a witch probably think I was possessed by the devil.
Also had some great healing in my own physical body.
Recently I have learned--WRITE IT DOWN, VISUALIZE IN MY QUIET SPACE and listen to my paraliminals. Then recognize thoughts that flash through my mind that oppose what I have intended and change them right then with a clear picture of how I want it to turn out. I have spent a life time studying and buying books on mind and methaphyics and I wonder, is it really this easy? Well,it is working for me!
Interested in your thoughts.
Love to all of you -- Really - H
Posted By: lok_fanay Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/12/08 08:45 AM
100 Million Dollars by 2010 January 23rd.


BY 2010
January 23rd

It Must Be Done, It Must!
Posted By: Harvene Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/13/08 12:17 PM
This is great stuff. I have read all the postings in this thread..several ideas imerge. I have to be careful how I word this because, as always, my subconsious is listening. So I shall word it and visualize it as though it has happened. I see myself providing a lot of fun experiences and financial stability for my family and friends. I give thanks that I can help others with my time, thoughts, love, and material gifts. I also see those being close to me in positions to help many others. What good is being "super human" if I don't help others to see their greatness "I am a raditating center of Love mightily attracting my good in terms of my health, wealth and enjoyment and to help others." In the name and through the Power of all Goodness-whatever name we call it. Thank you, Great Power and so be it.-- Well, that was worth declaring for myself and others publically. Didn't hurt a bit. Love to each of you - H
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/15/08 10:14 PM
Bravo! bravo! bravo!
Posted By: unclelenny Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/24/08 06:16 PM
Thank you for letting me find The Millionaires Thread.
Thanks be for letting me see part of my future.
Thanks to DLS (DIVINE LOVING SOURCE) for all.

Soon come... soon come.
"Oh that? "uncle lenny" gave me that... isn't it wonderful?"

What joy that will be to be giving.
Posted By: Melanie Stark Re: The Millionaires thread - 06/25/08 10:10 PM
Looking for a mentor. Preferably a female who has made her millions on the internet. A mom who has kids and is happily married. That's where I see myself. Making millions and being able to stay home with my kids. I don't have a lot of capitol to start, but I have a sharp mind and a ton of information at my fingertips. Any success stories who would like to help me get started? Perhaps you had a mentor help you get started and would like to return the favor?
Posted By: WebYourStuff Re: The Millionaires thread - 07/07/08 10:03 PM
Can't resist.
Wouldn't mind a bunch of wealth!
Posted By: scooter Re: The Millionaires thread - 07/08/08 09:28 AM
I'm in! actually a few hundred thousand dropping down on me now and then will suffice!
Posted By: Angelfire Re: The Millionaires thread - 07/08/08 06:53 PM
Your wording was spot on.. Thanks
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 07/08/08 08:39 PM
Welcome guys. Yeah no point in lurking if you want to be in, you can say as much or as little as you like. "I'm in" will suffice if that's all you want to say, it's cool.
Nice one for taking the step anyway. Life's a journey, if you aint steppin, you aint moving, n ya aint livin. Here's to livin!
Thanks for steppin on in.

Posted By: Josiah Re: The Millionaires thread - 07/15/08 12:47 PM
I'm in. Actually I posted here at the beginning of the thread, now I'm stirring the pot again. Thanks to everyone who's contributed
Posted By: bunky Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/09/08 03:20 AM
Has anyone here become a millionaire yet? Would love to hear your story. I'm hereby officially playing the millionaire game.
Posted By: patricew Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/13/08 05:13 PM
Hi I have to admit this just seems crazy to me, but if it works I'll be a believer! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? And it is cheaper than a lottery ticket!
Posted By: LiveLoveLaugh Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/19/08 03:46 AM
Count me in.......wooooooooooot
Posted By: CocoMartina Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/19/08 02:18 PM
Sairam all
Just joined in and found your beautiful site.
Keep all your dreams and goals you will reach them.
I join the Millionares thread, not only for my physical benefit but more so to leave behind abundance for others to enjoy

sending love to all
Posted By: Johny-BBD Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/20/08 10:15 PM
Count me in too ;\)
This thread will greatly add my visualisation techniques that i do everyday ;\)
I would like to share some visualization techniques,since here i got some new ideas from other people 2:) I could say that i allways carry 1dollar bill with$ writen on it ;\) Everytime i look in my pocket i imagine that i allready have my million ;))
Posted By: katief Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/22/08 09:35 PM
I am ready to be.... a billionaire. Thanks for the opportunity.
Posted By: bigjake Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/23/08 04:35 PM
darn that was ease
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 08/25/08 12:35 PM
Darn, like how big is this thread! I'm posting again to welcome all the recent millionaires. Congratulations. Feels really good doesn't it \:\)

To be honest I expected (and was hopeful for) that I'd get at least one other person to respond, two would have been a bonus. I didn't even start this thread in this forum, it was started in the Genius Code forum and moved here because the admin felt like moving it. I don't really know why I feel compelled to write sometimes, it just sort of happens, like it is now. I'm not actually thinking, it's just as if somebody else is doing it, strange. Maybe I'm possessed.
Then again I once read that one would never feel compelled to share something if there wasn't someone else wanting to hear/listen/see it. Well it makes total sense now how I felt strongly compelled to start this thread, as is obvious there were many who wanted to share in it.

I don't even know why I'm writing this, I'm not even sure what I'm saying, but it's happening so I guess their must be some people who want to hear it.

And here's me thinking that most people out there were perfectly content to lead unfulfilled lives of no excitement or joy. Maybe that is still the case, but now I know their are also a lot who are up for living, good style!

So then, here's to living

PS: Someone just whispered in my hear and said: "And make sure they know they deserve it" :)

Posted By: jenny Re: The Millionaires thread - 09/05/08 01:07 AM
This is a great thread, thanks for starting it!

I've been on the road to riches for some time now. It all began with watching a little movie about a secret. From there I began to read everything I could get my hands on about manifesting and the like.

It seems that one bit of information leads me to an even better one. I have tried a few things and am contemplating others among the sea of gurus and their products out there.

The newly paved portion of my road has led me to this site and this very thread, for millionaires! I have arrived! I'm home!
I love it! Just 3 days ago I began a new ritual that seems to be helping me as well. But after reading the posts here, I'm a thinking you all have a wealth of information I need to devour!
I can't wait to proceed!

Posted By: Aitch Re: The Millionaires thread - 09/05/08 05:38 AM
Thank you for allowing me to share with all the millionairs.

I say Bring it ON!!!

Many thanks
Posted By: Johnny08 Re: The Millionaires thread - 09/10/08 06:57 PM
Thank you so much for this inspiring forum.
Yes, I deserve it ! Like everybody !
I have so much projects and love to share to the World.

Believe, Create, Live

Thanks you again
Posted By: victory4one Re: The Millionaires thread - 09/14/08 12:51 AM
I'm open to receive millions and millions of dollars.

And so it is.
Posted By: dls Re: The Millionaires thread - 09/14/08 01:14 AM
I have alway known I would be a millionaire I just did not know when, the present is a perfet time for it. Namaste
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 09/21/08 11:28 PM
I'm a millionaire, without a care, floating on air \:\)

Posted By: Earthy Re: The Millionaires thread - 10/05/08 01:56 PM
Well I found this site and this thread and thought that I would give it a try to.
Posted By: Jodiamond Re: The Millionaires thread - 10/07/08 10:35 PM
Hello all,

I'm posting because I'd like to be a millionaire, but just the thought is a little frightening! A total change of life, what would I do differently? What it mean?

Yes, I think I could handle it. I would be the same with my family, would have the same goals, interests, but would be a bit better dressed, newer car, marvellous house and garden and no more working in the corporate world.

So yes, I'm prepared to be a millionaire. And I will be!

Good luck and millions to you all,

Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 10/19/08 06:25 PM
I'd just like to say welcome to all the new millionaires!

"I would be the same with my family, would have the same goals, interests, but would be a bit better dressed, newer car, marvellous house and garden" ~ Jodiamond

Yes that's utterly terrifying isn't it \:D
Just stay focused there, on why you want it, then it'll all be joyeous.

~ Buy a round of drinks for your friends without a care for the cost.

~ Take your partner out for a romantic meal at a top restuarant and order the finest wine without a care for the cost. Only ernjoying the experience.

~ Buy that awesome stylish jacket that fits you just right and really suits you.

~ Buy a huge TV so when you're playing on your Ninetendo Wii you actually feel like your on a tennis court! lol!

~ Life is play, you just do what you want.

~ Buy a flat/apartment just so the depressed looking agent gets a boost because now he'll get his commission. Then sell the flat/apartment soon after, hehe \:D

~ Wake up in the morning and the only thing on your mind is excited anticipation as you ponder "what awesome things should this Genius that I am create today? hmmm..."

~ Post a substantial check anonymously to a noble cause you've heard about, then read about it in the paper with a huge grin on your face, knowing you've made people feel great.

~ Focus on creating even more beauty in the world.

~ Sponsor several children thoughout the world to help them create a better life for themselves. Any time you want that sensation of walking on air, simply think of them and the opportunity you have given them \:\)

~ Spend your time sharing with others and illuminating the world around you with your light. Be an example to others as to how it is possible to live, in ease and joy.

All of the above I have done with my wealth. Since posting here my wealth has gone through the roof, compared to what it was before. I won't tell you how it happened, that is pointless, you each have to find out for yourselves.

It's funny, I didn't realise at first but reading back to above list, you can see how it started out as all things for myself, and then gradually got to giving to others. Hmm, interesting.
It's like at first you celebrate, make big gestures to those around you, buy stuff for yourself. Then a sense of calm comes over you, a sensation you haven't felt before because you've always had that thing about being defined by your minimal wealth, so everything has to fit into those conditions, checked against that to see if it lines up.
Now you're wealthy, there's none of that, so ideas come forth, nothing needs lining up, nothing is linear, is swirling and creatives, ideas you've never thought of before suddenly appear, it's amazing.

Then those ideas may include what you can give to the world, as well as to yourself. Whether it's buying stuff for yourself, your immediate friends, or for investing in a child many miles away, it's all selfish really, and that's good! It all brings a smile to your face, it's all the same.

I don't know why I'm posting here again, I've got no need to, but I feel compelled to yet again. My fingers just type so fast, don't even have to think. This is the Universe speaking to you now, it's the Universe, using a part of the Universe that is me to get through to you.

Thank yourself for attracting this and focus on the good, always the good.

Posted By: Konaboy Re: The Millionaires thread - 10/20/08 09:32 PM
Well, please congratulate another new person on just getting 2 million dollars. I am very glad I came across this forum.

Thank you and all the best to you all!
Posted By: Konaboy Re: The Millionaires thread - 10/20/08 09:37 PM
Flex 22 - thanks for your post! I absolutely love how you describe things. Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration! Konaboy
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 10/26/08 11:53 AM
Hello Konaboy and congratulations! \:\) Way to go my man!
hehe I sound so American \:D

You're more than welcome, the more the merrier, the abundance is infinite, wohooo! lol!

Enjoy your millions everyone, I sure do! \:D
Posted By: BaileyB Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/04/08 12:27 AM
I am healthy, happy and have unlimited financial abundance! \:\)
Posted By: Stacie55 Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/18/08 08:06 PM
I would like to be a millionare
Posted By: whale Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/21/08 08:02 PM
Im in.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/24/08 07:45 PM
Josiah - Millionaire
Jacktuff13 - Millionaire
shakurav - Millionaire
Waler - Millionaire
Oxygen - Millionaire
Deniz - Millionaire
CPW1 - Millionaire
palladio - Millionaire
Alex K. Viefhaus - Millionaire
mikev - Millionaire
Mikey435 - Millionaire
NeoZon - Millionaire
taylorii - Millionaire
Benster2000 - Millionaire
Ideal_Life_08 - Millionaire
The_Sharp_Guy - Millionaire
Carlyns - Millionaire
gwhutton - Millionaire
kaizzer88 - Millionaire
markzor - Millionaire
lltc - Millionaire
talisman - Millionaire
mirko - Millionaire
judijo - Millionaire
ginwren - Millionaire
Bjhn - Millionaire
Ruth21 - Millionaire
JasmineRose - Millionaire
booleanB - Millionaire
philvt - Millionaire
metanoia - Millionaire
bmm2008 - Millionaire
kev5 - Millionaire
bethann - Millionaire
Redcat - Millionaire
Harvene - Millionaire
lok_fanay - Millionaire
unclelenny - Millionaire
Melanie Stark - Millionaire
WebYourStuff - Millionaire
scooter - Millionaire
Angelfire - Millionaire
bunky - Millionaire
patricew - Millionaire
LiveLoveLaugh - Millionaire
CocoMartina - Millionaire
Johny-BBD - Millionaire
katief - Millionaire
bigjake - Millionaire
jenny - Millionaire
Aitch - Millionaire
Johnny08 - Millionaire
victory4one - Millionaire
dls - Millionaire
Earthy - Millionaire
Jodiamond - Millionaire
Konaboy - Millionaire
BaileyB - Millionaire
Stacie55 - Millionaire
whale - Millionaire
flex22 - Millionaire

What a joy it was to go over this thread again and to see how many millionaires it's created. I hadn't realised there were that many people who had contributed. 61 new millionaires! and counting" And by the look of the view count it seems many more have viewed it but not posted. Well that's their choice not to be a millionaire, as much and in equal measure as it is our choice to choose to be millionaires. Respect to all for everyones 'personal' choice.

Over 30,000 views equals 30 billion pounds/dollars, or whatever currency you like to think of it. 30 billion! There is no limit but I'm still proud of that number.

If you've posted but have changed your mind, I'm sorry but if you've not made it to a million yet, you will do, as because you have posted in this thread it is inevitable you will be a millionaire. The process has started and cannot be stopped. All I can say is if you really hate having loads of money and the freedom it brings, then give it to someone/ some people who do appreciate it's value.

To those who are happy with the million and beyond (and I guess that's all of us who have posted) then well enjoy the freedom it brings, appreciate it every day and revel in the ride as more and more of your true unending potential begins to unfold before your very eyes.


PS: Happy birthday to my Dad who has worked hard all his life. I don't believe life has to be hard, as he does, and he wouldn't understand this thread and our mindset at all. It's not all been pretty between us, to say the least! Nethertheless he's done his very best with what he believed in, bringing up 5 kids when there was a time we literally couldn't afford food and had to receive help from the church. I was very young, 4 or 5 then but I understood what poverty meant and I always promised myself there and then, at that very moment that I would be rich!

I do respect all that he has done. I'm just glad I can now provide for him as he has done for me.
Some may view this thread with not much seriousness or doesn't really matter, but for me and others it is real, it is very real, and most importantly, it works, I know! because I've experienced it. So to know that others are now on the journey gives me so much joy. Money matters, it makes a real difference.

Posted By: kathylyn Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/28/08 09:30 PM
I've read the posts and this looks intriguing. Count me in.
Posted By: seeker Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/29/08 02:42 PM
Hi Friends,

I am joining you as a millianer in order to improve my lifestyle and help people in need.

Bless you all and keep smiling.

from your friend seeker
Posted By: elana242 Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/29/08 07:30 PM
Is this the genius course thread or the millionaire thread. I am a
newbie to this site
Posted By: MoneyService Re: The Millionaires thread - 11/29/08 07:44 PM
so is there anything in particular that we would talk about in this forum?
Posted By: lltc Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/01/08 10:11 PM
while swinging on the millionaire's thread, I fell into an opportunity vehicle that is full throttle. It will manifest millions for many. It may possibly be for someone else on this thread, too. PM me and I'll throw it your way. If it fits, we could ride together through the millionaire's gates!
Posted By: Scrappy Cocco Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/07/08 11:25 PM
I'm content with what I have but to have a million to give away to worthy causes would be a nice feeling.
Posted By: gwen777 Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/09/08 03:16 AM
Count me in! What a great thread, just reading previous posts have made me feel sky-high. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you. I can hardly wait untill I AM a Millionaire.

Imagine = Image-in. Just pop it into the
Universal Request Department.
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/23/08 02:42 AM
Happy Christmas Gwen, happy Christmas everyone! Enjoy having an even more prosperous year than you've ever experienced in all previous years combined, and more!

Always remember, if you can imagine it then it can be. So chill out a bit more and just let it be.
You're blessed.

Posted By: Antq Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/23/08 02:35 PM
Merry Christmas everyone!

Keep up the Trust and the Truth

Posted By: Glenwood Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/28/08 06:38 AM
Sign me up!

Earl Nightingale, or was it Napoleon Hill, well one of them said "What your mind can Conceive and Believe you can Achieve."
Posted By: SilviaGaia Re: The Millionaires thread - 12/29/08 04:02 AM
I'm a Billionaire loving to be with millionaires like you!


(thanks for this thread)
Posted By: Yelena Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/04/09 10:47 AM
I'm in \:\)
Thank you for this thread - I do feel blessed.

Love to all,
Posted By: KREGAR Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/19/09 07:37 PM
Hi, my name is CRAIG and I just found the Learning Strategies website and right away I was drawn to the Beyond Human forum and particularly this Millionaires thread. My numerology number is a 2. Favourite numbers 6 - my Dad always said this number brought him luck. 11 - Isiah Thomas - Detroit Pistons
19 - one of the pure numbers
5 and 9 - numbers of the sign of GEMINI
13 - my birthday in June (6)
Being a millionaire wouldn't be all that bad...being able to help others would be great too. I have a brain tumour (Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma - shouldn't mean much to many people). I have been touched by so many great people in my life - I'd like to help them out too.
Prosperity to all,


Health, Wealth and Spiritual Growth!!
Posted By: Bobbi Re: The Millionaires thread - 01/22/09 05:14 AM
I'm ready to be a millionaire. Will someone please tell me the difference between Abundance for Life and Effortless Success? If I can only get one now, which is more likely to make the changes necessary to create that first million dollars of wealth, and then to build my wealth while doing loving things for people who need some help? I have planned for years the things I will do for people when I am prosperous. Which course will start the flow?
Posted By: Bryson7 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/08/09 03:30 AM
Sounds good \:\)
Posted By: Kally Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/18/09 07:25 PM
OK here I am!
Posted By: eleven11 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/22/09 01:20 AM
Posted By: eleven11 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/22/09 01:28 AM
Posted By: eleven11 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/22/09 01:50 AM
I will spend my time being a peaceful warrior. I will become a kung fu and qigong master, and be a humble student and teacher. I will slow my universe down. I will waste nothing, including my emotions. I will teach the world the ways of inner martial arts, and show that education is gold but wisdom is platinum!

Barry Masteller contributed to the post
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 02/26/09 11:21 PM
Cool stuff indeed. Welcome all new millionaires. I see this thread is still popular (heck, why wouldn't it be! lol!) I keep saying to myself I'll leave this thread be, but I love to stop by now and again, especially to view the new millionaires and to read what they've got to express, each as individuals expressing what it means to them personally. What a thrill to expand and then to watch others expanding into their potential too. So cool!

Posted By: sasa26 Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/04/09 08:07 PM
Hello, people! I am ready to be a millionaire also. \:\)
I just LOVE learning strategies forum. It is so inspiring.
(At the moment i am waiting to receive PhotoReading Course... i sooo can't wait to get it) \:\)

Greetings all the way from Slovenia!!!
Posted By: specialK Re: The Millionaires thread - 03/12/09 01:33 AM
Hello! I started studying the science of mind by reading Psycho-cybernetics in 1984. I am currently studying & implementing Napoleon Hill's, Jack Canfield's, and others' work.

I don't watch media news ~ why would you when there's all this good stuff? What a great blog ~ I am now claiming my millionaire status, too!
Posted By: Vajra Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/22/09 07:38 PM
hey guys!
i do not know any of your kind personally.
people with that (awesome!) attitude are much to rare here ;\)
so i will just stand my ground and believe in myself.
i am ready for being a millionaire \:\)
Posted By: BeaFree Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/23/09 09:32 PM
Okay, I'm in. Lucky number 721. Let the Universe begin to pour financial blessings on us all!

Posted By: King Andrus Re: The Millionaires thread - 04/29/09 05:02 AM
hey fellow millionaires! i see the millions pouring in, blessings abundantly. it flows to us from all directions.

King Andrus \:D
Posted By: Laura_Sweety Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/15/09 12:33 PM
Yes, yes, yes.. I'll be one soon..
Posted By: levink Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/26/09 06:54 AM
I embrace my destiny
Posted By: El-Kem Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/29/09 05:59 PM
Let me reside peacefully in internal and external success
Posted By: Spider Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/31/09 03:48 PM
Well, another million will come in handy, so I'll join this thread. Will it take long, do you suppose? Not that I'm in a rush - just like to know when to keep my eyes on the mailbox. I'd hate to be out of town when it arrives!
Posted By: flex22 Re: The Millionaires thread - 05/31/09 08:32 PM
Instantly, of course.

Everything happens instantly. \:\)

PS: Welcome all new millionaires (and multi's ;\) ) It's truly such a real pleasure to read your messages and to see you signing up for joy! So thankyou for that.

Here's to livin! Cheers! \:D
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