Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin LOA Question/Observation - 02/06/09 05:32 AM
The Law Of Attraction states that whatever you give your attention to happen/manifest/become a reality. OK, so far so good. It's a nice idea and one that I'd like to go with, because it's good to feel that if I change my thoughts, then I'll finally have what will make me happy, which is something worth striving towards.

However, the LOA also means that anything negative that you give your attention to will also come to pass, without fail. Now, here's the problem, and one that casts the doubts for me. I used to worry disproportionately about things. I mean, I used to worry obsessively about things, especially as a child. The vast majority of these things never happened. Itw as as though my worry had balanced out what I was afraid of and kept it at bay.

But according to the LOA this focussed attention should have brought all of it into my awareness. So, while I like the sound of it all, I'm not entirely convinced.

Your thoughts?
Posted By: Kalohe Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/09/09 06:56 PM
If you are attempting to move away from something and place attention on it, all it does is bring it closer. If you are attempting to move towards something and place attention on it you will move in this direction.

You have to break old habits of focusing on the negative things and get a clear picture of what you really want and make your mind focus on that. When you find your thoughts drifting into
old habits of looking at the negative you have to give the leash a tug and get back to focusing on what you really want that is moving you towards that positive direction.

In the back of your mind you already know the negative outcomes and there is very little positive result accomplished by dwelling on that. If you want the LOA to work for you, get a clear picture/outline of the direction you want to go and keep your mind focused on that. When you fall off the wagon just admit it and start again. "Hi my name is Kalohe and I'm a negative thinker but I have been positive for 3 years now and plan to continue".

You seem to think that you focused your attention and the LOA should have brought all these answers into your awareness. If you didn't get the answer you were seeking then you asked the wrong question or you are not listening. It is not like using the mouse on your computer to get the results you want. You must continually pay attention to the signs that lead you in the desired direction.

Learning to focus your attention is a lifelong learning art. Developing a relationship with Universal Intelligence is also
a large job as well.
Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/15/09 05:44 AM
Thanks for the reply, but the point I'm making is that I was very focussed on negative outcomes through worry, that should, if the LOA is to be believed, have manifested due to intention, but didn't.

I like the LOA, but I do wonder sometimes whether we're all being conned!

Europe has it's own take on it called 'Cosmic Ordering'. I have some books and CDs, and it all sounds very good but...

Posted By: Jeanne Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/15/09 04:14 PM
Just to throw another quirk into the mix--in a recent issue of Pure Inspiration, Dr. Wayne Dyer states that most people either misunderstand or misstate the Law of Attraction. He says we don't necessarily attract what we think about. He says we attract what we are.

And here's another one--I've come to the conclusion that "thinking happy thoughts" doesn't necessarily bring happy events. Thinking constructive thoughts, on the other hand, can often yield positive results. Acting on those constructive thoughts will magnify those results. Being happy is good; being creative and productive along with it is what, in my opinion (yours might be different), brings the most rewards--maybe material, maybe not.

That said, all it takes is one listening session with Summer McStravick's Flowdreaming CD (track: "The best of everything"), and I can count on a fairly good lottery win. Maybe it's just a coincidence.
Posted By: Kalohe Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/17/09 03:19 AM
I don't know what your "worry" and "negative outcomes" are. Sometimes when you are covered with mud you don't notice it and are wondering where all the dirt is.

If you were focused on this stuff, it is probably on autopilot now.

You ask,"where is all the stuff I want?"

I would have to respond that, what you currently have is what you really wanted and that is what you are getting. Until you make a change in that through releasing or goal writing or modeling someone you want to be like or turning off the autopilot you will continue to get more of the same.

The mind can act like a huge manufacturing plant and it doesn't turn on a dime. Once those wheels are turning it takes a strong
hand to make those changes.
Posted By: Kalohe Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/17/09 03:21 AM
And the most important thing is that you have to do it yourself.
No one else can do it for you.
Posted By: Jay186 Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/19/09 12:21 PM

A slightly diverted, yet connected to the idea of LOA, would be to look at the work of Dr Emoto and the effects of thoughts on water crystals, if thoughts can change the energy of water crystals, they has human beings are made up of a large percentage of water, then it stands to reason, that thoughts will affect us at a cell level, and because we are all connected at an energetic level- then Dr Emoto's work shows us, how thoughts, ideas, beliefs, all build into a reality matrix, we call life.

Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/20/09 03:13 AM
Yesh, I've heard of that. It must be how some people are able to move objects and bend spoons etc.

"And the most important thing is that you have to do it yourself.
No one else can do it for you."

...and that's the catch, isn't it? I am sure I'm not the only one who reads a self-help book, thinks 'This is great' and then, after a day or two, has stopped doing the exercises. I think it's my subconscious trying to stop me making changes. I tried to make a big change recently, and ended up going through all sorts of emotions, and getting depressed - my subconscious playing tricks, no doubt. I used Natural Brilliance and Instant Confidence (Paul McKenna) to release a lot of the stuckness, but I ended up throwing in the towel in the end.

The worst self-help tools, from a practical point of view, are those that make you feel good by offering you ideas and theories, but few practical ways to put them into action. Did someone say Wayne Dyer, then?

But even the books and courses that do offer strategies still rely on the person to put them into practice. This is where the LCS courses (and others that include hypnosis sessions) really shine, because the Paraliminals do a lot of it for you. But you know, even then, I've had long spells where I just haven't even taken the action to put a tape in the player and set a goal. Why, oh why? I've had 'Abundance For Life', 'Resiliency' and 'Boundless Renewal' for over 4 years now, and I've never actually gone through them.

Trouble with all this LOA stuff, is that it's too vague. If you try, and don't get the results you want, even though you follow the plan to the letter, 'you must be doing something wrong'. Maybe it just doesn't work!

I feel it's far more down to hard work and chance, than some mystical universal law we can plug into and manipulate. Maybe my mind will change. I did order the 'Effortless Success', and am awaiting its arrival with eager anticipation. It will look ever so nice on the shelf next to all the other self-help courses I buy and never actually use.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/20/09 11:24 AM
It's easier to maintain the status quo than to start pushing a another stationary boulder in another direction.

That's why anything new that you set out to do you need to do for at least 30 days. That way you have choices.

Nearly all of our experiences are in the mind. Worrying may not bring about the exact images that you worry about but your energy will give you an experience that is similar in emotional feelings. Not that you need them because you already have them in your mind.

The interesting thing about worrying is that people often include thoughts of how they would cope so they test these coping energies in other areas of their lives.

How much wealth is enough? How much happiness is enough? It's all subjective and it's all stories. How we feel about them is a result of how we think about them.

Change our thinking we change our feelings and that often changes our actions. That changes our experience. We can all look back to our history and see that has happened.

All I know is, that to get myself to where I am to day I first had to shift my thinking and not try to "do" stuff to fix my life. I guess worrying about my future was like keeping my fist clenched trying to stay safe. By deciding to accept my fate I loosened my grip on worrying. I actually felt good about life and it didn't matter I was cast out onto the rubbish heap by the Australian government as being beyond help or hope.I became open to opportunities and seemed to attract things I desired much faster.

I still remember when I was thinking I was ready to get a dog. Within days my brother dropped of a rat-dog (not what I had in mind for a dog) It wasn't a fully formulated plan just a decision to start thinking about getting one. This one was lost and we couldn't find it's owners. I took it to the pound because it wasn't a suitable dog for me. It was quickly re homed. After two days I missed the little fellow so went to the pound and got 4-legs. I don't know why the LOA works like that sometimes.

I know I successfully attracted what I feared as well. Not so much in the way I pictured it in my mind but in the way I experienced my emotions.

Posted By: Jeanne Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/20/09 02:32 PM
Worrying--my grandmother used to tell us that every thought was a little bitty prayer, and that included worrying. She'd end by saying, Don't borrow trouble. I don't think she read any of the "new thought" books of her day, or that she was quoting any LOA material: that was just her way of meeting her challenges, which included the Great Depression (hey, Americans, compared to that one, we ain't seen nuthin yet) and WWII.

Actually, both grandmothers demonstrated the LOA very dramatically. The one I just mentioned demonstrated it in very positive terms. My other grandmother imagined every illness known to man, and some that weren't--and successfully manifested most of them. Yet she was also strong, and survived most of it, albeit uncomfortably.

Back then, I wasn't really aware of the golden lessons I was being shown. I am now, though.
Posted By: Kalohe Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/22/09 11:54 PM
I think you are having that problem everyone goes through of staying motivated.

For me it was finding that thing that is deep down inside of you that will not allow you to give up on what you want.

If a child were hanging from a log in a river would you put yourself at risk to save her. What would motivate you to do that?
Would you do this with no thought of reward or the possible harm or lost of life to yourself?

I would hazard a guess that the things you are putting out there are not that important to you and the LOA is not something you are willing to pay the price for.

When you find that thing you love to do and don't really care about what you have to go through to get it, then you are getting somewhere. These goals or desires just shut out the pain or cost or negative impacts on you. You are so focused on what you are doing there is no time to allow these other things to happen.

When someone loves their job, they do not have time to get sick and for some reason the illness never shows up unless they slow down and let it happen.

If you can find this thing that you love to do and would pay any price to do it, that would be a a prime example of the LOA. The motivation is the part that hamstrings most people on their way to success.

The motivation or emotion is the fuel(energy) that will carry you through to what you want.
Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/27/09 06:32 AM
Hi Alex. According to the Hicks' it's the emotion behind the thought, not the thought itself, per se, that drives the manifestation, if I've interpreted the material correctly.

I like the dog story. Did you say that you didn't get the same dog back?

Hi Kalohe, no I do want what I want, it's just that I can't figure out a way to get it. It seems so elusive that I've accepted a life without it for so long, and trying to change sends me into a spin.

I think it's more complicated than you're making out.
Posted By: Kalohe Re: LOA Question/Observation - 02/27/09 11:35 PM
I think it's much simplier than you are making it out to be.

Good luck with your wants.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: LOA Question/Observation - 03/12/09 12:04 PM
 Originally Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin
Hi Alex. According to the Hicks' it's the emotion behind the thought, not the thought itself, per se, that drives the manifestation, if I've interpreted the material correctly.

I like the dog story. Did you say that you didn't get the same dog back?

Nope the dog was a pocket dog not my idea of a dog. And obviously preferred males and people who hate dogs. He kept jumping into their laps. I had planned to take him as a second dog if he couldn't find a nice home but they found one quickly.

I believe manifestation works when we have aligned our 22 senses and the key to the balancing act are the ones I consider 8-14.

Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin Re: LOA Question/Observation - 03/15/09 04:14 AM
Glad it worked out for the dog. I hate to think of them without good homes.

I've got Effortless Success now, and although I've only listened to CD1, I like what I'm hearing so far.
Posted By: flex22 Re: LOA Question/Observation - 03/17/09 02:05 AM
Posts of note here, however the most important point you must know before anything else is *drum roll*


If you don't hear and acknowledge that first (BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE) then there is no point in any of this, any of it, do you hear that.

I've read Abraham Hick's material years ago and have actualized masses of potenial since. Abraham make's the capitalized point above just as I've reiterated it. The point is often missed from LOA courses and from supposed LOA 'experts'. Most are just jumping on a bandwagon, they don't get it at all. I love LSC so I hope their LOA course does it justice, but I won't be purchasing the course. I'm already a master, it sounds like bragging but it isn't. I understand LOA and how to actualize your potential as well as it's possible to know. Why do I bother coming here and posting? Simply because it feels good to, which compels me to. That's the thing you see, when you've actualized your mind, physical body, physical surroundings, nice home, bank account bulging. had amazing experiences in all arenas of life, then what's next? Giving of yourself, your time, your knowledge and wisdom. So I do this not to sell you anything (like many unscrupulous people are doing, excludin LSC of course), not to take anything away from you but to give to you, that which you have given to yourself. You by LOA attracted me, as I did attract you. I offer you my services. You here are so close to being the masters that I and a few others are. I want you to be fellow masters, because it feels good to see you thrive, so I offer this wisdom here.

The great Lao Tzu said: "Stop thinking and end your troubles"

I love Lao Tzu deeply as he was the teacher who showed himself to me as I first started to really reawaken. He understood LOA (and crucially that WELL BEING IS THE ONLY THING THAT FLOWS) 2500 years ago, how about that.

His quote above is awesome, but I would change it to:

"Stop thinking about thinking, and end your troubles"

"Whatever will be will be"

It's really as simple as that when you understand and acknowledge that: WELL BEING IS THE ONLY THING THAT FLOWS"

Posted By: Inchiki Gaijin Re: LOA Question/Observation - 03/30/09 09:48 PM
"Stop thinking and end your troubles"

Now that I like!
Posted By: ELL Re: LOA Question/Observation - 04/01/09 05:09 PM

I am new to this Forum --I have been around human potential developments for quite awhile. Found this discussion rather real. From my experience and other people who are candid, I have learned that thoughts and images are powerful in influencing emotion and action.

The list i once saw on a poster summed up most success factors. It simplified the abundance of advice with these four points:
Plan> Prep> Practice> Persist! (Recycle as needed). Using the keys requires continuing motivation, determination and attention.

Respectfully submitted,
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