Posted By: CPW1 Thanks Shawn_Grim (Faster Audio) - 06/13/09 12:46 AM
I love fasteraudio I am at 200% minimum I can go 370% to 410% for short bursts at a time then when I go back 200% my audio seems to going in slow motion. I am really grateful and thankful you told me about fasteraudio it was perfect for me,it has saves me alot of time,plus instead of listening to one program a day I can squeeze in two or three at ease.
Posted By: syl Re: Thanks Shawn_Grim (Faster Audio) - 06/27/09 11:47 PM
hi, what is fasteraudio ?
Posted By: CPW1 Re: Thanks Shawn_Grim (Faster Audio) - 07/02/09 05:33 PM
Im a Hardcore Self-Improvement jukie I have a whole Library of programs .With faster audio I can speed up my programs then record them from 100% to as fast as 450% cutting my listening time in half or more.
Posted By: the_dreamer Re: Thanks Shawn_Grim (Faster Audio) - 07/22/09 06:59 PM
What program do you use to play the audio faster?
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