Posted By: NateDog I will not disappear - 11/16/11 02:54 AM
So I've noticed on many forums - that many times people will start self help experiments for a certain amount of days. They will start out good - then they disappear and drop off the earth. Well I am on day 2 of an experiment right now. One of my main goals is I need to manifest $10,000 by Dec. 31 on top of other income I have.

I also have other goals that I may or may not talk about during my experiment. One of my goals though is to improve my SFQ Qigong practice. I do the small universe everywhere - and usually either sitting or lying. So far today I have done 2 hours total - but all sitting or lying. Within 7 days I will be back up to 1 hour for the active exercises...I was actually at an hour about two weeks ago - but then life got in the way. But one mandatory thing for me - is I need to do at least 2 and a half hours total everyday. Yesterday I did around 3 hours - but all lying or sitting.

I am using the Sedona Goals process on all of my goals - because experience has led me to the conclusion that just doing things is a waste of time. First you have to activate your goals through releasing, or visualizing, or Arnold Patent feeling method, or Matrix Energetics 2 pointing or whatever. But with that said - after my goal activations - one of my goals is to constantly do one thing after another - no more time wasting crap.

I'm not currently using paraliminals now - but have used them alot in the past...Instead I type in Intelligent Warrior on youtube - and watch at least five of the seven videos. It gives me a good general motivation buzz - similiar to the Natural Brilliance Generator tape 6...I currently can't find that tape but that was always my favorite - because it was more general - and could be used for many purposes...Well that's it for now...I will not disappear lke the rest.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: I will not disappear - 11/16/11 10:10 AM
Keep us posted.

Posted By: NateDog Re: I will not disappear - 11/16/11 09:14 PM
Ok - So this is technically day 3 of my 48 day experiment. I slept in kind of late to catch up on some sleep. I did one half hour of SFQ active exercises followed by 30 minutes of Small Universe laying down while laying down watching Intelligent Warrior subliminals on my laptop. Did a little housework but haven't really started my day yet. I thought the 30 minutes of active exercises was going to be a rough one - my legs started itching at the beginning - but then things calmed down. I should be up to one hour standing in a few days.

I did the math - and if I get 5 important things done a day - I will have done 230 important things by new years. So I have written down 5 things on my to do list for today - off to do those 5 things.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: I will not disappear - 11/17/11 07:46 AM
Good on you.

Posted By: NateDog Re: I will not disappear - 11/22/11 11:06 AM
Ok...Here's my update. I just finished day 8 of my experiment. It's been both good and bad so far. Qigong wise - I'm doing decent. I did 41 minutes of standing Qigong on Thursday. Friday was a "cheat day". Saturday I started the day with 52 minutes standing. Then Sunday I got up to one hour. Today was another "cheat day".

Here's the deal with my "cheat days". If anybody is familiar with bodybuilding programs like Body For Life - you know that one day a week you eat like crap and just do "whatever". Well on Friday I got off to a bad start and basically fell off the wagon for the whole day. Didn't do my active exercises and didn't look at my to do list. Today was a similiar day - but half of the day was productive. So - since I have 48 days in my experiment - I figure just one and a half cheat days out of 48 is very good. So this means no more cheat days for me. The way cheat days happen for me is I jump out of bed in the morning to do something - get distracted - and the next thing I know I'm out of control. Not a bad "out of control" like a drug addict. Just not in the moment - not releasing - being unconcious..etc.

My doing 5 to do list things a day has been harder than I thought. At first I was like "only 5 things?" Is what happens is "karma" gets in the way. By not living right in the past my time and energy gets eaten up by fixing past mistakes. But I think I am fixing some of the karma time wasters. I think I will report back in daily and report on my "5 things".

Also - another time waster seems to be "collecting information". Since I am an enneagram 5 - Instead of just focusing on my to do list - I find myself looking up info on the internet, skimming through books etc...All time wasting crap. I seem to have an unconcious belief that if I am not up with the current events...or if I can just learn about this new theory - that this knowledge will somehow keep me safe or whatever...Well screw that...If the world blows up I will notice...And I don't need more knowledge or theories in my head...All I need is my to do list.
Posted By: CPW1 Re: I will not disappear - 11/22/11 04:38 PM
Stay srong I'm on year 5.
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