Posted By: kabalahman Is anyone familiar with Visualiminals? - 01/30/12 08:19 PM
I ran a search on You Tube for Paul Scheele to see if there was anything posted about him discussing Paraliminals. What I found instead was about a 3-minute endorsement for Visualiminals.

I visited the website and read what this British company offered. Wanting a bit more info/background, I Googled "visualimnals" and located a blog, which housed one feedback post that was NOT very flattering about the company's customer service and support (the British company).

I e-mailed them directly, posing a question about the negative feedback post to see if they cared to respond, refute, or explain. So far, one week later, and I have heard nothing from this company. SO, I decided to present this to the Forum public to get any feedback - positive, negative, neutral - on the product Visualiminals.

After reading your post, I also ran a google on 'visualiminals'. The company website was at the top of the list. It included a youtube video/testimonial from Paul Scheele. The company website was It had a lot of information in the website.

Thank you Shari for your response: however, I thought I already indicated in my post where I already visited that company's website and read all of their information.

That it was my deeper research on the web, seeking objective, outside sources that I encountered the blog post with a negative feedback reply.

Further, that I had e-mailed the British company directly to ask them if they had any response to this critique, which they have since failed to provide any answer.

What I was hoping for was actual encounters/interactions that anyone may have had with this British company - such as purchasing (or trying to purchase) a visualiminal.

Thank you.
I believe the joint venture between LSC and the British company did not work out. So LSC prefers not to comment on this.
Was never a joint venture. The Visualiminals are a product Paul endorsed because he felt they can have an impact on ones life like Paraliminals do. I Have enjoyed using visualiminals myself only I'm not a video or TV person. So I don't have a DVD player set up. If I did I'd rather have a visualiminal playing in the background over what is usually offered on TV.

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