Posted By: tazster72 Attitiude Activator - 03/10/16 06:33 PM

How do I use the Attitude Activator nlp recording by Rex Sykes?

Can someone give me an explicit example?

Or let's say I want soaring self esteem; how would I use AA for this?

I'm really stuck on how best to use this recording, so any help would be appreciated!

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Attitiude Activator - 03/11/16 09:21 AM
The recordings in the Euphoria set are designed to just sit back and listen. Use the manual for more tips and advise.

Posted By: tazster72 Re: Attitiude Activator - 03/11/16 02:40 PM
Actually I don't have the Euphoria course. I have AA and was wondering how to use it since the instructions that came with it are very vague.

So from what you're saying, I just sit back and listen to it and will automatically get changes?
Then how do I get an attitude that's 'personal to me'?

Or do I make an intention before listening on what change I want?

Please advise.
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Attitiude Activator - 03/14/16 09:43 AM
Think of what you want before you start and then sit back and listen.

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