Posted By: bennypr2002 Moving on in life. Please Help!! - 05/19/03 02:37 AM
In my life i have noticed some traits of mine which i partically dont like. 1) One day i will be highly motivated determined and strict with my self to obtain my goals (staying on a diet, working out, studyin). The next day i can be extreamly lazy and not do anything productive (including not sticking to a diet). 2) Another problem that i have is that sometimes my emotions control me instead of me controling my emotions ( think about people and girls and convince myself of something thats not true, like i have feelings for a girl when i realy dont). I am wondering if somebody could lead me in the right direction in how to solve these problems and be determinted and strick on myself every day and be in control of my emotions . I feel im not getting the full potential out of my self and that ****es me off. Thanx for any help or comments that are given.


Posted By: Murof Re: Moving on in life. Please Help!! - 05/19/03 06:47 AM
Have you ever tried Anthony Robbins: Personal Power II, you can find it at
(One of the worlds best selling programs for mastering your own feelings and on how to be motivated every day).

I had the same problem as you. The secret lies in that you try to get yourself motivated when you are not! He will show you how to get yourself motivated everyday. How to use your feelings and pictures to get yourself motivated.

I also suggest you using the paraliminals called:

1 Get Around To It (to eliminate procrastination).
2 Automatic Pilot (to automatically go for your goals. Let your other than conscious mind help you do that, that easy..).
3 New History Generator (side B, to stay on track to your goals. Plans for tomorrow are also established).

Find out what works best for you. My advise.

Posted By: kendrick Re: Moving on in life. Please Help!! - 07/22/21 08:05 AM
The following day I can be extreamly lethargic and do nothing useful (counting not adhering to an eating routine).
2) Another issue that I have is that occasionally my feelings control me rather than me controling my feelings ( consider individuals and young ladies and persuade myself regarding something that is false, similar to I care deeply about a young lady when I realy dont).
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Posted By: Wendy_Greer Re: Moving on in life. Please Help!! - 07/26/21 07:45 PM
Hi Kendrick!

I don't see a specific question in your post, but I would suggest considering the Letting Go, Fresh Start and/or New History Generator Paraliminals for the circumstances you are describing.

All the best!
Wendy Greer
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