Posted By: Curious1 Good Sleep - 07/29/04 02:55 PM
Hi everyone,
I am trying to find ways and means to improve the quality of my sleep at nite so that I can sleep deeper and wake up more recharged and rested after a good nite's sleep. That would not be problem if I could wake up about 7 am each day, but the reality is that I have to get up by 6 am each day if I am to be on time for my work. If I had a choice, I would get up even earlier so that I can attend to personal stuff like maybe exercise and so on before I get to work (maybe 5 am). But the problem is that whenever I try to get up earlier, my body and mind does not seem to get the same quality of sleep it needs because I still wake up tired even if I try to go to bed on time the previous nite.
Mostly, the problem I have is with falling asleep easily in my own bed - I don't seem to have this difficulty as I fall readily into deep sleep when on my sofa!?
What I really desire to know is, are there ways to train my body and mind so that I go to sleep readilly as well as get higher returns on my sleep time? If so, any great resources to recommend?
thanks guys..Would appreciate any input in this area..

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Good Sleep - 07/30/04 04:27 PM
Meditation. 30 to 60 minutes a day can reduce the need for sleep by up to 3 hours. It might take a few weeks before you notice the benefit.


Posted By: SteveBCA Re: Good Sleep - 07/30/04 06:30 PM
I agree with Alex on the meditation. It works for me.

Also, generally when I do prefer to get to sleep cuz I know I have to be up early, I put in one of my personal-growth audio tapes that I enjoy listening to, and I try to stay up to finish the whole thing. The more I try to stay awake to listen to someone's voice , the less successful I am

Posted By: livingsuccess Re: Good Sleep - 07/30/04 09:01 PM
I agree with Steve and Alex comments as well. I have meditated regularly for many years and I have noticed this effect with myself. I get by on much less sleep than most other people and I feel highly energetic most of the time.

Maybe you should get a couch installed in your bedroom.

Try employing your subconscious mind by giving yourself programming when you go to sleep. I have had success with this at telling myself to wake up at a specific time, feeling well-rested and having all of the energy I will need to easily and effortlessly meet the needs of my day. It is really amazing what can be accomplished by experimenting with these methods - your body, brain, mind will do what you ask them to do.

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Posted By: Eric_G Re: Good Sleep - 07/30/04 09:18 PM
It could be also good to check the condition of your bed. Mine was in quite bad condition and usually I slept very long during the weekends in order to get the needed rest. Resently I changed the bed and pillow into Tempur pressure relieving material ( and my sleeping quality improved dramaticly. Most of all I feel full of energy after good sleep, also it's much easier to fall a sleep in the evening.

Posted By: bhenry Re: Good Sleep - 07/30/04 09:22 PM
To the people that meditate, what type of meditation system do you use?

Posted By: Hobo Re: Good Sleep - 07/30/04 09:24 PM
I bought this book from the below link, I think it has helped with the quality of my sleep.

Posted By: SteveBCA Re: Good Sleep - 07/31/04 12:15 AM
Originally posted by bhenry:
To the people that meditate, what type of meditation system do you use?

I use Holosync myself, and sometimes I actually succeed in just following my breath and ignoring thoughts, but a lot of times not. But being in Delta for a while reduces my need for sleep overall.

Posted By: Curious1 Re: Good Sleep - 07/31/04 05:48 AM
Hi everyone,
thanks for the tips: as a matter of fact, I am practising SFQ daily. Do find it very helpful at raising and maintaining energy levels of the body- if I can get up in time to do it, that is. Not sure whether there are other kinds of meditation that I ought to include- quite stretched for time as it is.
I have on occasion used paraliminals such as Deep Relaxation or New History Gen-Mental Review to help relax n set the tone for the next day, but sometimes find it necessary to use the washroom right after - that kind of breaks any sleep I might have been falling into whilst listening to that paraliminal.
As for putting the sofa in my bedroom, my wife jokingly said I should do that but I don't think we could fit both a bed AND a sofa in our bedroom :_P
I am rather curious about the link though: I tried searching for the web for more info on this product but couldn't turn up any- could you share a little bit more about how this ebook has helped you, Hobo? Would like to find out more from you before plunking down money for this e-book.
Hmm, I never thot of using holosync in sleep reduction. Maybe that is worth considering.
Thanks Eric, for the link to tempur bed products- I will check it out.
Thanks guys for taking time to listen and respond to my queries.

take care...

Posted By: Hobo Re: Good Sleep - 07/31/04 03:49 PM
The book that I recommended above is very good. It goes way beyond things like have a warm glass of milk before bed and meditation. It goes into the sleep cycles and how to take advantage of them. It covers the body's chemistry for sleep. The 5 stages of sleep, nutrition and supplements, dreams, ect... I've posted here before about this book and my post is usually ignored. You people are really missing a great source of info in this book.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Good Sleep - 07/31/04 03:56 PM
Hobo, a great exaggeration!

and my post is usually ignored.

Not everyone responds and you're doing yourself a great dis-service by posting that all the time.

Oher than saying it's creating negative programing for yourself, I won't go into it further.


Posted By: Hobo Re: Good Sleep - 08/01/04 12:36 AM
So I was having a bad day. If it pushes your buttons, maybe it's time for the inquiry process.

Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Good Sleep - 08/01/04 06:06 AM
No, I was genuinely concerned with your projection. It isn't the first post where you made with that statement.


Posted By: babayada Re: Good Sleep - 08/02/04 09:49 PM
I took a look at the book.

I didn't ignore the post. People pay attention, they just don't always reply.

Posted By: itsbjm Re: Good Sleep - 08/07/04 01:02 AM
I had difficulty sleeping for several years. It became a major problem, and I tried a lot of different things. I started keeping a sleeping log and found I was up about seven times on average during the night with about 45 minutes being the longest stretch of time that I actually slept. This went on for about 5 years.

In the end the solution turned out to be so simple that it was amazing. Two simple changes.

The onset of the problem seemed to start when I moved from the country into the city. My bedroom was too large with a lot of window, and a glass balcony door that let a lot of light in.

(1) I moved my bed from my larger room with a lot of windows, into this little room I have that only fits the bed and nothing else. I blackened the window so no light can get in and try to keep the room as dark as possible. I'm like a "bug in a rug"

(2) I started taking a Herbal Product with Melatonin in it. The particular product I'm using is "NightRest", I purchase from Canadians can not buy Melatonin off the shelf in Canada, but you can import it for your own use.

The benefits where almost immediate. I went from being up half dozen times a night to most nights now I sleep all the way through and don't even get up for a bathroom break.

Most nights a little feline fur person sleeps on my bed with me and I never hear her coming and going during the night.

Hope this information will be on some help to someone.

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