Posted By: maxmeida Breathing while photoreading - 09/11/14 02:49 PM
While photoreading is easy to keep the rhythm saying the words "relax" or "4-3-2-1" or whatever repetitive sound that comes to my mind at the moment.

But I find that is difficult while chanting and keep the rhythm, also think about my breathing in order to keep it deep and even.

Is it OK if I forget about the breathing (about keeping it deepen and even) and just focus on the chanting and keep the rhythm while photoreading?
Posted By: Alex K. Viefhaus Re: Breathing while photoreading - 09/15/14 11:38 AM
Just breathe. You don't normally think about it and if you're really relaxed the breath will go in and out relaxed.

While turning the pages you can from time to time check in that you're breathing and blinking. It's a good way to keep the mind from wandering off while your turning the pages.

Posted By: JoRinz Re: Breathing while photoreading - 11/30/19 04:48 PM
Alex, I am glad that you used "keep the mind from wandering off". I wonder what is the thing I need to keep my mind from wondering off? What is it that I need to think about when photo-flipping? I memorized chanting. I manged to maintain photo-focus for many minutes. My mind often goes to my hols, office, duties, all kinds of thoughts, also to "Am I doing photo-flipping right?", "Oh, where is my tangerine!?". What shall I be thinking of while photo-flipping?
Posted By: Patrick O'Neil Re: Breathing while photoreading - 12/02/19 06:33 PM
To avoid wandering off too much and to keep the page turning process light and comfortable, I like to ask questions about the book during PhotoReading, creating some excitement about what wonderful information I will receive from it.

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